Peter Quillin Named Ring 8 Fighter of the Year

NEW YORK, NY (Dec. 19, 2012) – The 26th annual RING 8 Holiday Event and Awards Ceremony will be held Sunday afternoon (12:00-5:00 p.m. ET), February 10 at Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, New York.

Damage from Hurricane Sandy to Russo’s On The Bay forced the event’s postponement from December 9 to Feb. 10.

A star-studded group of past and present world champions and industry dignitaries will be in attendance. Steve Farhood will serve once again as Master of Ceremonies and Dave Diamante will announce the award winners.

Ring 8 has announced its 2012 award winners (see full list below), including new World Boxing Association middleweight champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin (Fighter of the Year), Joe Calzaghe (Fighter of the Decade), and Bernard Hopkins (Lifetime Achievement),

“Our members really look forward to this gala event every year,” Ring 8 president Bob Duffy said. “Some of the biggest names in boxing will be honored as we proudly continue our record for lending a helping hand to those in the boxing community who are less fortunate, some requiring assistance towards paying their rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need. Each year our Holiday Event and Awards Ceremony celebrates our great sport of boxing, insuring much-needed funding is raised so we may continue our mission for our needy brothers and sisters in boxing. We will never waver from their corners. We had to wait a little longer this year because of Hurricane Sandy, but I’m confident it’ll be another knockout Holiday Event and Awards Ceremony.”

Committed celebrity boxing attendees include world champions Bobby Czyz, Virgil Hill, Iran Barkley, Vito Antuofermo, and Matthew Saad Muhammad, as well as Renaldo “Mr.” Snipes, Tommy Gallagher, Michael Bentt, Harold Lederman, and Earnie Shavers.


2012 RING 8 Award Winners

Fighter of the Year: Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin

Fighter of the Decade: Joe Calzaghe

Uncrowned Champion: David Sears

Coach of the Year (FDNY): Bob McGuire

Coaches of the Year (NYPD): Pat Russo & Dave Seiv

Lifetime Achievement Award: Bernard Hopkins

Official of the Year (Referee): Eddie Claudio

Official of the Year (Judge): John Signorile

Boxing Writer of the Year: Michael Woods

Long & Meritorious Service: Ron McNair

Man of the Year: Frankie Russo Jr.

Prospects of the Year: Floriano Pagliara & Joe Smith

Comeback of the Year: Adam Willett



-deepwater :

Gotta love John signorelli. He was the 3rd man in the ring with me and gang dude .it was a wwf boxing match. If you guys seen the tape it would crack ou up. Wrestling,shoving,spitting,cursing,hitting after bell, throwing the ref outta the way. It was the worst boxing i have ever done.I should YouTube it. The rest of this list is suspect and seems far fetched and smells of cronyism, but what the hell ring 8 is a great thing so it's ok. I can't make this ring 8 but I will be at next one. If it wasn't for boxing I wouldn't be the man I am today and I wouldn't have the career I do. Because I run the MRI center at W₩₩₩₩₩ university medical center and the chair of radiology is a boxing fan we want to offer ring 8 members who can't afford it free brain scans to help with diagnoses and monitor for early signs of dementia,ms, stroke and any other abnormality. The lawyers are looking into the legalities with the new government regulation compliance officer. It would seem like a breeze to donate a few scans a month but now that the government is taking over next week things are not that easy. We shall see so keep your fingers crossed.

-Radam G :

Big salutes to you, deepwater. You are doing a grand thing with those MRIs for the needy. More than we can say for the percentage of the big wigs and wannabes of our sport of boxing. Too many people in it are so darn selfishly greedy and seedy. Holla!

-Bernie Campbell :

You forgot to add another category, Sam Watson, Publicity hound of the year!

-MisterLee :

Thanks deepwater! That sounds like a great program.

-brownsugar :

Thanks deepwater! That sounds like a great program.
ditto,.. keep it up.

-brownsugar :

The middleweight picture is seriously muddled up... filled with a plethora of champions, not fighting each other.... After getting trounced twice in the Super6, Quasi-middleweight Artur Abraham is being celebrated in Germany as "Boxer of the year" after beating Medhi Bouadla at 164lbs recently. Quillin who has previously called out Martinez, who also managed to duck Pirog(supposedly for receiving his stripped belt), and GGG(for reasons undisclosed), is being called out by Fernando Guerrero (who was dismissed by GGG recently in favor of tough Dominican Gabriel Rosado). That will be a good fight for Kid Chocolate. While Daniel Geale (who also called out Sergio Martinez) was stripped of his title for ducking GGG in favor of taking on an all Aussie fight with the hungry yet unproven Australian middleweight veteran contender Anthony Mundine. And finally Sturm after recently losing his title to Geale, is set to face another Aussie vet by the name of Sam Soliman in feburary. Hopefully by the end of the year we can seen some unification fights, ...Some new faces emerge... (GGG, Korobov, Quillin and Andradae), and say goodbye to some of the older veterans who can no longer keep pace. (they know who they are). The middleweight division is currently in a state of flux since the majority of the division Champions and leading contenders are International (outside the U.S.) and it has been biding it's time playing musical chairs in Europe and beyond. My prediction for 2013 : Triple GGG takes center stage by storm,.. taking out the valiant and courageous Gabriel Rosado in january while becoming conspicuous for the lack of challengers willing to step up and take his crown on the center stage . Eventually someone will step forward and I doubt it will be Quillin. After another couple of wins, Whispers will become a massive warcry for the fight of Century. GGG vs SOG. you heard it here first.