Heavyweight David Rodriguez’s New Year’s Resolution: Big Fights Only

Heavyweight David Rodriguez’s New Year’s Resolution – One cosmic disaster averted but what will the year 2013 bring?

Mayans said the world would succumb last December and that fizzled like a wet firecracker. One heavyweight of Mexican descent, David Rodriguez looks to put a charge into this year.

“I’m going for broke now,” says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez (36-0, 34 Kos) a hard-hitting undefeated heavyweight from El Paso, Texas, is in search of a top flight heavyweight willing to trade punches with him. Whether it’s a European or American, the fighter known as “Nino” wants a crack.

“We’re looking at bigger names that attract a larger audience,” says Rodriguez, who is promoted by Zeferino Ramirez.

The year 2013 has to be a heck of a lot better than 2012, when Rodriguez did not enter the boxing ring at all. In fact, he’s lucky to be breathing fresh air and enjoying the sunshine after getting stabbed in Arizona.

“I was walking out of a club close to New Years. I kind of walked outside: me, by myself, and six guys. I was drinking and they were too. I can remember all the things that were said. And a guy came up behind me and tried to slit my throat. I lost three pints of blood. I saw my blood pour all out on the cement,” said Rodriguez about the incident that nearly cost him his life.

A friend tried to help and he was stabbed too. But it was Rodriguez who suffered the worst from the blindsided attack. After 369 stitches and knee surgery from another injury, the Texas heavyweight is eager to return to the boxing ring.

“The only way I can see it, is my luck is about to change,” says Rodriguez.

At 35 years old, Rodriguez knows that time is quickly elapsing but remains hopeful that it only takes one big win to put the world on notice.

“For everybody I fight there is a lot of money to be made. I’m not going to someone else’s backyard and get paid two grand,” said Rodriguez, who trains in Las Vegas and El Paso. “It’s about the type of fighters I fight.”

Marquee fights against heavyweights with a reputable name and record are the challenges that best suit Rodriguez.

“I have to go for bigger names,” he says.

Rodriguez has notable wins over veterans Owen Beck and Robert Davis. Both were victims of third round knockouts.

“Robert Davis is a hell of a fighter. That dude hits hard. But I just stayed busy. He was trying to start at a slower, more comfortable pace,” Rodriguez recalled of their fight.

Now the heavyweight of Mexican descent has a New Year’s resolution to meet any of the number one contenders then become “heavyweight champion of the world by fighting any of the Klitschkos.”

California matchmaker Whit Haydon says Rodriguez is still a question mark and needs to beat any of the top 20 heavyweights to make a statement. “He needs a fight like that now.”

Rodriguez is scheduled to fight on April 19 and is eager to prove his worth. He’s also eager to show that maybe the 13th year of the 21st century will bring him luck.

“I’m going for broke,” Rodriguez says.

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-Radam G :

It is terrible what happened to Boxing David. But he is no Biblical David with a pebble in a slingshot that will put a big-bad boxing Goliath to sleep. Those Goliath size heavies would tear David's arse up. He should just keep being a boxing JOKE. Stay away from going for BROKE. Riding off the "Rocky Movie's Mickey," those heavyweight will "Kill you ta death, kid." Keep fighting softies, divers, tomato cans, corpses and drunks, and go down in history as the undefeated "Heavyweight Champion of the World of El Paso, Texas." Step outta dat zone, and your undefeated streak is gone. Thirty-six and o against the deep bottom of boxing has confused you. Holla!