Tim Bradley At Provodnikov Presser Says He’s “Glad To Be Back”

Tim Bradley –  didn’t look cheery to start but soon enough his smile kicked into gear at Wednesday press conference. (Al Applerose)

LOS ANGELES-If you know Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley then you realize that it’s out of character for the WBO welterweight titlist to look like a mortician on a busy day. Usually he’s all smiles.

But if you had beaten Manny Pacquiao and were contracted for a rematch that wasn’t enforced, then you too might have reason to look so glum.

Nearly nine months after Bradley’s (29-0, 12 Kos) last win, the Palm Springs boxer sat with a look of gloom on Wednesday at the beautiful and historic Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Russia’s Ruslan Provodnikov (22-1, 15 Kos) was also present and will challenge the man who beat the man.

It was odd to see the usually cheerful Bradley with a look of stone and disdain for the first hour of the Top Rank press conference. Even Bradley’s manager Cameron Dunkin looked pretty gloomy for someone that’s not stepping in the ring. On this day Todd DuBoef emceed the conference.

Slowly the face of Bradley began to change as the various parties began to speak on behalf of the fight card and what all expected to occur at the Home Depot Center on March 16. Ever so slowly the frown became a smile and the excitement began to build on Bradley’s face.

Back in 2004, when the speedy athleticism of Bradley was first sampled in a professional boxing ring, the desert fighter was always smiling and cheerful. Boxing is what he loves to do. But the business portion is another matter entirely.

“I’m not surprised,” said Joel Diaz, the trainer for Bradley. “This is the business of boxing.”

Instead of blasting into the stratosphere of prizefighting where only a few such as Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao reign, the Palm Springs prizefighter was forced to wait for a fight to his liking.

“I thought it would open the door to his career but it got worse,” said Diaz.

Instead of a rematch with Pacquiao, the WBO titleholder Bradley was pushed aside and watched as Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez was given the fight. Pacquiao was knocked out by Marquez and perhaps aided by a slight dose of karma.

For the last eight years Bradley has fought the toughest junior welterweights in the world and one by one eliminated each of them until defeating Pacquiao by decision. His reward or labor is a fight with the fairly unknown but dangerous Provodnikov.


The powerhouse Russian prizefighter will be confronting his third boxer from the Inland Empire when he faces Bradley. His only loss came to Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera two years ago in Las Vegas. It was one of the best fights that year. This past summer he stopped I.E.’s Jose Reynoso in the second round. Now he faces yet another I.E. fighter in Bradley.

“It’s definitely the fight of my life,” said Provodnikov through a translator. “It’s a dream come true for me.”

Provodnikov trains at the Wild Card Boxing gym under the supervision of Freddie Roach, who was not present at the press conference. If anybody knows Bradley’s boxing style and can make adjustments, it’s Roach.

Bradley smiled a little more when Provodnikov began to speak. It was as if a cloud of despair had suddenly been lifted from his career. You could see in the champion’s eye that he realized he would be performing once again in front of a crowd. This time in front of a Los Angeles crowd in a venue known for staging some of the greatest fights in history the past six years.

“Glad to be back,” said Bradley with a smile. “For the most part this is going to be a great fight.”

HBO’s Tony Walker perhaps put it best.

“We’re delighted to have Tim Bradley back in the ring,” said Walker. “He still is one of the best fighters pound for pound.”

Bradley cordially walked over to Provodnikov’s team and shook their hand.

“It’s going to be a tough, tough challenge,” said Bradley, with somewhat of a sigh of relief. “My home is in the ring.”

Other fighters

Former Mexican Olympian Oscar Valdez will be on the Home Depot card on March 16 too. The Sonora born Valdez has captured two knockout wins in two fights and is managed by Frank Espinoza.

“It’s an honor to be on this great card,” said Valdez, 22, who lives in Tucson. “Tim Bradley is one of my favorite fighters.”

Espinoza predicts a big future for his protégé.

“Oscar is a star in the making,” Espinoza said. “Come and witness the rise of boxing’s future.”

Another prospect, Gabino Saenz (8-0-1) of Indio will also take part on the Top Rank fight card.

“I’m looking to put on a great show for my fans,” said Saenz, a student at Cal State University San Bernardino. “I’m determined to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Tickets are now on sale at Ticketmaster.

Tim Bradley


-tlig :

Since when are they allowed to touch the girls like that? It's almost as if they are posing with their chicks than against each other. I'm turning pro.

-amayseng :

no worries tlig, bradley likes them hefty, hes barely touching that slim hottie... btw, tb is the only person on earth who is glad he is back

-Radam G :

Hehehehe! That was cold, Amayseng. Holla!

-amayseng :

I know Radam it was horrible but I just couldn't help myself ha

-deepwater :

the russian should win unless the judges give rounds to bradley when he runs away. stay warm and dry.

-brownsugar :

Personally I like em thick...... and I'd say they both had a lot to smile about...Just hope they aren't feeling so bubbly when they face each other... this should be a can't miss fight. It's about time Broadly

-ali :

Amayseng Lmmfao!!...I've never thought Bradley was any good but he does keep winning. I don't think he will lose this fight because I got a feeling his head is going to play a major role in this fight.

-Radam G :

Bradley apparently has a lot of water and less of brains up in his big, ole cranium. Dude just cannot quit believing that he never did or can defeat Da Manny in anybody's reality of reality. WOW! I cannot wait to hear his excuses when the powers that be rob his arse. Dude has been waterlooed and he doesn't smell it. It is all up in the seedy business's air! Holla!

-Radam G :

I predict that Bradley go down in the annals of recent boxing history as the worst-used pugilist in this seedy business since "The Harder They Fall" Primo Canera. Bradley is no boxing judge. And if he were, he would be the worstest [sic]! Hehehehe! Every d@mn great -- or even good -- fighter that has ever boxed admitted when the judges gave him a gift. The Cali Cranium Crusher cannot even bring himself to accept this, and this is why he will be ROBBED for being foolish in PRIDE. Whuppin' Provodnikov is on his side. But getting the decision to the Russian it will ride. Bradley is on the down slide. His arse may as well go and hide. Diz bytch is mouthin' off dat "Freddie Roach cannot help Provodnikov," because he [Big Foot Bradley] has "beat Roach's top dog." WTF! In what world? And you wonderful why Bradley is the most hated fighter around nowadays. No fan, or even fanfaronade, likes to be played for a fool. IF you lost, admit it! And go back to school. Don't act like a piece of something that drops from a rectum into a toilet stool. Wow! Pride is good! But not foolishness of it. Bradley is apparently the type that will lie or cheat or steal or kill. And you can see him do one or all of that jive. But right in your face, he will still deny it. Socially he is a dangerous person with a clear personality disorder issue. Don't be surprise to see him misbehaving after he loses and especially after his boxing career is over. Unless, of course, if he gets some therapy in fessing up and accepting actuality and reality. Dude may just become the O.J. Simpson of boxing. OMFG! Hide all the knives! And don't ever let O.J. -- I mean Tim -- Bradley ever become a B movie star and lose his wifey. Hahahaha! Holla!

-tlig :

I don't think Tim believes (even for a second) he beat Manny. It's just not in a boxer's make-up to admit his opponent was robbed; I mean, many of them have a hard enough time accepting well deserved losses for crying out loud. The only time I recall a fighter ever admitting he was lucky to get a decision was back in 1998(?) with Richie Woodhall stating he felt he'd lost his title to Glenn Catley even though the judges awarded him the victory. Of course a few weeks later he started singing a different tune!

-amayseng :

That's the thing Tlig, Bradley won't stop tootin his own horn about the pacman win. Instead of being humble and only responding that the fight was close he talks like he beat pacman 12 rounds to 0. It's just pathetic and dilusional at this point. TB just continues to dig his own grave. No one wanted to watch him and his boring no power style to begin with

-ali :

Amayseng I couldn't agree more..

-The Good Doctor :

That's the thing Tlig, Bradley won't stop tootin his own horn about the pacman win. Instead of being humble and only responding that the fight was close he talks like he beat pacman 12 rounds to 0. It's just pathetic and dilusional at this point. TB just continues to dig his own grave. No one wanted to watch him and his boring no power style to begin with
I agree too. However, I have to ask, what boxer admits a loss when they know they know the stole one? I almost take the stance of what do we expect them to say.

-Radam G :

Sugar Ray Leonard admitted to it against Hearns. Joe Louis admitted it against Jersey Joe Walcott. Jerry Quarry admitted it against Floyd Patterson. And the list goes on and on. Holla!

-Radam G :

The shafted fighter of the year for 2013 will be Frans "The White Buffalo!" Botha. Dude was in a bout scheduled for 12 rounds. But when he was going to kayo his Billy-boy opponent, the corrupted officials that be changed the bout to 10 rounds in the middle of the tenth-round of a White-Buffalo beatdown. Then after the bout, da cheatin' muthajokes claim that The White Buffalo was on an illegal sleeping drug. WTF! Somebody musta' fo'got to tell his body and mind that, because his fists were whuppin' his opponent into a very deep sleep. Holla!

-amayseng :

I agree too. However, I have to ask, what boxer admits a loss when they know they know the stole one? I almost take the stance of what do we expect them to say.
Well for one he should not vounteerily state that he whooped Roaches top dog and the next opponent has no chance. TB is bringing this **** storm upon himself. That's the problem. He's bragging about a win where he lost 10/12 rounds.

-Radam G :

Wow! I will keep noting that Tim Bradley was USED just as Primo Canera was. And just as PC, TB will become a laughingstock and mockery in the end. PC was mocked for his size and big feet. TB will be mocked for his big HEAD -- a size '9 brim -- and his big-arse feet [a size '13-plus]. WTF! That is circus freak all over it. TB is 5-foot-5. Hehehe! YUP! PC had a size '9 cranium, but dude was 6-foot-6 and two bucks and 70. And his shoe size was reported to be a 16. WOW! TB freaks me out everything that I see him in person. I'm like: WHAT DA DOUBLE FUDGE FREAKY-DREAKY jive happened to TB? His torso, arms and legs are regular size for a person of his height and built, but that d@mn enlarged cranium and those elongated, thick-@ss footses [sic] look like some Frankenstein add-on syet. Hahaha! Danggit! Roids and PEDs have given TB zero-punching POWER, but Frankensteined his arse above the neck and below the ankles. I know dat yall see da haps. Ain't trying to be mean. Besides The Cali Cranium Crusher will billy-goat butt, and claim to be fighting clean. Holla!

-amayseng :

Radam u killed me with this post. TB looks like he be wearing clown shoes.

-ali :

Bradley has said he wants Olympic style testing for all of his fights now. I really wish every fighter would do what Donaire has done with the year around testing.

-Radam G :

Bradley is full of syet. The Russian called for testing. That syet doesn't help fighting. And Bradley will be beat. Da sucka ain't got no heat. Holla!

-Radam G :

And a sucka is born ev'y minute. It is VADA testing that is needed. Not weak-arse, sorry-arse Olympic testing. Olympic testing is for AMATEURS. VADA testing is for PROS. Just ask Berto, Peterson and Money May, to name a few of the main characters, who have been caught with "Dat sh*t in 'em," as Pops Joy Mays calls roids and PEDs. Sin City and Cali even changed their rules to clear Money May and Berto. Holla!