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Stops Harry Yorgey – Jermell Charlo met Harry Yorgey in Showtime‘s TV opener on Saturday night, in a scrap on the undercard of the Lucas Matthysse-Mike Dallas main event at the Hard Rock-The Joint in Las Vegas. Charlo got the W, as his twin brother Jermall looked on happily, stopping Yorgey in round eight. A jab froze Yorgey and the right hand discombombulated the loser, at 1:09 of the eighth.

In the first round of the junior middleweight scrap, Charlo, from Texas, popped the jab on the Pennsylvania foe. The 22 year old favorite Charlo looked calm and confident.

In round two, the 35 year-old went down, off a right-left hook got up, and then went down again, from a right. He grabbed and held with a minute left. He managed to make it to round’s end. In the third, Yorgey again was in backing-up mode. Not sure what his gameplan was at this point, as he wasn’t looking to counter off mistakes. The rounds were carbon copies, until late in the fifth, when Yorgey started to come forward. A right hand had Yorgey taking a knee in the eighth. He beat the count, but looked stricken and the ref waved it off.

Charlo rose to 20-0 while Yorgey is now 25-2-1. Charlo went 144-411 to 29-155 for Yorgey. His career best win was over Ronald Hearns, and he followed that with a crushing loss to Alfredo Angulo in 2009 and I suspect this one will hurt. He’s not getting any younger and he was never in this fight, for even a minute.

Charlo spoke to Jim Gray after. The winner said he knew the fight was his from the get go. His bro told him to take Yorgey’s heart, he said. Jermell said his bro, who won earlier in the night, could have been more aggressive, and the same could be said of him.

Check back for David Avila’s ringside report.

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