Predictions: Marquez Doesn’t Retire, Fights Manny For Fifth Time

Marquez Doesn’t Retire – Sure, there would be risk for the 40-year-old Mexican in fighting Manny again. But he’d be rewarded with a purse perhaps double what he’d made before on his best night. I think he goes for it. You, TSS readers? (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Predictions: Juan Manuel Marquez will fight Manny Pacquiao for a fifth time probably in September, and he will not retire, and he will continue to negotiate smartly, and get all the leverage he can to get the best deal for himself he can coming off his stunning KO win over Pacman.

Yeah, the report that Marquez is leaning against fight Manny again, I think that is pure bunk.

As Marquez told Miguel Rivera of Boxing Scene a couple days ago, “I think for me there is no point [in a fifth fight]. ”

Lordy, I can think of like $10 million plus reasons, all of them green. JMM, I have seen no evidence that accumulated ring damage has impacted you physically, mentally or your speech…so I’m not fully understanding this talk… do you really need me to point out that reason number one is A CAREER BEST PAYDAY?

OK, it can be pointed out that Marquez doesn’t need the money, he has invested wisely, blah blah blah. Points taken…but show me the man who has turned down a $10 plus million dollar payday, against a guy he has just KTFO, a guy who might well be permanently affected by that KO, physically and mentally, and I will show you a work of fiction. Don’t believe it, don’t believe Marquez, all due respect, and think this is all negotiating.

Mind you, I think this is reasonably effective jousting by Marquez, even if he is sort of jousting by himself at this point, as he was when he floated possible retirement right after the Dec. 8 win. In speaking to promoter Bob Arum a couple weeks ago, Arum told me he took Marquez’ retirement talk at face value. Hmm, I guess in this situation I’m taking the more skeptical stance than the man who has negotiated hundreds upon hundreds of mega-money deals since he started in the biz in 1966. So be it…

“We already achieved the desired result,” said Marquez, who made $6 million or more to fight Manny in Vegas in December. “Then why do it? So I also asked several people, several friends that I have around me and they told me not to do it, that there is no point in a fifth fight. I said before the fourth fight that no matter how this fight ends, there can not be a fifth.”

Gosh, I have to congratulate Marquez for picking his friends wisely. Sorry, the skeptic (realist?) in me emerges again, but most friend clusters around famous entertainers-athletes like to see the sunshine and revenue flows and fancy dinners and flights to exotic locations and bigshot status continue as long as possible, so typically most would tend to politely or explicitly nudge or shove the moneymaker towards the big stage. If indeed Marquez’ pals are encouraging him to not fight Manny again, I must applaud them, for going against the grain. (And I do note that it is more than possible that Marquez has a most caring and decent bunch of pals and confidantes surrounding him, I am not that hard-bit.) Also, did I miss Marquez’ hard and fast pronouncement before the fourth rumble that this was the swansong, the finale?

Yeah, I’m not calling Marquez a liar, because all is fair in love, war, boxing and negotiating your next fight. But not even a tiny part of me thinks the 39-year-old Mexican legend is going to retire this year, and will choose not to fight Pacquiao for a fifth time. It will be the most anticipated fight of 2013, and maybe the biggest moneymaker, too.

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-Radam G :

I don't think that is "bunk" about what Hulkquez -- I mean Marquez -- said that he see no reason to fight Da Manny again. The Juiced-up JMM fought for pride, not for prize. Da Manny was on the way to whuppin' the roids-and-PEDs Hulkized JMM until lightning struck. It will not strike the same way twice. JMM doesn't want any more of the Manila Ice. Holla!

-Radam G :

Pride does strange things to a person. And Marquez is no liar. He just knows that Da Manny is on fire. And NO! JMM is not going to retire. He may just not dance with Da Manny again. JMM is smart with pride over prize. But -- like any hater -- I'd love for him to get full of himself and roids and PEDs again and dance with Da Manny. It will be JMM getting discombobulated in Fight Five. And that is no JIVE! All of Da Manny BEES are gonna come outta da beehive. Holla!

-deepwater :

no way will juan fight manny again. nope no no way. he will take that win with him. he might fight someone else but he will not ever fight pac man again. he wont risk the chance of losing.

-ali :

4 times is enough! I would like to see Marquez & Pac take on some of the young lions at 140 & 147.

-pikkon :

Marquez wont fight Manny because he knows Manny would be more defensive and very careful this time...IF that happens Marquez wont be able to unleash his lucky punch but he would expect more punishing punches from Manny which he got in round five and at the beginning of round six...Maybe his wife told him he could continue to fight but not with Manny Pacquaio...He might end up fighting at 140 where it is safer for his 40 year old body..

-ArneK. :

Perhaps history will prove Deepwater right, but that's not the way to bet it. Given the history of the sport, it wouldn't be totally shocking to see these guys have another go five years from now. I sure hope I'm wrong but the reality is that a boxer's retirement announcement, particularly his first, carries as much weight as an over-ambitious New Year's resolution. And yes I know there are exceptions, e.g. the two giants from Brockton, Marciano and Hagler. Meanwhile, kudos to both JMM and Manny for their sustained excellence.

-Carmine Cas :

I think he fights him again, Marquez deserves more than $10 million guaranteed; how about at least 20 million. It's going to be interesting see how manny comes back. Lucky shot my a**, that was timed precision

-deepwater :

I see manny fighting mayweather before he fights Marquez ,look for mayweather to push for a fight with manny . Marquez has bragging rights, he can head into the hall of fame with his feather in the cap, always knowing he got the better of pacman. Marquez landed the perfect punch and it wasn't lucky, marquez can not do any better then that against manny again ,no where to go but down compared to that shot. Thanks to Pacman for being aggressive and going for the ko because that was part of the equation. 10 million is a lot and he can make that in the next 2 fights at least.

-Radam G :

Ditto, Deepwater! Holla!

-Fe'Roz :

He will fight again and, this being prize-fighting, he will fight Manny Pacquiao. Imagine for a moment him returning to the ring for one or two more fights but not fighting Manny. Or try to imagine it. First of all, he would never make close to the kind of money fighting someone else that the name Pacquiao brings to the party. Plus, another fight with Manny would not only be by far the biggest pay day available to him, it would be the largest of his life. Secondly, he can't conceivably return to fight another opponent and not give Manny another fight. He would be accused to ducking his greatest challenge and, all things being equal, he would be were he to choose not to. End of day, I agree with EM. Money talks. Everything else, BS.

-deepwater :

A realist would look at the situation and say that the main character in this whole story just said that the final conclusion was reached.. Marquez looks like a humble family man. A serious man who doesn't waste his money on flash cars or making it rain on I may be wrong but I don't think money is n?mero UNO for Juan at this point. He and his family are secure financially. for people on here with money on there mind so much start paying attention to money. Argentina just set price controls today because of the hyperinflation.. Price controls= shortages. It's coming here. Big taxes and big government spending have consequences. Buy gold and silver.Back to Marquez , he won't fight pacman again he wants to go out on top.

-amayseng :

i agree with deepwater and radam, no way no how jmm fights pacman again....not only because of the devestating win by thunderous knock out, but because it took jmm 4 fights and hell and fury to land that punch...think how much punishment jmm took just to finally place that shot? it was not a lucky punch, sure there was some peds and roids behind it, no doubt about it, but it was strategically placed, 500 gut wrenching pacman shots later and jmm finally landed that shot.... jmm is a smart cat, he has bank, he will fight a few more less risky fights and cash out, cant blame him.... jmm knows to fight pac again he will have to go through testing and then he loses badly and even more doubts are cast about him being on peds for the knockout....

-Radam G :

Ditto Amayseng! For one THING, JMM will have to go through testing, but he wouldn't even go near roids and PEDs a second time. That muthasucka got a GIFT getaway with it, so why holla at it again when he doesn't need it for his mad-fighting abilities anyway. His goal and desire was an eye-candy physique. He apparently has a conscience and knows that he's hardcore fibbin' about not PEDs juicing, snoring roids vapors and rubbing roid creams. He hid it in plain sight right on HBO 24/7 _____ shows. Alternate treatment and oxygen chambering my high-yellow brown arse! Let me check that equipment for traces of roids and PEDs. And if that syet is clean, I will holla at the billionaire patriarch of a Pinoy fam that I'm ___ ____ ___ to give falling Angel Heredia a cool mil. Dat muthasucka's wings will be clipped OFF! He knows what time it is. He probably sneaked outta Hades, ANYWAY! Devilish joker Jack! He is deep into the underworld of hiding the usage of roids and PEDs from weak-jive Sin City p!$$ testing. Put VADA after that jive sucka, and Hulkquez will be REVEALED dirty as a roids-fed pig all up in the steroid slop. Da Manny is a prizefighter, not a pridefighter. Or he would have just fought the crybaby bytch ONCE! Maybe twice, because a judge claimed to have scored wrongly and ripped the victory from Da Manny. And Da Manny won fight two. Hulkquez got what he wanted -- a WIN! I hope that he sells his soul to money, and dance into a Pac-thrashing in a Fight FIVE. But I'm not holding my breath. The pride of an "Aztec [crybaby -- I mean] warrior" doesn't care about money. Hulkquez smokum [sic] peace pipe with Da Manny after suckering Da Manny's behind into an @$$ thumbing. I never wanted a Fight FOUR! Holla!

-ArneK. :

I don't think Mayweather-Marquez is marketable because their previous meeting was drably one-sided. Plus Floyd is naturally the bigger man. I wouldn't pay to see Mayweather-Marquez II even if the price was cheap.

-amayseng :

I don't think Mayweather-Marquez is marketable because their previous meeting was drably one-sided. Plus Floyd is naturally the bigger man. I wouldn't pay to see Mayweather-Marquez II even if the price was cheap.
agreed, i would watch it for free but wouldnt pay 20 bucks for it. the first outing was such a shut out it was boring..... however, with jmm roided up and now with one punch killing power and floyd a bit slower with foot agility there is always an intrigue, but at the same time little interest