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KNOCKOUT NEWS – “I am pumped to change diaaaapers!” (Charis Farina-Top Rank)

You might recall a few weeks ago I wrote a piece which touched on Nonito Donaire’s struggles with a challenging upbringing. He had self esteem issues, to put it mildly, and felt less than in his house, as a kid. He was bullied at school, subject to some severe discipline at home, and there was a period when he thought about ending it all.

He’d tie a shirt around his neck, and come close to the point of passing out. He’d fantasize about getting hit by a bus, and exiting this Earth.

His candor in discussing such sensitive matters blew me away and left me looking up to him that much more. To go from a pipsqueak who contemplated suicide, to the point where you are one of the best prizefighters on the planet…lord, if that story couldn’t serve as a pick me up to another kid suffering through the same issues, what one could?

I saw Donaire’s admission as an example of leadership. You see this celeb and that go on Oprah or whatever and confess to having gone through some massive trauma or dealt with some disorder or other…and don’t ya know, it is almost always attached to a forthcoming book or movie project. Savvy marketers use their dirty laundry to get buzz, to help sell product. But Donaire is not selling any book or pushing any film project. He said he wants to fight to prove something to kids suffering like he was, and that’s what he doing. Props.

And I have to offer more props, with the news that his missus is of child. yes, Rachel Donaire is sporting a bump, y’all. The boxer took to social media to share the news about the impending.

“I’m happy with all the awards and victories in 2012 but to me everything was nothing in comparison to when my wife told me she is pregnant,” Donaire (31-1; age 30) wrote.??”I told my manager and promoter that June, July, or August I do not want to fight.?? Even if its millions of dollars, I want to be with my baby and my wife.”

Again, leadership. In this work obsessed society, in which the bulk of people don’t even use the vacation days they might be fortunate to be allotted, if they are lucky enough to have a job with benefits, in which all but the luckiest 5% or so struggle to keep pace with cost of living increases while wages stay stagnant, as companies ask their workers to be more productive, or simply outsource jobs to nations where workers earn a pittance, Donaire is looking to take a stand.

He gets it. He gets what I get, that the kid will be tiny once, and you’d be advised to savor the moment, and interrupt the precious work flow, and focus on what is truly important. The little one.

People who know me know that Thursday and Friday are harder days to catch me, because I am with my kids, age 2 and 5 3/4. That is a conscious choice. Be a bit more off radar, and focus instead on watching them blossom. I am pretty damned sure I won’t be looking back, in my seat at the Cherry Blossom Senior Home, and curse out this choice. “Dammit, I so wished I worked more when the kids were little, so I didn’t see them so much.”

Props to Donaire, again, for getting it. There will be ample time for fights, but once the window closes on the little one being little, there is no getting it back.

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