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COOL HAND – Lucas Matthysse probably made it that much harder for him to get a megafight in the near future, as in the main event at the Hard Rock-The Joint in Las Vegas on Saturday night, he blasted Mike Dallas with a right hand which sent Dallas face first to the mat in round one.

The ref saw Dallas was out, and waved the fight off without counting. We can imagine potential foes of Matthysse shut off the TV, and pretended they didn’t see that concussive power. The end came at 2:26.

Showtime showed the faceoff between the junior welterweights.

In the first, the 30 year-old Argentine Mattysse, coming off a win over Ajose Olusegun in September, ate a few jabs. Dallas, age 26, from CA, dedicated the fight to his dad, who died last year from leukemia. He looked ready to rock right away, knowing Matthysse can start slow. But Matthysse didn’t; his counter right landed clean and that was all she wrote.

After, to Jim Gray, Lucas said that he saw Dallas was throwing double lefts and he took advantage. He was asked by Gray what he took before the fight, as Dallas’ trainer Virgil Hunter complained to the commission that Matthysse took an amino acid drink beforehand. Matthysse answered that the drink contained vitamins only and he will be drug tested after the scrap. Next for him? Maybe Danny Garcia? He would like that opportunity, as well as a chance at the other stars at 140. Could Judah beat Garcia? Yes, Matthysse said, Zab has a shot.

Matthysse went to 33-2, Dallas dropped to 19-3-1.

Check back for David Avila’s ringside report.

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