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Takes Crown From Salido – Mikey Garcia had his way with Orlando Salido, dropping him four times through four rounds, and it looked like he could do no wrong at the Madison Square Garden Theater on Saturday night. Salido tightened up a bit, and got a second wind, though. He had some moments in round seven and eight, but the plug got pulled when he butted Garcia’s nose in the eighth. The doc said Garcia couldn’t continue and we went to the cards.

HBO televised in front of 4,850 fans, which was a hair shy of a sellout.

The judges saw Garcia a victor, by scores of 79-70, 790-69, 79-69.

In the first, Garcia scored a knockdown, off a left hook. He scored another, off a left hook, from further out, with ten seconds to go.

In the second, Salido had better luck, in that he didn’t go down, but his aggression wasn’t super effective.

In the third, Garcia got credit for another knockdown, with a right uppercut which made Salido use his left hand to keep standing.

In the fourth, down went Salido yet again. This time it was a left jab, thrown backing up.

In round five, he buckled Salido again and once again was master of range, tempo, everything.

In the sixth, Salido had maybe his best round, as he didn’t get dropped or buzzed badly. He energized the crowd in the seventh, with slightly more effective aggression. In the eighth, Garcia won but Salido was still peppy. They butted heads, and Salido mashed Mikey’s nose. The docs said that Garcia couldn’t continue. after probing his nose. The crowd wasn’t overly pleased.

I was told by someone with intimate knowledge of the Garcia camp that they figured Salido to be pretty easy pickings, and indeed, the sailing looked pretty smooth before Salido woke up.

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