Doctors Never Examined Pacquiao Are Diagnosing Him?
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Doctors Never Examined Pacquiao – Confession: Every now and again, a headline or photo on a tabloid, like The National Enquirer, or the Star, catches my eye, perks my interest, and forces me to purchase the rag. I’m not proud of that fact, but there ya go. Occasionally, in one of these rags, you’ll see an article about this starlet or that musician or that film star of yesteryear who is battling an illness, or an addiction, something along those lines. Invariably, the reporter of the piece will reach out to a medical expert, a physician, usually, who will weigh in on the case. “Madame X looks to have had a rhinoplasty, and cheek implants,” said Dr. Nick Nipantuck, “WHO HAS NOT TREATED MADAME X.” Yep, basically, ole Dr. Nick, looking to get a little ink, get some pub for his practice, or a plug for a new book, has looked at a photo of Madame X, and offered his theory—we can assume I guess that it is an informed theory—that Madame X has gone under the knife, got some work done.

I found myself thinking about this common tabloid practice when I heard that a doctor in the Philippines, Dr. Rustico Jimenez, touted as president of Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, told radio station dzMM that he observed signs in Manny Pacquiao that led him to publicly proclaim the 34 year-old boxer is showing early signs of Parkinson’s. He cited Pacquiao’s stuttering, and hand twitching as evidence that punches have taken a brutal toll on the fighter. To ABS-CBN News, Jimenez urged the boxer to retire. He noted, in a phoner with ABS after the radio interview,  that he could be wrong about his observations… but isn’t that maybe like me yelling, “Fire!” in a crowded restaurant, and then “clarifying” that maybe in fact, I didn’t see a fire, it could be in fact an overheated pan in the kitchen smoking up the joint, after the fact, after I created a stampede to the exits?

Now, maybe I’m fully in the wrong here, maybe Jiminez is spot on. I’m not looking to kill the messenger here. I don’t want to be the excessive skeptic, and assume that the man’s primary objective isn’t Manny’s well being. But…should a physician diagnose a person who isn’t his patient off a TV clip? OK, I haven’t seen copious footage of Manny being interviewed after the Marquez loss…but have any of you seen him shaking during interviews, or heard him stuttering during interviews? Maybe I’ve missed that, and if yes, maybe Jimenez is talking truth, not engaging in self-aggrandizing and irresponsible conjecture. The ABS piece also featured the viewpoint of a Dr. Raquel Fortun, a “renowned forensics expert,” who apparently isn’t convinced that the post-fight Catscan showing Pacquiao’s brain to be OK was legit. Fortun was said to be alarmed over a report or “reports” that Pacquiao suffered a “slight seizure” after being felled by Marquez. Now, I scanned Google news for a mention of this “seizure” and didn’t see anything beyond the reference on ABN. Again, please point me to the source where it was stated that Pacquiao had a seizure because of the knockout, as I could acknowledge that sounds more worrisome than a “regular” KO.

We may not know who was right here for another five, ten, 20 years or more. But I feel like the theorizing of two physicians who have not examined Pacquiao is getting more play than is deserved, and it’s incumbent upon all of us to take a wide view on the matter, and traffic in facts, rather than guesses.

Doctors Never Examined Pacquiao

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Radam G

Let me rhetorically kill the messenger now. Y'all oughta quit! Dat bytch quack is full of shyt! Jive him! A few years ago, he had claimed to be treating the first pregnant gay male. What happened to he-she? That is what I thought? Don't be so quick on the draw. You end up looking like a man of straw. Every weak quack and his Mack oughta be thrown in a brown papersack. And shakin' up, so that they will shut da double fudge up. OMG! Knuckleheads -- in their professions -- have decided to use Da Manny as a ockshy. And it is because these muthasnakes are trying to get a piece of that BIG moolah pie. Take a deep holla at some of these quacked-out messengers, and you will find Uncle Jeff Mayweather -- I mean amne ignotum pro magnifico. Holla!


Same old story, it seems the only possible news about boxing the general public can show some interest in are those dealing with cheap sensationalism. It's the sports fault , though; the inability or unwillingness of those who manage it to promote its brighter side is the reason why you'll find five times more repetitions of Youtube pics showing Pacquiao unconscious on the canvas than of those containing the actual fight. Anybody guess what Doc Carroll would have said about it?


Lol dude stop buying kardashian papers! But then again the press is not free anymore so you got as much truth in Kanye knocks up big booty ho as you do with dr janjey Gupta quack md . You get clipped and knocked out it sure does effect your brain and neurotransmitter . Just a matter of how much a boxer is willing to deal with the effects . Damn my paycheck just lost 15% ! Hyperinflation cometh


PAC only had a cat scan after the fight as far as I know. The ct will show subdural hematoma and acute bleeding. Emergency conditions to be sure. If that's clear that's good but other symptoms might be present such as nerve damage or some mini strokes . Manny was out in a bad way. Without diagnostic tests it's hard to say but after watching PAC get stretched it would be safe to say these doctors concerns sure do seem appropriate. Kanye knocking up a married woman is true just as a man gets clipped unconscious suffers brain damage is just as true .


Say, wasn't Montiel seized by a more pronounced seizure when hit in the temple by Donaire? Why didn't the Mexican media and physicians show concern about his health? Is he a lesser person and boxing figure that's why? Or these two Filipino quacks are better experts in tele-visual diagnostics than their Mexican counterparts?? Now, regardless of whether these piggybackers are correct or not in their not so timid unsolicited expertise, where do they send their bill and how much??

Carmine Cas

Pacquiao did get ktfo, and his style has caused him to sustain a lot of damage. But in all fairness it's wrong to make an assumption off of one doctor's prognosis especially if what Radam's saying is correct. It would be wise for pacquiao to see a few neurologists, obviously. Lol poor pactards, this must be insult to injury! Not saying he is begining parkinsons but having some education in neurology, a lot of trauma to the head coupled with a knockout of that caliber there's a good chance he might not be the same. I wish Pacquiao the best and I hope he fully recovers


until this doctor or a doctor does a thorough examination with the proper testing i will reform to the fact this guy is looking for some attention. many symptoms can be observed in different diseases or conditions, so for this doctor to make a diagnosis on such little information is not only disrespectful but also irresponsible.


Amayseng im with u 110%


Ditto that..... I don't think the KO destroyed him for life... Lennox got put to sleep by what's his name,.. (sorry it's getting late) he came back better than ever. It's about desire. And there's no shame in losing interest in the game...... I'm more worried about Pac waiting untill september to fight again. Pac is a guy who needs to be active to keep his knives sharp... unless he plans on training in secret while he goes on his sabatical.. it seems like a bad idea to wait so long. Personally if I take a vacation for a week,.. I have to struggle to remember all the passwords... online resource locations.. etc.. how hard must it be for a boxer? (not named Mayweather)Even Mayweather shows signs of slow deterioration after a long layoff... but he just dumbs down his style to fight at the level his body can perform at... not sure if Paq can fight while .... not being Paq


@brown sugar. Agree completely. Waiting till sept will just result in rust. A good 4 or more months off for PAC would be sufficient.

Radam G

BTW, Da Manny is going to be back on the water buffalo long before September and he will be riding that month too. Holla!


Brownsugar your thinking of Oliver "Crackhead" McCall or Hasim "the Rock" Rahman

Radam G

The "Crackhead" is more like the pugilistic walking dead. And "The RocK" is more like an empty sock. Hehehe! Holla!


Brownsugar your thinking of Oliver "Crackhead" McCall or Hasim "the Rock" Rahman
Right, McCall, that's his name,.... forgot Lewis had to recover from 2 KO's, but he came back like the proverbial Champ. Radam said "walking dead",... my favorite cable series,.. can wait till it returns in february. Zombies are ok in the movies,.. but not in the ring.

Radam G

My prediction -- a zombie is exactly what Marquez will be in fight V. He was a turtle-mixed mummy in that last bout. And one can be a mummy in that squared jungle and slow as a turtle as long as he can punch and time his lighting-fast opponent. Holla!