Orlando Salido vs Mikey Garcia Boxing Odds and Picks

WBO Featherweight champion Orlando Salido will defend his title on Saturday, January 19th in New York against challenger Mikey Garcia. Let’s look at this fight that can be seen on HBO and make a prediction.

Orlando Salido (39-11-2, 27 knockouts)
The champ comes into this fight with a record of 39-11-2 with 27 knockouts. He has more experience than Garcia but also a lot more losses. He is a high energy fighter that goes right after his opponents. Sometimes that style works well as he has 27 knockouts but at other times he has been caught. Salido also hasn’t proven he can beat a really good fighter. The question in this fight is just how good is Garcia?

Miguel Angel Garcia (30-0, 26 knockouts)
Mikey, as he is known, is unbeaten in his career with 26 knockouts. He turned pro in 2006 and has shown good power in his career winning almost all of his fights by knockout. While Mikey has looked very good in his career, he hasn’t fought anyone of the caliber of Salido. “We’ve been looking for this kind of fight, because I want to prove myself,” said Garcia, “I am going to show people that I am the total package, and that I can beat a guy like Salido. Yes, he is tough and this is not an easy fight. But I am confident I have the skills and ability to win.”

Boxing Pick
This fight is not going to be boring. Both fighters have an all or nothing type of style. Salido is going to be going for big shots throughout the fight for as long as it lasts. Garcia won’t back down so this one should be exciting. While Salido has more experience, I think Garcia has more power. If Garcia is patient and picks his spots I think he will find the opportunity to land some big shots and get the knockout.