We Get It Gary Russell, You’re VERY Talented..Please Step Up!

Gary Russell Jr., owner of maybe the fastest hands in the business, threw them at Viacheslav Gusev repeatedly in Showtime’s TV opener Saturday night, which unfolded at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

He won by UD10, via scores of 100-89, times three, and proved that he is too talented to not be fighting the top guys in his division.

After, Russell told Jim Gray that his left hand was hurting him around round four or five. He said he hasn’t had hand problems the last three or four fights and doesn’t think his hands are a perennial problem going forward. Who’s next? He said he wants Juan Manuel Lopez. Please, he needs a stiffer test than he’s been handed. Fight fans deserve it, and he deserves it, in my opinion. Not sure what or who the hold up is, but let’s break down the barrier, and get Russell, a most talented athlete, in with someone who can push him.

Gusev (20-2 entering; from Russia) had just 5 KOs coming in. Russell (21-0 entering with 13 KOs) hails from DC.

Golden Boy promoted the scrap and the card.

In the first round of the featherweight tussle, Russell, ranked No. 3 by the WBA, popped the jab, threw one-twos, and landed a left uppercut that landed clean. Gusev looked to work the body, but he was getting raked at the end of the first.

Gusev tried to be first, be more aggressive rather than let Russell dominate in round two. It worked, to a point.

Then Russell landed a counter right hook, which had Gusev’s knee hit the canvas, for a knockdown, in the third.

In the fourth, Russell dominated the Russian. Same in round five and six. You hoped for Russell to elevate, switch up something, to take out the Russian, who is a crafty defender.

The rounds by now looked like carbon copies and I paid too much attention to Twitter, to be honest.

Russell’s glove ruptured, so he needed a new one before round nine. His corner told Jim Gray that they thought their guy maybe broke his left hand earlier on, for the record.

The fight, which slipped into a repetitive lull, went to the cards.

Russell went 229-797 to 33-214 for the loser.

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-ali :

Gary Russell beats anybody at 126 including Mikey Garcia that dude is super talented.

-brownsugar :

Russell "HAS" to be exceptional, because his chin is not... I'm not saying his chin is "David Price" weak,... no offense heavyweight fans..... but Russell survives on pure skill and boxing ability. He's abandoned the tendency to rush in pummell the opposition while they are being blinded by his speed and is overall becoming a well rounded boxer. He reminds me in some ways of a smaller Terry Norris,.. only more technical and less hotheaded. I read somewhere that Russell faced Rigondeaux in the amateurs. (he pickes Donaire over Rigo) Bring on Gamboa or JuanMa Lopez, I think Russel will be in some great fights... he'll win some and lose some but his time is now.

-Radam G :

WOW! BIG SHAME on ShowTime. It is going farther than the bullsyetology of HBO. Cut da CRAB and spinning of reality. Gary Russell didn't fight in the O Games because he couldn't make the weight. Or maybe he could've if there were not so much meddling chaos going on from his father. OMFG! Wait until Teddy Atlas hears this latest bullsyet about Fam Russell. And Gary Russell would get stopped by Mikey G. Russell is really working that optical illusion. He is shamefully flawed. He doesn't even punch correctly. And proudly says his father doesn't want him "twisting punches." The Russell's flaunting of that fake-arse speed will be revealed on fight one that he steps up. I ain't hatin' him. Dude is doing what Steve Harvey hollas: "Fake it until you make it!" Just one thing about it, GR is in the wrong buz for that. He will be a flash in da pants -- if even that -- at the top. He needs to quit calling out JuanMa Lopez. GR needs to fight a B fighter -- a bum with a heartbeat. Holla!

-Radam G :

Let me not forget to mention that Gary Russell passed the double out in his hotel from trying to sweating off five pounds with a fireman-like plastic suit over a whole lot of other clothing. The U.S. boxing team in this Chinese-held O Games were the worst thug-actin,' ghetto-actin' boy bytches ever. Hehehe! Sorry fo' stealin' yo' syet again, SCLA Ali. But it was you, who said after the Peterson-Holt Bout that the Washington D.C. bunch act "ghetto as h€ll. That is exactly how Fam Russell was acting at the O Games. Holla!

-amayseng :

well radam GR def has the tools, speed, skill, reflexes, and decent defense.....its all about how he puts them all together when he steps up...only one way to tell

-Radam G :

GR has a lot of hype and luv. And he is playin' dat optical illusion to max. I wish that I could put him on my USA income tax. Wow! What a write off! Or is that a write up? Whatever! With da bullsyet, GR is clever. He's not on the top dawgs' level. Just wait and see. Houdini couldn't fastly stop himself from drowning with an illusion. Neither will Russelloudini. Ain't got nuffin' but luv fo 'im. Holla!