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Chad Dawson – During the smooth sailing, the voyage was a sweet trip. When water got rough, though, the boxer hurled the trainer overboard.

At least he has the memories, the evidence, the sweet nothings saved on a voice mail and a signed picture professing his everlasting affection, because it is clear the bromance is now over. Chad Dawson and trainer John Scully are no longer an item. The boxer, who got worked over by Andre Ward in his last outing, had some mildly harsh words for Scully in a recent video shot in a gym in Vegas.


Things started off fine, with Dawson saying that he was back working with Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, and calling Scully a “great trainer.”

Then, he started freelancing….

“I was too far ahead in the game for him (John Scully) to even try to come in and teach me anything,” Dawson said. He offered that he thinks it best for Scully to work on building a boxer from the ground up. “I was too far ahead of the game. I had worked with trainers like Eddie already, Emanuel Steward, Mayweather Sr and Dan Birmingham. I worked with top level trainers already. For Scully it just wasn’t a good situation for him, me already being where I’m at, at the top of the game and having already fought some of the greatest fighters in the world. Not taking anything away from Scully, but coming back to Eddie is where I need to be, gonna make me who I really am.”

Perplexed is the word Scully kept coming back to when we discussed this Dawson video hit.

“Part of me is not surprised, I feel Dawson has done it before with other people, like he’s drowning and to save himself,” the trainer and ex fighter said. “I’ve known him since he was 11, and never had a problem with him in. The week before the Ward fight he texted me, saying what a great trainer I was. He’d been knocked down by Edison Miranda and I knew that could affect him mentally, so I told him a story to make feel better. He said, ‘That’s why I brought you to camp, why that makes you a great trainer.”’

Scully said he tried to text Dawson once and messaged him on Facebook, but that the fighter didn’t answer either time. “I have a picture signed he wrote to me after the second Hopkins fight, ‘To the best trainer in the game, I hope to have a long career with you.”


“I have nothing against Eddie, I like him a lot, but in camps when Chad referred to time with Eddie, he didn’t refer to them favorably. He didn’t give me a good picture of their time.”

Scully thinks Dawson would be better served taking accountability for his actions. “I equate it to a guy who’s divorced seven different women, he has to look at himself, as part of the problem. Maybe his feet stink, or he doesn’t make enough money, or he chews his food too loudly. Something is causing the women not to get along with him. It is what it is.”

Which is perplexing…

Scully said he thinks this came about because he was vocal after the Ward loss, sharing that he didn’t think Dawson dropped from 175 to 168 in the proper manner, under the direction of a strength and conditioning trainer. Dawson, in the video, said he is still using the same strength coach.

“The only guy I’d seen make weight in worse fashion was me,” Scully said. “I know what it does to the body and mind.”

Scully took some offense at the suggestion that he was out of his depth with the likes of Dawson. “Halfway through the second fight with Hopkins he started to falter and I got him through that. It’s on tape, you can see I handled that like a professional. I’m not out of my depth, I was there in the mix with anybody. Why do I have a voicemail in which he tells me I’m a great trainer? He has to look at himself. Maybe you had something to do with the problem.”

Chad Dawson

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