Donaire Knocks Out Arce, Into Retirement,  In Round Three

No PED cloud hung over this one. Nonito Donaire, the bigger, more skilled, younger and most tested boxer, crushed Jorge Arce in the main event at the Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday night. Donaire sent him down once in the second and twice in the third. The left hook that ended came at 2:59, and will get some consideration for KO of the year…if not for Juan Manuel Marquez’ special on Manny Pacquiao.

Donaire went 28-93 to 13-96 for the loser.

After the fight, Donaire lauded Larry Merchant for a fine career. He said Arce caught him, and noted that a busted knuckle wasn’t fully healed, but he’s a battler, and needs to rumble. He said he hopes the Filipinos are proud of him and are happy that he beat the Mexican, for Manny. He said he’d like Mares, or Rigo, but that he has told Top Rank for two years to get Mares to the table. To Merchant, Arce said after his career is over. Are you sure, Merchant asked. He said he promised his family he would retire if he lost. The Mexican said “he’s very good” and had a power edge. They are friends, but Arce said he’s proud to have lost to the better man. “You are the best,” Arce said to Merchant, after saying he would move over to commentary.

Donaire (age 30-1 entering; age 30; from the Phillipines) was 121 1/4 while Arce (61-6-2; age 33; from Mexico) was 122. Donaire went to 129 to 135 for Arce. Top Rank put together the fight and the card.

In the first, the WBO super bantam champ Donaire, a contender coming in for BWAA Fighter of the Year, pumped a sharp multiple jab. He wanted to land a long right a few times. Arce fought more patiently than we’re used to. He ate a couple uppercuts as well.

In the second, the ex four division champ, who hired Angel Heredia to do his thing for him for this fight, went down off a right. His corner told him to move his head and counter after the round.

In the third, Arce looked to rumble. He landed a left hook to the head. He went down again, with 25 seconds left. A right hurt him badly. A left hook at the end of the round finished him.



-TotoyBato :

Steroids didn't work for non-skilled Arce.

-ali :

Easy work next...Mares or Rigo they both getting scraped

-maromero :

[QUOTE=TotoyBato;23636]Steroids didn't work for non-skilled Arce.[/ Im glad that youre Pride is back intact.

-SouthPaul :

George Foreman's commentary was vintage stuff. Starting right where he left off (when he retired from the hbo gig) making off key comments.. one of which included calling Donaire an ordinary puncher. I always thought he said some of the oddest stuff (also very favorable commentary to anything related to Oscar de la hoya) and most of the time it seemed just for the sake of spiting the others. But yea..he had me lmao . Other than that, fun ko....

-Radam G :

Ditto Totoybato! Holla!

-Radam G :

If you don't already have the skills, the hype of steriods and PEDs will not help you with the bills. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Arce knew this would be his swan song... he approached the middle of the ring to touch gloves like a man approaching the gallows... Donaire looked at him like he was the executioner come to dispense sentencing with extreme prejudice. Arce quit on Jesus Rojas 2 fights ago... and it was clear from the opening bell he had absolutely no chance saturday night. But Arce took his lumps with dignity and bowed out gracefully... leaving room at the top for the next young bucks to fill the Next-in-line position. Truthfully I thought Rigondeaux would be a sure bet to knock out the "Cleanest Man In Boxing" from is perch.. but after seeing Rigo get badly stunned in his last fight, now the possibility of Rigo vs Donaire becomes a much more competitive contest with Donaire looking to have the slight edge. Donaire is looking increasingly unstoppable lately,.. now hopefully we can finally see him get tested by the hard charging Abner Mares... or check out his chess game against the notoriously calculating Rigondeau. Donaire has patiently waited to reach the penacle of the sport and has earned all of his accolades.. his best fights are yet to come.

-Radam G :

"The Filipino Flash" is showing clearly that being clean will crush dat roids-and-steroids jive like a jelly bean. His body was lean. His system was clean. And he was kick-@$$ mean. Double fudge da Hulk look. He ain't got The Filipino Flash's hook. Look at TFF's body. It's old school ectomorph -- absolutely none of dat syet -- as Pops Joy May calls roids and PEDs. Pinoy Time, STILL! We'll climb any hill. Talk about us being on dat syet, everybody oughta kill. From our Filipino diet we get our strength and fill. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

I've got suspicions when it comes to Uncle Mamoy and PED. 109 don't come often ... What's he taking!?!?

-Radam G :

Hehehehehe! You are straight-up wildin.' SouthPaul. In the P-Islands and all of Asia, including Hawaii, you got a lot of 109-plus-year-old mutha-ancient cats and kitties still around breathing, walking and raising syet and hell on their own. They just eat organic, real food and drink well water and organic cocoa and coconut juice and beet juice and jive. They still have all their white long-@ss teeth. And no cavities. You know my Tio Mamoy has a 106-year-old friend, who is the same way, in Puerto Rica. This friend of his is the oldest living professional baseball player still kicking. The ancient cat played in the Negro League because he was too brown and small for those bigots who were around in the Major Leagues back then. BTW, my uncle is not even close to being the oldest living Pinoy. The oldest living one is a 132-year-old Aeta tribesman. Aetas are dark-chocolate-colored Filipino Aborigines. Disrespectful don't-know-syet-about-the-Philippines stanks -- I mean Yanks -- call them Negritos. [The Guinness book doesn't recognize him because it requires birth certificates. And half the people in the P-Islands don't have a birth certificates until they are traveling abroad. Matter of fact, I think that I was born in Cuba or Mexico. Hehehehe! Just joking!] Man, I got 13 relatives [from the P-Islands, Guam, Saipan, Spain, Taiwan and China] in my family that are all over a century old. I'm probably cursed to live that long. And dat PEDs jive, we ain't on it. That junk-science jive ages the internal organs. And serve hardcore users of it an early demises. [I could name some who died early. But I won't.] My dang Tio Mamoy's internals organs -- and that organ below his navel -- are still competing with 20,30,40 and 50 years olds. Man, dat muthasucka is a jigolo to da damsels, dames and dolls. And he brags about how gettin' on his nasty is keeping him breathing and healthy. Don't be surprised to see him on Dr. Oz's television show one of these days. The only problem in getting him to the U.S. mainland. He wants to catch a boat. The old buzzard doesn't play buzzin' through the sky on a 747. Hahaha! And my dang 117-year-old-plus turtle Quickslow doesn't play jet planes, slow planes or jet boats or slow boats. :DHolla!

-SouthPaul :

We gotta get him to the mainland ... Bring him to Vegas for a fight weekend. I must meet uncle Tamoy. Tell him escorts on me. Lmao. good read!

-Radam G :

That is Tio Mamoy. Itay Tamoy is an 87-year-old pinsan. Pinsan means cousin. No escorts for Tio Mamoy. He'll tear those @$$es up and ask for more. Hehehe! Then he will never come back to the P-Islands. He'll stay in Sin City to annoy everybody and threaten to kick every @ss born after 1903 for not respecting elders. Haha! Holla!