Austin Trout Pictures Himself Kayoing Cotto

Austin Trout, the WBA junior middle champion, on a Monday conference call said in many of his day dreams, he beats Miguel Cotto by KO.

The New Mexico boxer said his jab will be key, and he will move a lot, but knows he has to land on Cotto to get a win at Cotto’s second home, Madison Square Garden. He said on saturday night he will be mindful that Cotto has been prone to cuts around his eyes, which was reassuring after he said that he got an autograph from Cotto, because he is a fan of the Puerto Rican.

“I’m trying to be established, don’t want to be anonymous anymore,” said the personable hitter.

Trout thinks Cotto is still in his prime, at age 32, 4-2 in his last six. Trout, age 27, the WBA junior middleweight champion, said he’s pumped that the locals are now fired up about him. They can tune in to see the scrap unfold on Showtime.

Trout was asked if the Cotto home advantage won’t hurt him too much, seeing as how the fans cheer everything Cotto does at MSG. He said he just can’t let Cotto do anything to prompt their cheers. He said that he has traveled to the hometowner’s base, and yes, this will be bigger, but the fans can’t lift him off the canvas, or help him punch harder. “My goal is to make his fans absolutely quiet,” he said. He said he isn’t intimidated at all by the daunting prospect.

He said he was surprised Cotto picked him, because Cotto can pick virtually any big name he wants. He said it feels like God’s plan.

Trout admitted that Cotto is an explosive fighter, probably the most explosive he has faced. He said it’s a redemption song, because he wasn’t so fun to watch in his last fight against Delvin Rodriguez. He has trained harder than ever before, he said, because Cotto is so intense. He doesn’t want to match the intensity, but wants to exceed it.

That’ll be hard; the stepup from Delvin Rodriguez to Miguel Cotto is one of sizeable proportions. One can picture Trout using his legs, and getting some angles and popping the jab, but having less luck as the rounds pile up, and Cotto’s grinding pressure gets to him.

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-deepwater :

delvin couldnt hold cottos jock strap. austin trout can picture himself winning the super bowl doesnt make it reality.

-Radam G :

Hehehe! Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

Compelling read, wonder how trout's legs will feel after a few left hooks

-the Roast :

I picture myself banging Maria Sharapova but unfortunatly as of yet it hasnt happened.