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Heredia NOT Working – Rare is the case, where a person not previously working with a fighter STILL not working with that fighter becomes newsworthy, but such at time is now.

A source within junior featherweight Guillermo Rigondeaux’s camp insists reports from various media outlets linking known (and hopefully reformed) ex-PED peddler Angel Heredia to his camp are false.

“Someone masquerading as a member of Team Rigondeaux has been saying Rigo is working with people he is not working with,” the source told me. “Rigo’s strength and conditioning trainer is DJ Montanocordoba. He’s like a brother to him. It’s not going to change anytime soon.”

Meanwhile, an article posted today suggests TBRB junior featherweight champion Nonito Donaire would request for Rigondeaux to submit to random PED testing should the two meet as proposed in 2013. While Donaire has been the unparalleled leader of the sport in submitting himself to year-round voluntary anti-doping testing, this would seem to mark the first occasion he would be requesting an opponent do likewise (though it remains unclear whether or not Donaire would take the fight regardless).

“Not a problem,” the source told me in regards to the testing request. “He’s did it his entire amateur career. It would not be a stumbling block to the fight at all.”

While random PED tests in this increasingly disturbing era of PED suspicion should be commended, it is equally important to recognize all the facts on a case-by-case basis. If Rigondeaux truly is unaffiliated in any professional way with Angel Heredia, it would be only Nonito Donaire with a former PED peddler in his corner, Victor Conte.

Heredia NOT Working

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