By No-Verwhelming Demand, A Martirosyan-Lara Rematch In The Works

No-Verwhelming Demand – One of the cruddiest fights I watched–OK, sort of semi-watched, because I Tweeted, and also poked around on Facebook during the bout–in 2012 was the Erislandy Lara-Vanes Martirosyan fight. They gloved up on Nov. 10 in Las Vegas, in an eliminator, with the winner to get a crack at WBC 154 pound champ Canelo Alvarez.

The bout ended in a draw, prematurely…or, maturely, if you disliked it as much as I did, with nine rounds complete. Martirosyan, cut over his left eye by a head butt, couldn’t continue, on advice of the ring doc.

Lara ran throughout the bout and Vanes went after him, but without the sort of urgency you’d expect with the stakes being so high, and without the efficiency you might have expected from his record and constant campaigning for a signature bout in the last couple years.

Martirosyan said right after he wanted a rematch but suffice to say the people didn’t share the sentiment. One TV exec I saw right after wasn’t in that mode either. I begged him, semi jokingly, not to buy a rematch between these cats, and the exec indicated he hated the fight as much as I did. It didn’t seem likely that he would be prone to televise a rematch, even if the fighters paid the broadcasters. Through nine rounds, the two men landed about a hundred punches between them, and averaged around 25 thrown per round. That was woeful output, the fight lacked drama, the style matchup didn’t work…So imagine my surprise when I see a Tweet from the WBC indicating that Golden Boy beat Top Rank in a purse bid for the rematch, $410,00 to $62,500.

I did a double and then triple take, wondering if maybe this was a ghost Tweet, a message in a bottle Tweet, bobbing up in the system months later, a bug in the system.

I checked Vanes’ Twitter feed, and yes, he’s been talking about the rematch. Wow is all I can say…

Hey, looking on the bright side, I have to think a rematch couldn’t be any worse. Vanes said he’s a new man, and he will KO Lara…but he talked a heckuva game last time too. I can’t quite comprehend the thinking in bidding that much for the rematch of a certified stinkeroo, but I know my place in the world…I don’t pretend to have all the answers or a flawless crystal ball. Presumably Golden Boy knows something I don’t, or maybe they were just caught inside some sanctioning body silliness. A source there indicated in so many words that’s what happened…

I’ve liked some things I’ve seen from Lara, like his work against Paul Williams in July 2011. I like his chances to tweak his strategy and turn in a better showing, than I do Martirosyan’s, and I hope they both prove me wrong and put on a helluva rumble.

But this one leaves me scratching my head.

No-Verwhelming Demand

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-Radam G :

Thanks for the warning. I will be sure that my DVR is OFF! Terrible matchup by a couple of bums -- B- fighters. Holla!

-deepwater :

the great transnational boxing rating system has lara at #3 vs vanes at #8. no one won the first fight. lara ran and vanes tried to cacth him but didnt. these 2 guys talked to much junk to have fought the way they did but the rematch must be made. there was no conclussion so thats what this is about. styles make fights and some styles clash and dont look too sweet but it is what it is and these 2 guys should be applauded for doing it again so the better man can climb the latter. its easy for boxers to fight some cans while waiting for a title shot and even though you didnt like the first fight you should applaud the fact that top guys get in the ring against each other instead of going to sweet lou dibellas broadway boxing at bb kings restaurant fighting a cab driver from ohio with a $5 food credit with purchase of ticket. golden boy is making a smart business decision and will stick this on some undercard

-the Roast :

I bet the rematch will be better than the first fight. Lara had figured out what to do and was doing it when heads clashed. He'll get down to it faster next time. Vanes mocked Lara for running in the post fight interview so that will add some spice. Put it on HBO or Showtime and I'll watch it.

-deepwater :

Who ever goes for it sooner should win I think. If Lara comes out aggressive I see it for him .