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Carl Frampton,Kiko MartinezWe heard that one across the pond, Carl.

There's no better way for a guy who is known to fight fans in his own vicinity but who one day would like to make a world splash than to splatter his foe, theb to notch a killer KO, as Carl Frampton did on Saturday night in Belfast, Ireland.

Kiko Martinez, age 26, went down in a heap, and the Belfast resident Frampton inserted himself on the one to watch list at 122 pounds for more than a few US fight fans who loved his counter right on the button in round nine.

The Spaniard Martinez threw a long overhand right, which landed some, but left his chin on a platter for the 25-year-old Frampton. A tight right to the chin sent the loser to the mat for the count. He rose but was too unsteady to continue, in the eyes of the referee.

The end came at 2:46, and Frampton (now 16-0 with 11 KOs) picked up the European super bantam crown from Martinez (now 27-4).

A fight against Scott Quigg could occur sooner rather than later. The 25-year-old Brit holds the interim WBA super bantam crown and hashing out terms, and pieces of the pie might put the match off for awhile, as Frampton promoter Eddie Hearn post-fight tabbed Frampton as the future star, insinuating Quigg would need to accept a lesser cut.

Promoter Hearn said the kid could fight in May, and that he wants a world title.

Frampton fights well off the back foot, as our man Lee Wylie likes to say, has excellent mobility, mixes shots nicely, stays composed even when pressured, puts together combos well…lots to like there.

Your thoughts, readers?

Irish fans enjoyed some comeuppance to Martinez, who stunned their guy Bernard Dunne six years ago in Dublin (KO1)


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