So, Is Adrien Broner Going To Follow Floyd To Showtime?

I am not the brightest bulb on the tree. But even I have picked up on a trend which calls for investigation: Adrien Broner, an HBO mainstay, showing up at and on Showtime events.

The Cinci kid was present in the house at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, for the card put on by Floyd Mayweather, presented on Showtime, and topped by a K9 Bundrage-Ishe Smith main event. Then, the next week, Broner was ringside at another Showtime card, this one in Las Vegas and topped by a Richar Abril-Sharif Bogere scrap.

So, is Broner making like Mayweather, jumping ship to Showtime? Because that’s what the rumor mill is saying…

What about it, trainer-mentor-father figure Mike Stafford? Is Adrien Broner following Floyd’s footsteps to Showtime?

“He’s a fight fan, that’s all, he happened to be in Vegas, went to the fight, that’s all,” Stafford told me. “He talked to Floyd in Detroit, Floyd invited him to come for a week in Vegas, that’s all it was.” Just a rumor, then? Stafford chuckled. “It was a Golden Boy event, we happened to be there. I mean, I think that’s Showtime, trying to show him some love.”

Stafford said it’s looking like June 15 will be the date of Broner’s next scrap. Boxrec lists it at the Mandalay Bay, against TBA. And who might TBA be, I wondered. “It’s depending on Ricky Burns, and some other people,” he said. “I’m pretty sure Adrien wants to unify.” Burns, a 29-year-old Scot, holds the WBO lightweight crown. He was slated to fight IBF champ Miguel Vazquez on March 16, but that whole card blew up, because of…well, boxing being boxing. The Frank Warren-promoted event was shifted to April 20, and the Burns-Vazquez face-off is supposed to take place then.

The Broner vs. TBA fight will run on HBO then?

“I’m pretty sure it will be,” Stafford told me. “It could change. He’s just fighting.” Does that mean he’s on a fight by fight contract with HBO? Yes, Stafford indicated. “It’s depending on Golden Boy, I’m pretty sure, and depending on the money.”

So, it looks like Broner is in a leverage sweet spot, then? “You got to get it while you can,” Stafford said. “The kid just wants to fight, he just wants to win. We don’t want to sit on a shelf, with contract stuff.”

Yes, Stafford said, if he had to guess, he’d think they’d be getting ready for Burns in June. What about Vazquez? I admitted I’m not a fan of his fighting style, and Stafford agreed. “Fans don’t want to watch him,” he said. “Burns will be ready to fight. He’ll have enough time to get ready, no excuses, enough money is going to be there, just come on with it.” Burns held a super feather crown and a deal was almost signed for Broner to fight him for it in November 2011. But Burns deliberated and decided to go up to 135. Whispers resounded that he was ducking Broner. Instead of Broner, Burns met on the downside Michael Katsidis on Nov. 5, 2011, and won the interim WBO lightweight crown. He’s beaten Paulus Moses and Kevin Mitchell since. Last October, he said he wanted to fight 13-0 Liam Walsh, and then do Broner. Walsh got hurt and a Dec. 15 Burns-Walsh tussle was scrapped after Walsh was in a car accident. Jose Ocampo was to sub in, but that fell through when his trainer died. “Burns has been sitting around,” Stafford noted.

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-Radam G :

I'm missing something about this copy. Somebody and his sidekick please clue and glue me in? It is all about da money! Ain't uh d@mn funny! Ya' have ta' have it ta' live in diz (sic) world of milk and honey. Da bullsyetology telecasting outfit, which does da-biggest-score PAY, GETS da biggest-score PLAY! Who ya' SAY? No BLING! BLING! No drawing-da-fans boksing ding-a-ling! Gettin' fighters on da cheap is almost gone. You KNOW! Just like a landline house telephone! And neither HBO or Showtime is hollering at the cheap-fighting dames, a-few-thousand-dollars damsels and da million-dollar dolls. So it is a guy's thing! And a BIG POT of moola, you have to BRING! Holla! Yall know me. Hehehehe! I will always spit da O-P-P! Holla!:cool:

-deepwater :

probably if broner lasts that long. these two grown men talking about little brother and big brother. you guys are not blood so cut it out. floyd and broner like to brag about cherry picking and making easy work so yeah I see broner copying floyd as much as possible. re watch broner vs ponce de leon and you will see the blueprint and you will know broner will not last that long against live guys.

-ali :

Deepwater we will see if he moves up to 140 and beats up on the top fighters there give him his props no excuses.

-Radam G :

DW! Broner is gonna be working dat duck-and-jive, fool-da-fans-and-fanfaronades magic for a long time. He has da Money May's blueprint of how to fool "suckas born every minute" with "cherry picking" and inflating an opponent's slim chances into made-da-suckas-believe-great dances. Ninety-nine percent of all the cybercats who have never been in dat squared jungle are convinced that Broner is the second coming of a Carlos Ortiz or a Willie Pep or Sugar Ray Leonard or Hector "Macho Time" Camacho or some real-deal boxing Jesus-Christ-walking-on-water meal. Hehehehe! But you and I know that Broner is at most a mildly-tasty snack. And far from a pound-for-pound boxing Mack. All da muthasuckas are looking, but they are not seeing. And the worst type of blinding is looking but not seeing. Also know as "Inattention blindness." Holla!

-deepwater :

If he beats the winner of burns vasquez then takes on a top guy at 140 and wins I will give him props. broner vs ponce deleon was more of a robbery then castillo mayweahter 1 was. An Radam, Carlos Ortis is the man and a nice guy to see at the fights.

-deepwater :

if broner can beat judah,lucas m, garcia,abril,peterson or rios/alvarado I will give him his props. If he ducks any of those guys then we see he is cherry picking

-Radam G :

Broner will never fight that murder-roll list. Maybe he will fight Lucas, Abril and maybe Alvarado. But the rest, with the exception of an ancient, long-in-da-tooth Judah in about three years. Holla!

-deepwater :

Broner will never fight that murder-roll list. Maybe he will fight Lucas, Abril and maybe Alvarado. But the rest, with the exception of an ancient, long-in-da-tooth Judah in about three years. Holla!
yeah he might beat judah in 3 years after judah lost 4 in a I just looked at floyds first 26 wins and there is no comparrison. broner is no floyd no matter how silly he acts. floyd cherry picks now but he had a proper run against top guys. Floyd won his belt from the linear champ gennerro hernedez, I dont even know who broner beat for his belt but ponce deleon beat broner.

-SouthPaul :

Broner's going to continue to act obnoxious and outlandish and kickass in between. While he does so we'll all pay attention ...assisting in making him a very rich and successful man. Whether he jumps ship to Showtime, only the mans has the answer to that question. The girl to the right of him and Oscar De la Hoya to the left both appeared uncomfortable every time the camera went onto Broner. Their body language seem to be saying, oh no, what's this attention whore up to now (as he sat there cheesing it up and smacking his gum like a teenage girl).

-amayseng :

I had ponce beating broner as well. Broner def has the skills but it will be up to him whether or not he wants to master his craft. Taking soft fights and not challenging himself will never help him get any better.