Floyd Mayweather Sr. Back With Floyd Jr.

Family is complicated. Blood is thicker than water, yes, but nobody can draw blood in quite the same way as a fellow family member. And even when that occurs, the bond of the blood can mean that forgiveness is possible, even if forgetting isn’t. The Floyd Mayweathers have done their share of sparring, two talented and proud men who sometimes still seem to get lost in the weeds of the past. But after their wounds heal, they always seem to gravitate back to each other. The wounds seem to have healed sufficiently, as the sport’s pound for pound ace put out this photo on social media, with the caption, “Me & my trainer (my dad) back working together getting ready for May 4th.”

We like happy endings, or, at least, happy chapters, so we see this as good news. What about you, readers? Does it make a difference if Uncle Roger, who is having a hard time with diabetes, oversees Floyd, or Dad does? Could the father-son dynamic leave an opening for Robert Guerrero, or whoever gets the May 4 gig? Weigh in, in our Forum.

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-Radam G :

In that photo at the top, Pops Joy May is leaning, or Money May has on his lift-filled shoes. PJM is about four inches taller than his less than 5-foot-7 son. Anyway! Good that they are back together. After Money May ghostbusterized the Cali Ghost or destroyed Devon Alexander Da Greatless, he can MAN up and take a chance with Da Manny. And go out on his shield. Holla!

-tlig :

Of course this will end in tears as always. Such a shame. It's clear Floyd Sr loves his son (even though his over-sized ego gets in the way a lot) but I'm not so sure the feeling's mutual. Floyd never seems happy around his dad. Such a shame really.

-Real Talk :

This is a good look. Pops Mayweather will have his fighter/son all the way on point and sharper than ever if Floyd can humble himself an except instruction and constructive criticism from his Pops/trainer. I see Floyd coming out like a machine from opening bell til whoever the opponent is lights go out. I'm predicting the mean and vicious Floyd of old coming back and stopping whoever comes through the ropes. I can see Floyd getting that...I want to say **** eyed look when he zones out and somebody having to be saved by the ref in between 6 and 8. Bad news for dudes that want that shot. Dueces