Brian Vera Upsets Sergiy Dzinziruk on Friday Night Fights

Brian Vera – He is the top spoiler in the game today, is Texan Brian Vera and he got another upset notch on his belt in the main event of ESPN‘s “Friday Night Fights,” which unfolded at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. Vera knocked down the ex junior middleweight titlist Sergiy Dzinziruk in round one, kept on staying in the ex champ’s face, and trapped him in a corner in the tenth. Vera whaled away, and Dzinzi slid to the floor, done for the night. Ref Benjy Esteves asked him if he wanted to continue, and saw the look in his eyes. The end, quite possibly of Dzinzi’s career, came at 1:50 of the tenth.

Vera has now added Dzinziruk to a list that includes Jaidon Codrington, Andy Lee, Sebastien Demers, and Sergio Mora, the roster of men favored to beat Mr Spoiler.

Dzinziruk came in at 36-1-1, and Vera was 21-6.

In the first, the lefty Dzinzi popped a quick jab and left hooks. A left to the body landed and Dzinzi was hit with a mandatory eight. He just tripped, actually. He went down for real off a right-left hook follow, with a minute left. He got nailed, caught in a corner, but managed to get to the second. Vera won the second, too, with effective aggression. His right hand, mostly  arrow straight, landed several times cleanly. The Ukrainian-born Dzinzi didn’t seem to be able to modify his strategy, to tame Vera’s aggression and sharp right, in the third. The lefty made his lead work more for him in round four; would he kick into a higher gear in the second half of the fight? In round five, once again he wasn’t as mobile as his corner wanted him to be. His reflexes may have dimmed lately, too, understandable, at age 36. His head movement was at times sluggish.  The 31-year-old Texan Vera kept stalking, happy when Dzinzi moved to his right, into the right hand, as opposed to making him throw across his own body and reach. Vera maybe stole the seventh with a straight right late. Dzinzi looked near out of it, his face bloodied, early in the eighth. But he collected himself and he liked the cut on Vera’s left eye. The eye quickly became swollen. Vera went down, but it was a slip, in the ninth. Dzinzi had some moments in that round, as Vera’s steam lessened. In round ten, Dzinzi did some nice things coming underneath, and with his jab. He then went down, though, when trapped in a corner. He got up, and Beny Esteves waved it off.

Vera threw a right, which missed, after Dzinziruk slumped to the floor, on his haunches.



-brownsugar :

The Razor is no longer as sharp as he used to be,... getting caught repeatedly with overhand looping rights... punches that he used to easily avoid. but Dzinzurik came close to getting Vera out of there and had a couple of good rally's. it seemed for a while that Dzinziruk would get Vera out of there with the jab alone..... It appears father time and a relentless and rejuvinated Brian Vera was too much for him.. Brian can still take as well as dish it out. Very entertaining bout... Vera's an unusual guy... He's still one of the best middleweight spoilers ... he seems to hover eternally just at the top contender level. You would half expect Vera to be burned out by now... but judging by tonights performance he seems to actually be getting better...... Vera is unbelievable in that regard... another one bites the dust. Brian should wear a T-Shirt that says "You Shall not Pass". A stern test for any up and coming prospect who has ambitions of breaking into the top 10

-Bernie Campbell :

All jab, nothing else and the friscoe was slow to boot! This is what happens when fighters get multiple television deals! Started with HBO and the final fight mustive been sold to ESPN. Sh... this was a stinker! Ive rarely seen a guy slapped around that bad!