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MASSIVE Props – Last time we saw Seth Mitchell, the ex footballer at Michigan State was on the canvas, not a spot he’s accustomed to. The heavyweight got tagged by Jonathan Banks, the Emanuel Steward protege, and went down three times in Atlantic City, on the Adrien Broner-Antonio Demarco undercard. He was tagged a TKO2 loser against the 24-1 Banks. I reached out to the 6-2 hammerfisted pug, who lives in Maryland, three weeks after he tasted from the bitter cup for the first time.

Will you be getting back on the horse that bucked you, I asked.

“I’ll be back on the horse in late February or early March,” he told me.

And how is he, mentally, emotionally? “It took me about six days to get the sick feeling out of my stomache,” he admitted. “After a week, I reviewed the tape.”

And what were the takeaways?

“I figured out that my balance and distance was off,” he said. “I won the first, hands down but I saw three or four times I lunged. He capitalized.”

Could the loss be seen as a blessing in disguise then? “Absolutely! I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. I have to figure out what God wants me to learn.”

And before he gets back into a serious camp, will he embrace the holiday season? “I will have Christmas at my house,” Mitchell said, before the Fat Man came to town with his goodie bag. “I’m not cooking, maybe I’ll cut some carrots. My brother, my three sisters, aunts, uncles, about 15 to 20 people will come over. There’ll be sweet potatoe, and chitlins..”

I admitted I’d never had those. Are they good, I wondered. Mitchell laughed. “Chitlins are probably an acquired taste,” he said, and it went without saying that getting stopped is a taste one never develops a fondness for. I am looking forward to see if Mitchell can tighten up his game to prevent another disappointment, especially with word out that on Feb. 16, it won’t be just any horse he’ll be hopping on to. No, no Travis Walker, Dominick Guinn or Sherman Williams for him; Mitchell will take on Banks, in a rematch, underneath an Adrien Broner fight in AC. Yep, right back in Boardwalk Hall, in the same ring he got dusted. My reaction to that? Props, immense props to Mitchell. That move, coming right back against the fella that just “exposed” you, is a mega rarity in this day and age. You bet your arse I’m chomping at the bit to see if Mitchell’s head is screwed on straight, and he’s tightened up the holes Banks blasted in him. His stock rises in my eyes just for signing up for an immediate rematch, regardless the outcome.


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