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Miguel Cotto, the pugilistic pride of Puerto Rico, took part in a conference call Monday to hype his Dec. 1 clash against Austin Trout at Madison Square Garden. He said that at MSG, “you will see the best Miguel Cotto ever,” and that he feels rejuvenated following his May loss to Floyd Mayweather,

Cotto said he was happy to be on the call and ready for Saturday. He then took calls from the press. “Anyone who knows Miguel Cotto knows he doesn't pick easy fights,” he said, when asked if Trout, being a lefty who defends well, wasn't an easy or wise choice as a foe. “He was next in line…I'm not thinking about Trout, I'm thinking about myself self. I'm ready for whatever he tries on Saturday night.”

Cotto said that his May 5 loss to Floyd Mayweather rejuvenated him, and that will show on Saturday. The loss was almost a win, because he performed so well.

Cotto said the crowd at MSG last December 3rd lifted him. “This fight was special,” he said. “It was special for me, and special for them.”

The Puerto Rican said that Trout's experience fighting on the road won't prepare him for MSG. He didn't want to give excess credit to Trout for being so willing to enter the lion's den, reasoning that that is what fighter's do, take on challenges. He remembered his first fight at MSG, seven years ago. He didn't expect this long-standing relationship and is grateful for having the success at MSG he has had. Cotto said he appreciates that the fans come out for him here, and thinks they know he entertains, always.

He was asked about the Saturday death of “Macho” Camacho, who was born in Puerto Rico. He said he didn't know Macho well, but watched him growing up, and wants to remember his ring skills and the glory he brought to PR.

Promoter Oscar De la Hoya of Golden Boy spoke on the call. He said that MSG is Cotto's second home, maybe the best fighter to come from Puerto Rico and that he expects a tough fight from Trout.

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