Golovkin Stops Bloodied Rosado

Golovkin Stops Bloodied Rosado – Readers, what did you think of Golovkin’s showing versus Rosado? Go to the Forum, and weigh in! (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Gennady Golovkin, who some thought would maybe the next big power puncher to emerge in the game coming in, took on Gabriel Rosado in a middleweight scrap at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. HBO’s Boxing After Dark showed the scrap.

Rosado didn’t look out of place, moving early then staying in the pocket more. But multiple cuts forced the Rosado corner to throw in the towel, making ref Steve Smoger pull the plug at 2:46 in the seventh round.

Top Rank put on the show, along with K2, which promotes Golovkin, who was born in Kazhkstan, lives in Germany and trains in California.

GGG was the stalker in the first. Rosado moved laterally, looking to not get cracked early on. A cut on his left eye didn’t bug Rosado that much. But a counter right late did, as GGG lured him in. Rosado tasted power in the third. He got staggered once, but hung tough, after blinking hard. Rosado moved less, and stood in the pocket more in this round. Same in round four; Rosado had GGG backing up a couple times, landed a sharp right which moved the crowd and didn’t look out of place at all. His face was a mask of blood but Rosado was fully in the fight in round five. The doc looked at Rosado’s eye before the sixth started, and he said he was fine. He got rocked to start the round and then his cut got worse. Would it continue? It would; in round seven, the blood flowed, and the Rosado corner saw enough. They threw in the towel, and ref Steve Smoger didn’t see it right away. The crowd hooted at him, trying to get him to see the surrender.