Roach On How To Get Rid of Drugs in Boxing: Get Rid Of Strength Coaches

Freddie says Manny has had a good camp, with less Bible study and less Ariza. (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Now, apparently, we know how Freddie Roach REALLY feels about strength and training coach Alex Ariza.

In a video interview with Marcos Villegas of the Boxing Channel, Roach said that if we removed all strength and conditioning coaches from the mix, that would remove PED use from the sport. If you had an inkling that maybe Dedham Freddie and Loose Cannon Alex would get patched up, and back on the same page, well…it’s not looking like they’re vibing on each other right now.

Roach paused a bit when asked what he thought of this bulked up Marquez. “I hate to, like…everyone said we’re on steroids, now he’s way bigger than us…it doesn’t look natural, he built that muscle quite quickly, he has a controversial strength and conditioning coach. I think if we got rid of all the strength and conditioning coaches in the world, they’re all way overrated and b——t, if we got rid of every one of them, we’d have no drugs in boxing….it’s true.”

Villegas, who by the way is a unheralded young gun who does a superb jab as a true journalist, asking probing questions in a humble manner, then asked about Alex Ariza, who has done S & C work with Manny. Roach made sure to emphasize that Ariza has a diminished role with Team Pacquiao. “Manny only trained with him once since he’s been here, so he doesn’t really use him, he just stretches him. Just stretching that’s it, every day stretch..he’s only ran with him once this entire camp. Manny knows how to get in shape.” Roach said Pacman knows his body, knows how to get himself in shape.

The trainer said he has loved Manny’s work in camp. “I think Marquez is going to have a lot of problems with this Manny Pacquiao. We cut down on the Bible study a little bit and we had more focus on the training…now he’s giving me the fire I want.”

Pacman has been knocking sparring partners down, four times thus far, and Roach hasn’t seen that since he fought Miguel Cotto, he said.

Roach was asked if he picked up anything new on Marquez in the last fight, their third. No, the trainer said; he watched the first three fights, and looked for moments when Manny excelled. When he used his speed and aggressiveness, he did well, so Roach wants more of that from Manny.

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-deepwater :

its the crooked judges and promoters that are ruining boxing not steroids. steroids dont do sh7t for a boxer. every idiot that reads up on plyometrics and and sprints with parachutes think they are the next coach of the year. boxers dont ned new gimmicks, or new gyms, or new diets. the sweet science is old school and will always be old school. running and sprints in am. good diet. no booze. tons of sparring. learn how to eat the punch and counter. chop wood. no new multiplex gyms with nutritionalist and yoga gurus will add a damn thing to a boxer it will only distract.

-ali :

Deepwater your right on point fighters should keep it old school. Back in the day they fought 15 rounders and more frenqent then the fighters nowadays old works plain and simple.

-Radam G :

Super DITTO Deepwater! Y'all bettah listen! An archmaster of da legal-mayhem game has broken it straight down. Old school sweet science is no clown. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

If for anything, I like the simplicity of Deep's regimen. I get a headache just looking at some of these guy's overhead and entourage sizes. I'd cut back on full contact sparring, though. Watch HBO's latest Real Sports. Good piece on the concussion epidemic in the NFL. Different sport but should be similar precautions and concerns. So yea, cut back on the ferocious sparring, Manny, give those sparring partners a break. Lmao..

-brownsugar :

Football is the leader in spinal injuries and brain damage... Guess I can't argue with old school.. (and good nutrition) Samson killed 1000 Phillistines with the jawbone of an A$$,..back in the day..... how often does that happen?

-Radam G :

I have to disagree with you on cutting back sparring, SouthPaul. The NFL's concussions are caused by a different circuit and principle. Those cats in the NFL get concussions because of too long of a time between standing around getting cold and contact action. Organs of the body, including the brains, have more difficulties adjusting and adapting to prolonged start-and-stop blast action than continuous moving and pounding. In the sweet science, your body develops a "survival of the fittest" lining and paddling around the organs, including biggest -- the skin. And the most necessary one -- the brain. Any legit boxer will note to you how tough his organs are when in peak conditioning versus what we call bytch condition. FYI, we talk about how football shape is not boxing shape. Any boxer will tell you that he becomes weak and vunerable for cut and bruises whenever he lays off from not sparring for a prolonged time. And he will tell you how he cannot take a shot that he can easily takes when sparring a lot. The whole nine of your body and mind is capable of building certain types of chemical reactions to cut back damages when doing da d@mn thang old-school right. Don't forget my brotha. Boksing is the sweet science for a reason. Holla!

-TotoyBato :

Marquez is on Steroids.

-Cabby :

Who can get rid of Ariza? Does Freddie Roach, who I believed brought Ariza in the team, have the authority of just get rid of him or is it Manny Pacquiao who has the final say? In my opinion, in all of the interviews of Ariza, he hogged all the limelight and pristege due to the real boxer. Who was Ariza by the way, when Manny was winning worldwide bouts and acclaim. He makes it look like without him Pacquiao will not have been what he is today. Freddie Roach is right. Get rid of all the so called strength and condition persons who are actually just mere dieticians!

-Radam G :

Many are steroiditicians, my friend. It is all type of syet in Marquez's Angel Heredia diet. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

People aren't paying attention. Watch All 3 fights and you'll notice each fighter grew and matured, including bulked up (over a 9 year span) Nothing extraordinary going on. If a wimpy skinny cat like Edward Norton can pack on 30 pounds of muscle for his American History X role... Then why should we concern ourselves when a world class athlete does it? Btw Good informative read on the sparring versus the football training, Radam!

-kidcanvas :

amen deepwater

-amayseng :

30 lbs of muscle ins year is humanely and naturally impossible without peds Huge Edward norton fan but he was juicing. As is that clown in those gay twigh light movies who at 17 years old Put on over 30 lbs of muscle in 9 months. Jmm is juicing.