Argentine Slugger Lucas Matthysse KOs Mike Dallas Jr.; Soto Karass Beats Aydin

Argentine Slugger Lucas Matthysse KOs Mike Dallas Jr – LAS VEGAS-Speed doesn’t always kill. Sometimes speed gets killed or knocked out.

Argentina’s hard-hitting Lucas Matthysse (33-2, 31 Kos) walked into the fight the slower but stronger fighter against the quick-fisted and fleet-footed Mike Dallas Jr. (19-3-1, 8 Kos). He quickly disposed of the youngster with a sledgehammer right hand for the knockout on Saturday.

Can anybody beat this guy?

In front of a raucous crowd of more than 2,500 fans at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Matthysse proved that he’s one of the most feared and powerful sluggers pound for pound. The Argentine prizefighter wants a world championship fight next.

Dallas had been training under the watchful eye of famed boxing teacher Virgil Hunter in Oakland, California. Both promised the new additions to an already solid arsenal would surprise skeptics though the Bakersfield product was a 33 to 1 underdog. The fight lasted 2:26 before Matthysse connected with a right counter that crumbled Dallas.

“I felt it when I connected,” said Matthysse. “I was waiting for him to throw the left and I ducked and countered with the right.”

Referee Robert Byrd did not bother to count. Dallas was out.

Matthysse, who has lost disputed decisions to Zab Judah and Devon Alexander, demands a world title fight. He would love to fight the winner of WBC junior welterweight titlist Danny Garcia and Zab Judah.

“I want Danny Garcia or any of the top 140-pound champions,” Matthysse said, adding that he’s learning his craft more and more. “I’ve progressed as a fighter.”

Yes he has.


Mexico’s Jesus Soto Karass (27-8-3, 17 Kos) pounded out a victory over Turkey’s Selcuk Aydin (23-2, 17 Kos) in a junior middleweight bout that could be called an upset if you go by fight records. Soto Karass always expect to win but was surprised at Aydin’s unwillingness to go to war on the inside.

“I expected him to fight coming forward but he changed and started to box,” said Soto Karass. “I worked intelligently.”

Soto Karass was never shy about going to war with Aydin. Strangely, after the second round, the Turkish slugger began moving away from the Mexican’s blows to the body. Instead of slugging it out, Aydin began to counter and move. But every time he landed a solid blow, three would come in return from Soto Karass.

“From the first round I knew I was going to win the fight,” Soto Karass said. “I believe my body shots slowed down Aydin.”

One judge saw it strangely a draw, but the other two judges scored it 97-93 for Soto Karass for a majority win.

Soto Karass wants a title shot in May.

Other bouts

Houston’s Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (20-0, 10 Kos) knocked down Harry Joe Yorgey (25-2-1, 9 Kos) twice early in the second round, but needed six more rounds to finally finish the job. Yorgey walked into a right hand and was knocked out at 1:09 of round eight of a junior middleweight clash. “I followed the plan Ronnie Shields gave me,” said Charlo, whose twin brother Jermall also fought and won on the card. “I wish I could have ended it earlier, but I give respect to him (Yorgey).”

Former U.S. Olympian Errol Spence Jr. (3-0, 3 Kos) needed only 1:03 to knock out Nathan Butcher (0-2) in the first round of a junior middleweight match. A right hook and left cross had Butcher on queer street prompting referee Russell Mora to wisely end the fight.

Mexico City’s Francisco “El Bandido” Vargas (14-0-1, 11 Kos) knocked out Ira Terry (26-11, 16 Kos) of Memphis at 1:46 of round two of a lightweight clash. An overhand right staggered Terry and then another overhand right finished the job for Vargas. Terry was counted out.

Philadelphia’s Julian “J Rock” Williams (11-0-1, 6 Kos) scored a technical knockout over Virginia’s Jeremiah Wiggins (10-2-1, 5 Kos) at 1:05 of round seven. Williams controlled most of the fight and scored a knockdown in round four with a right hand that sent Wiggins across the ring. The ropes held him up but referee Robert Byrd correctly ruled it a knockdown. Wiggins never quit but some pinpoint shots by Williams caused someone from Wiggins’ corner to toss in the white towel for the stoppage.

L.A.’s Julian Ramirez (7-0, 5 Kos) floored San Bernardino’s tough Juan Sandoval (7-12-1) with a long left cross in the first round. Sandoval toughened up but Ramirez muscled his way to a victory after six rounds with some gritty inside fighting. Sandoval was deducted a point for holding in the last round. One judge Robert Bennett scored it 59-53, judge Lisa Giampa and the other judge had it 60-52 all for featherweight Ramirez.

Houston’s Jermall Charlo (11-0, 6 Kos) kept hitting the granite chin of Rhode Island’s Joshua Williams (8-5, 5 Kos) until the fight was stopped at the end of round five. Charlo was never able to put the left-handed Williams on the floor but was cracking some big rights on the chin. William’s corner wisely stopped the fight.

Aussie banger Chad Bennett (31-4-3, 22 Kos) stopped Ghana’s Ben Ankrah (17-12, 8 Kos) at 59 seconds of round three in a junior middleweight contest. A left uppercut by Bennett in round two floored Ankrah in the second round, then a right hand finished the job in the third round.

A battle between young prospects ended in a majority draw for New Mexico’s Herb Begay (0-0-2) and Australia’s Will Sands (3-0-1) after four rounds of a middleweight fight.



-Radam G :

Sad for Dallas! But he is just one of those fighters who will never quite be there. Matthysse did exactly to him what I thought would happen. Dallas is the Kelsie Banks of this era of prospects. It will only be a matter of time before every boxing commission will band him from fighting. Holla!

-brownsugar :

63% of the fans (like myself) said Dallas would last between 9-12 rounds..........The Fight didn't even last one stinking round....bring on Garcia..... Good call RG

-dino da vinci :

I scored for Soto-Karass 6-4. A draw would not have been outlandish. Best fight of the three I saw.

-Fe'Roz :

Something fishy about Lucas' pre-fight 'meal' or just a stunt by "Virgil Hunter' to shake things up a little. Hard to know. Matthysse beat Mike Dallas, loser of two if his last four fights, 18-2 overall. I'm not jumping to any conclusions about Matthysse the Lion Killer based on this fight.

-Grimm :

Matthysse is pretty much tested and proven already. Both fights vs Judah & Alexander could've - and should've, had they been held on Lucas home turf - gone the other way. It's interesting with national characteristics in fighters; many argentinians come rugged with power & good resilience - Firpo, Bonavena, Monzon, and now Martinez, Maidana & Matthysse. Equally interesting is how many of these men have been honoured with statues and, in one case, a mausoleum. Pugilists are royalty down there.

-Real Talk :

Lucas is the true King of 140 and has never lost a fight. Time for folks to put or shut up and be irrelevant. My money is on Matthysse against anybody in th Jr. Welter an I'm not worried about it at all. Dueces

-Bernie Campbell :

Where was Sam Watson's Dopey Mug to be found?

-Radam G :

Wow, BC, you always inadvertently give a plug to Sam Walton's "Dopey mug." He may wanna give you a hug. Slug line after slug line, you are making dat muthasucka like a boxing promotion goldmine. Holla!

-Bernie Campbell :

Hey if the PR worked for Burt Sugar's dead behind, Let Sam Watson be Boxing's new Poster Boy, Letum be interviewed by Magazines, Create Watsonisms, Have old Sam pose neked in GQ! Let Teddy Atlas seek his oppinion, Name a friggun Candy Bar after him!

-Radam G :

Hehehehe! Holla!