Riverside Ramblings: Chris Arreola and Manhunt

RIVERSIDE, CALIF-I walked into the boxing gym located in Indian Hills on Thursday morning. It’s an upper scale neighborhood in Riverside that’s built around a golf course of the same name.

Only one car was parked near the location so I was hesitant to travel down the walkway. Usually several cars dot the street near the gym when training is underway. A few minutes later trainer Henry Ramirez shows up in his shiny car. He waves hello and proceeds down the walkway.

Surprisingly, one boxer is already shadowboxing inside the ring when I open the door. It’s Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola who was already breaking a sweat as Ramirez and I enter the gym. One of Arreola’s friends is inside too. But he’s the only boxer there.

As Arreola continues to work out we talk about the rogue police officer Christopher Dorner who gunned down several police officers in the Riverside area earlier in the day. One of the officers died. Already three persons have been killed and a massive manhunt in the Inland Empire has commenced.

Two Riverside Police officers were gunned down while in their vehicle stopped at a signal light. Minutes earlier, in Corona, a city that borders Riverside, two other officers were allegedly in a gun battle with Dorner. Everyone including regular citizens and boxers are on alert.

It’s not safe to be driving in a dark truck as two newspaper deliverers in Torrance discovered when officers fired numerous rounds into their truck. Two women deliverers were injured. In another area a truck was rammed by a police vehicle and that truck was riddled with bullets. Again, police officers shot first and did not ask questions. I’m more wary of trigger happy police officers.

Arreola talks about his friends that resemble the guy. This is not a good time for someone to resemble Dorner. Or to drive a truck similar to the blue Nissan Titan that the former L.A.P.D. officer had been driving until it was reportedly found in Big Bear burned.

After Arreola finishes with his shadowboxing, Ramirez helps put on the boxing gloves to work on the mitts. The Riverside heavyweight looks extremely sharp with one month to go before he meets Haiti’s Bermane Stiverne at the OC Hangar in Costa Mesa, Calif. The number one ranking is at stake.

The heavy-handed Mexican-American heavyweight takes a keen interest in his fellow fighters from the Inland Empire. Just yesterday, Palm Spring’s Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley had a press conference in Los Angeles. Arreola asks how it went and who Bradley is fighting?

Ramirez tells him that Bradley is fighting the same guy that two other fighters from the I.E. already met. Mauricio Herrera beat Ruslan Provodnikov but Jose Reynoso lost. Bradley will be fighting one week after Arreola’s bout.

Arreola also asks about his stable mate Josesito Lopez who is a big topic in the world of welterweights. Lopez has been mentioned as a possible opponent for Amir Khan and for Paul Malignaggi. A couple of new names mentioned for Lopez are Marcos Maidana and Julio Diaz. That would be war.

The workouts are steady and impressive as both Arreola and Ramirez work on combinations and movements. After numerous rounds Arreola moves to the heavy bag and pounds it for several more rounds. The Mexican heavyweight does not lack power in either hand. Left hooks or a right cross can do the job and it shows when he pummels the bag.

He never seems winded after any stage of the workout. With one month to go Arreola should be at optimum strength when he faces Stiverne.

It’s the first workout of the day. He’s going to return later to work on some other things later in the afternoon.

We walk up the short hill to where the cars are parked and meet Willie Shunke, who has his pup bulldog Chumley. The six-month old puppy is named after one of the Pawn Stars characters who appear on the History channel. He really does resemble the guy.

Other Fight Chatter

Adelanto’s Ryan Garcia, 14, won the National Silver Gloves tournament this past weekend in the senior flyweight division. It’s his ninth national title. Garcia’s regional team captured the National team title by winning 16 titles in all.

East L.A.’s Frankie “The Pitbull” Gomez (15-0, 11 Kos) cruised to victory over Las Vegas boxer Lanard Lane (13-3, 8 Kos) after 10 rounds in a welterweight match in Las Vegas. Gomez proved too quick for Lane. Other winners were South El Monte’s Joseph Diaz, Mickey Bey Jr., Badou Jack and Luis Arias, all winning by knockout at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Former contender Andre “The Matrix” Dirrell (21-1, 14 Kos) defeated Michael Gbenga (14-7, 14 Kos) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds in a super middleweight clash. The bout was held in McAllen, Texas. It was Dirrell’s first fight in more than a year.

Matt Villanueva (9-0-1, 8 Kos) knocked out Manuel Galaviz (7-10, 4 Kos) at 1:56 of round two in a junior bantamweight clash at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles. Other winners were Terrell Williams, Joshua Clark, Jessie Villanueva and Charles Martin. All won by knockout on Saturday Feb. 2.

Chicago’s Carlos Molina (21-5-2, 6 Kos) defeated former welterweight and junior middleweight world champion Cory Spinks (39-8, 7 Kos) by unanimous decision after 12 rounds. On the same fight card Mexico’s Jose Luis Castillo (64-12-1, 55 Kos) lost by decision to Antwone Smith (23-4-1, 12 Kos) in a junior middleweight clash. Both fights took place in Chicago.

Canada’s Kevin Bizier (19-0, 13 Kos) faces former world champion Nate Campbell (36-9-1, 26 Kos) in defense of the NABA welterweight title. Their match takes place Friday Feb. 8, in Montreal, Canada. Campbell is a former lightweight world champion who trained briefly in Riverside. ESPN2 will televise the battle.

Melissa St. Vil (3-1-2) of New York City meets Canada’s undefeated Natasha Spence (6-0-1, 5 Kos) in a junior lightweight contest scheduled for eight rounds. The female contest takes place Friday Feb. 8, at Wilmington, Delaware.

Daniel Sandoval (30-2, 29 Kos), a knockout specialist meets Panama’s Miguel Callist (27-8-1, 18 Kos) in a welterweight match scheduled for 10 rounds. The battle takes place Saturday Feb. 9, in Mexico City and is promoted by Top Rank and Zanfer Promotions.

Former world champion Humberto Soto (59-8-2, 34 Kos) meets former world champion Silverio Ortiz (26-13, 14 Kos) in a junior welterweight clash on Saturday Feb. 9. The fight will be held in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.

Middleweight contender Andy Lee (28-2, 22 Kos) meets Anthony Fitzgerald (13-3, 4 Kos) in a middleweight scrap in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Feb. 9. It’s Lee’s first fight since losing to Mexico’s Julio Cesar Chavez. Lee was also trained by the late Emanuel Steward.

Juergen Braehmer (39-2, 30 Kos) defeated fellow German Eduard Gutknecht (24-2, 9 Kos) by unanimous decision after 12 rounds this past Saturday in Berlin, Germany. The light heavyweight EBU title was captured by Braehmer.

Female IBF bantamweight titlist Yazmin Rivas (27-7, 9 Kos) retained the world title by decision against fellow Mexican Maria Elena Villalobos (12-9-1, 5 Kos). Their title match was held this past Saturday in Queretaro, Mexico.

Puerto Rican former world champion Juan Manuel Lopez (32-2, 29 Kos) knocked out Aldimar Santos (18-4, 9 Kos) at 1:04 of round nine. The featherweight battle was held on Saturday in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. It was Lopez’s first fight since losing the title to Mexico’s Orlando Salido.



-Bernie Campbell :

Anybody that says Bermane Stiverne is a viable contendor doesnt know what the heck theyre talking about! Stiverne's only win of note came by way of knockout of 40 year old Ray Austin! And the killer here was Austin was ahead on the cards before Stiverne got in a lucky punch!

-riverside :

God bless our men in uniform, Dormer is Psycho case killing the innocent couple and then ambushing the officers. I hope Arreola comes in shape, I got some info from Henry's relative, Arreola slacking off, hitting the bud light.... food, more food and more bud light.

-Radam G :

Danggit! Cris just doesn't get it. He should be on his fifth year as a world champ. He can eat all the food and drink all the beer when he is 45-50 years old and finished as a boxer. Holla!

-Avilad60 :

Chris looked pretty good in the gym. He looks in pretty good shape for someone still a month away from a fight. If he keeps this going he will be 100 percent ready. I'll be visiting the gym every week until the fight.

-Bernie Campbell :

Against Stiverne, Arreola just can roll out of bed and just show up to lay pipe against Bermane!

-dino da vinci :

Against Stiverne, Arreola just can roll out of bed and just show up to lay pipe against Bermane!
Bernie, I've seen enough crazy stuff in my life to where I'd advise against just showing up to fight Daffy Duck.

-brownsugar :

Ditto ...I've seen Stiverne look absolutely awful in the ring... other times he's been extremely effective and even "lucky". The guy is very strong so Chris can't burn out in the early rounds.. Stiverne is no Travis walker...how much Areola has left is going to be the deciding factor. I give Chris the edge if he comes with at least 75% of what he had when he was at his questionable best.

-SouthPaul :

The manhunt became one big law enforcement BBQ. Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing about the bond and brotherhood of all these police officers. The fact of the matter is; they're all likely racist or bigot in some shape or form and I base this on a lifetime of listening and people watching. On the flip side...too bad innocent people got caught in his storm. Sigh...

-Radam G :

Wow! Enforcement BBQ! Strange sense of humor, SouthPaul. Do you know the old, wise Genie Naazim Richardson? I remember about 27 year ago or so that Genie Naazim said the exact same thing about the Philly po po when they dropped gas-burning devices on the house of a radical group known as MOVE. The Philly po po BBQed babies and pregnant mothers. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

Brother Naz would've advised Droner to burn without getting charred. Sort of like swim without getting wet. I never heard of that exact incident but per usual you got my hamster wheel spinning. I'll google it at some point. Strange sense of humor keeps me sane. My point is I don't think certain folk will ever truly understand what it's like to have a mountain of discrimination to climb therefore they'll never be able to sympathize with certain people's struggles/plight. I ain't condoning nor am I fully condemning this mayhem. If anything, too bad he didn't have a better/worse list of people he was targeting. Holla, mijo!

-SouthPaul :

Also, I ain't tripping too hard on the police burning him up. Droner set the tone..he chose most of his route..war is war...fight fire with fire... I ain't even so much down with the Geneva Conventions. Eye for an eye, shot for a shot...till the last solider drops.

-Radam G :

Dang! Holla!

-riverside :

Dorner needed to seek help!! and stop blaming everybody else, He said whatever he wanted say about discrimination, Doesn't mean it's true. He went before a police panel, represented by Chineese American retired captain, then court hearing he was found at fault!!, He needed to move on not take innocent lives, We can always make independent claims of police/ racial railing, we have a system to try to prevent that, not to take the law into your own hands. Can't imagine anybody sympathizing with Doner, You got to be in a league of you own.

-Radam G :

@Riverside, I doubt that anyone with a brain and a heart would have much sympathy for Droner going ballistic, because one has to suck up any level of perceived or evident "discrimination," and move on the best that he/she can. But that jive exists in many facets of society and working conditions in the USA. Myself, I've never been caught up in that situation, because the doers would get slapped down. With me, it always been, "They better not play, because they cannot handle the PAY!" The BIG pay BACK, or back PAY, or something like that. Hehehe. I don't know which, because I'll always been a suing get-dat-money BYTCH! Ain't gonna shoot syet. I'm gonna lawyer UP in yo' @$$. So you don't have to worry about killing me with a device of gas. Anyway, my man Holy [Evander Holyfield] is in Manila, and we are getting ready to fly to Mindanao. Let me holla at that strange sense of humor of SouthPaul. Hahaha! Hey, those po po coulda ordered some of Holy's BBQ sauce with dat "Enforcement BBQ"ing of Droner. Do I think that they were going to take him alive? NO! Do I think that they intentionally BBQed him? OH, YUP! Do I think that he brought it on himself? Oh, YUP! Do I think that the "police panel" was stacked against him? OH, YUP! What do I think about law enforcement and the po po in general? A bunch of seedy muthasuckas. Da po po adminstration is just like da game of boxing -- professional and amateur -- corrupted and seedy ta da maximum. I got Pinoy distant cousins who were U.S. mainland po po men and are in jail for corruption and crime and payoffs and shakedowns while po-po[ing]. They ran Oakland into deep into the ___ ___ ____! I don't hate 'em though, because blood is thicker than water. But I cannot stand their disgrace-to-Pinoys @sses. I guess blood ain't thicker than syet. Hehehe! Yall kno' me! I'm down with O-P-P! And callin' a spade a spade. And optical illusions are everywhere causing mass confusions. Holla!

-SouthPaul :


-SouthPaul :

Well said, Radam, with a humorous twist. Love it. It ain't about sympthizng with him...it's the broader picture as you just ran thru. Ain't no one condoning it to the fullest. Homey did all sorts of wrong, obviously. But ain't no one ever going convince me certain things don't exsist. Keep your eyes and ears open...pay close attention to all the racial jokes regarding Dorner. You'll see them on text...message boards..comment sections under articles.. In bars being told by the obnoxious...in circles being told my friends. And I promise ..if the faces were darker of those who lost their lives...the outcry wouldn't be as loud (when it comes to the officers). Some real racist folks lurking in society even those trying their hardest to deny and front it out. Don't sleep!