Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah Boxing Predictions

Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah Boxing Predictions – The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York will be the site for the February 9th fight on Showtime between current WBC/WBA light welterweight champion Danny Garcia and former world champion Zab Judah. Let’s look at this bout and boxing predictions.

The Numbers
Danny Garcia comes into this fight with a record of 25-0 with 16 knockouts while Zab Judah is 42-7 with 29 knockouts. It is a matchup between the younger and more talented Garcia and the aging Judah. Some boxing fans believe that Judah has a chance to win this fight and perhaps he can if he lands a big shot but the more likely outcome is a Garcia win by knockout.

Early Fireworks
The camps of Garcia and Judah have already been at it and the fight still isn’t here yet. In their press conference it was Garcia’s father and trainer Angel who ran his mouth about Judah. He basically said that every time that Judah has “stepped up” he has lost. “My dad was just stating true facts,” Danny said on Showtime. “Every time he took a tough fight, he failed. Zab got mad, it broke out and there was a little riot at the press conference.”

Boxing Predictions
If not for Angel Garcia talking about Judah this fight probably wouldn’t be getting much press. Judah is simply an old fighter that has to hope to land a big left hand against Garcia to win. It probably won’t happen as Garcia is simply too good. Judah beat a poor Vernon Paris in his last fight but Garcia is head and shoulders better than Paris. It is just hard to envision a scenario in which Judah doesn’t get knocked out. The oddsmakers agree as Garcia is better than a 7-1 favorite in boxing odds to win this fight. Perhaps Judah can make this competitive but the most likely scenario is Garcia winning this one by knockout.