At Dundee Auction, Clay-Liston I Gloves Are $219,615

Bids are accumulating in the auction featuring material from the Angelo Dundee collection. The famed and esteemed trainer of Muhammad Ali passed away in February, and his son Jim, with his blessing, has put a treasure trove of boxing-related goodies up for auction. Proceeds from the auction, which is being handled by SCP Auctions, will go towards the Muhammad Ali Foundation, as well as to help fund the care for Jimmy’s sister, Angelo’s daughter Terry, who battles MS.

I’d say the crown jewels are the gloves then Cassius Clay wore for his February 25, 1964 bout against Sonny Liston and the gloves from his March 8, 1971 bout against Joe Frazier (Ali-Frazier I). SCP Auctions officials called them “the most valuable and historically significant boxing artifacts in the world.”

Bidding ends Nov. 30.

As of now, someone has bid $219,615 for the Clay-shocks-the-world-and beats-Liston mitts. The gloves for the first Frazier fight drew a top bid of $199,650 to this point. A minimum of $150,000 was set for both pairs.

If you’re more of a budget minded sort, know that a pair of ringside tickets for the first Frazier fight have not yet drawn a bid, and the minimum for those are $150. Some other fun items are the passport the ever genial tutor used from 1971-1976, which includes a stamp from a visit to Zaire (bid sits at $500) and Ray Leonard’s gloves from his first fight with Roberto Duran (bid is at $13,310).

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