RIVALRY RENEWED Dana White Slams Bob Arum

Bob Arum and Dana White, the man most responsible for making mixed martial arts a flourishing sport, have sparred off and on for many years. White fired the latest salvo at Arum, the 81 year old OG boxing promoter, in an interview he did with 5thround.com.

The 43-year-old Las vegas resident hammered Arum for making the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez bout on Dec. 8, reasoning that Pacquiao would have had an easier time with another prospective foe, Timothy Bradley. Here’s what White said:

“Dumbest fight in history. Bob Arum is a moron. You don’t take that fight, you idiot. Why would you do that fight? It’s all about the money, that’s why. That was a money fight, that’s what that fight was done for. He should have fought Bradley. Bradley’s the fight they should have done. He would have knocked Bradley out, he would have got his belt back and now he’s back in the position he should have been in. [Pacquiao’s] one of the best fighters in the world. He goes out and fights Marquez again? Bob Arum is the dumbest promoter in the history of the world.”

Arum poked White in 2007, about PEDs in MMA. White publicly scoffed at Arum’s suggestion that some boxing ticket sales were slow in 2008 because of the economy. A year later, Arum disparaged MMAs fans as skinheads, fans of a sport which appeals to homosexuals. They had a truce in 2010, but in 2011, hammered each other on the issue of salaries paid to athletes in their respective sports, with White calling Arum a “greedy pig.” A couple months ago, White railed against Arum, accusing him of being a hater of MMA, and calling himself a lover of boxing.

Readers, what is your take? Does White have a point? Off the top of my head, he could have touched on the fact that Pacquiao certainly has a say on who he fights next, and that Manny was keen on fighting Marquez a fourth time, over fighting Bradley for the second time. Weigh in, in our Forum, with your take on this beef.



-tlig :

The Bobfather can be really disrespectful and insulting but a 43 year man has no right to label an 81 year old an idiot. Totally uncalled for in my book. And I do not like Arum (and can't stand MMA either so I have no dog in this fight).

-deepwater :

it seems arum lets the free market dictate who pac fights. no one but two guys on this website and bradley wanted to see bradley vs pac 2. that fight is an inferior product then the pac vz marquez fight. pac v marquez 4 was a damn good fight. dana white likes to be a communist dicator puppet master type of guy. its his say or the highway. he controls all. very bad thing. their is a market for mma, its for guys that are not that skilled in boxing. its kinda like human **** fighting, where any guy can get a pink mohawk and some tats and roll around on the floor. mma is no street fight. any guy tried to break my arm on the street will have his nose or cheek bit off. boxing is skillful and brutal. mma is just brutal to watch.

-riverside :

what does Dana white care what Arum does or doesn't do.....MMA is a different breed. it's like Mike Scioscia or dusty Baker worried about Belichick running his offense?

-Radam G :

Dana White is just bytching for copy and air time. The truth is, is that da Bobfather has a much better product than White. And it is all about da moola, not a loud-mouthed hoola doola. Boxing is on the move, the MMA/UFC has lost its groove. DW is threatened by how boxing has gone back onto mainstream television, and the savage, unskilled beatdowns of his lame game is fading to black. So the oldest and most successful promoter of legal, skillful mayhem, DW get on his attack. Da Bobfather is a brickhouse. DW is a tacky-@$$ shack. And a losing-the-ratings louse. That is why the sucka is mad. He no longer has what he had. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

Dana's a fan of Bob Arum. He used him and Top Rank to draw up his UFC blue print, everybody know that. Bob's also spot on when he says that sport is saturated with a buncha' racist white males. They aren't all skinheads ..some have hair...but the majority of them are indeed racist garbage.

-amayseng :

i was a fan of dana white because i thought what he said he was doing was making the best fights available for the fans.. and pac jmm was the best fight available since floyd is never available to make a pac fight.... pac beat bradley so convincingly that no one, NO one wanted to see a rematch even for pacs revenge in regaining the belt because the best fights are not about belts... im an mma fan, but there are a very few real mma fighters in the ufc, 9/10 are post collegiate wrestlers who have 2 years experience training in every other discipline... that to me does not make one an mma professional, but more a wrestler professional fact is there are few big mma fights left, where in boxing there are many, many big fights all the time.... dana is just looking for publicity....

-deepwater :

boxing is a beautiful art that must be practiced for many many years. taking a golden gloves fighter and turing him into a contender is a long slow process but when it happens it brings beautiful results. mma is a bunch of jr college wrestlers that throw punches like girls. I sparred matt serra and he closed his eyes before he threw a punch. he also closed his eyes when feinting him. I have trained at ray longos mma gym in ny and let me tell you someting. kicking a bag 100 times, striking bag with elbows 100 times and doing 100 squat thrust doesnt make an art. their is no beauty to mma. most of the fighters look sloppy and pink hair, tattos back flips and joe rogan does not make a long lasting sport.mma is not street fighting. most mma fighters would get knockwed out with the first punch a boxer lands if they dont close their eyes and tackle him.

-SouthPaul :

Hard to argue at this point against it not being the best fight available but moreso than greedy...I'd call Top Rank and Bob Arum lazy and set in their ways. The fight sold itself... Give it a little push here and there but for the most part it kept itself moving along.

-Radam G :

Ditto Deepwater! Now he has told you muthasuckas the same that I said five years ago about MMA/UFC wuzzies. I kayoed those jokers so many times in sparring sessions that I've gotten bored and refused to waste my time in dat squared jungle across from 'em. And I also said that in due time -- four to five years max -- that Dana White will be on a survival mode. And this is the reason that he is attacking da Bobfather and using Da Manny's name. Attention back on the UFC/MMA, he's slicking to relight a flame. But it ain't gonna work. His gig is almost up. And everybodeee and dey momma are onto DW's lamed-up game. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Wrestling was my best sport,.. I was very good at it. However I can't wrestle now...... but I still hit the bag from time to time... and hit speed bag a little. I've actually learned how to throw a perfect right hand and left hook to the liver after all those years of looking crude and awkward. but I have to sayWrestling is a great sport if you understand it...(still catch it on youtube).. the most grueling sport there is... nothing else compares as far as obtaining maximum conditioning and overall body strength.... but it's hell on the knees and backbone. If I had to protect myself today... it's boxing I'd relay on(or a gun LOL) ,.. which is a switch from 30 years ago. When it was easy to tie up boxers and ground and pound them.. although some of the good ones can be dangerous. I don't consider myself a "fighter" or a tough guy...and I wouldn't be messing with any MMA guys in a fair fight... you're talking about guys who train to break ankles and dislocate knee caps and shoulder blades... in the ugliest and most painfully efficient way possible. The One thing that distinguishes boxing... from any other sport,... There's a certain element of fear that has to be controlled before a person can become proficient at it(if boxing wasn't so scary everybody would be doing it).... Getting hit in the face on the regular ain't natural. and going into a sport where the participant can be rendered unconscious by one punch isn't exactly something the average guy wants to do. I love wrestling but it's not designed to be a form of self defence... and by nature, other than wearing out your spine, knee caps and ears, and neck ... it isn't designed to hurt folks.. MMA is the most dangerous, the moves can cripple or kill if not checked.... but personally,.....I don't enjoy watching.... the only thing missing from MMA is being able to bite the opponent in the juggular to the theme of "The Road Warrior". IMHO Boxing is more elegant... and beautiful. It' displays the pinnacle of man to man competition in a ways no other sport can't come close to. The added bonus of being able to stop an opponent conclusively with a single blow is both brutal and merciful... and satisfyingly fulfilling... Arum had his fun with the gay references...at the expense of some of the courageous athletes who participate in MMA ... and now White has hit back with something irrational to say about Paq. The premise and context of his statements are non existant..So I'd say this beef is really between Arum and White... not the fans.

-SouthPaul :

Good feed back from everyone but specially Deep and Radam. Love hearing gym/fight stories. Good stuff

-SouthPaul :

Seeing Brownsugar's post after my previous.... Good detail!

-the Roast :

Maybe Dana is just upset that his card from the 8th shown on Fox for free was a dud. I watched it on DVR the next day and it stunk. UFC has lost its star power. Guys like Ortiz, Liddell, Couture are finished. Dana is so desperate he has turned to Ronda Rousey to headline an upcoming PPV card. I watched Ronda on Showtime with Strickeforce but no way will I pay to watch her armbar some chick in 45 seconds. UFC is fading. Boxing will go on forever.

-ultimoshogun :

Spot on, riverside, these guys should just worry about their own product. I have to agree with the Roast about UFC fading do to the loss of their stars of yesteryear. Like amayseng mentioned, these guys have to train in different diciplines to stay competive, and because of that what we have now in MMA is too much of the same cookie cutter fight style and not enough unique styles. My love for MMA has pretty much faded completely since Japan's PRIDE organization was bought by UFC.

-The Good Doctor :

Dana White has no place to criticize anyone's promoting. That dude is absolutely robbing every fighter in his sport. If you see the numbers from MMA events, White could pay the headlining fighters 7 figures easy but sometimes pays them less than 100K. That is why several of his top fighters (St. Pierre, Silva, Diaz) have been courted by boxing promoters with the simple idea of paying them way more money.

-Radam G :

WOW! Is Gary Shaw the one that is courting St. Pierre, Silva and Diaz. He has that Bimbo Spice guy. And every last one of these MMA/UFC muthajokes will not absolutely make it in BOXING! They will all be KTFO when they step in dat squared jungle with even a D-fighter or any outshaped one just looking for a quick pay day. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

Bingo. I was going to mention that yesterday, Doc.

-Bernie Campbell :

Sure as sh.., Arum is a moron! He discounted the fact that Chavez jr. was an avid smoker of Marijuana. Not taking into consideration of the lives that have been affected in society and fighters alike with illegal drugs. How the heck would Arum feel if it were his grandkids toking the weed. Big A-hole!