Broner on Fight vs. Floyd: “Who Wants To Fight Their Big Brother?”

BronerEscodedo Lovell17Adrien Broner promised to go “head over heels” and “b—s to the wall” on Saturday night, against Antonio Demarco in Atlantic City, on a Wednesday foray into the lightweight division.

Broner (24-0; from Ohio; age 23) said he is excited to fight in AC, and on HBO, and that Sandy couldn't stop the fight. He called Demarco a great champion, and promised an “electrifying” fight. He sees it was a “defining” fight, a transcendent one, as his stiffest test to date. He wants his name to spread everywhere, and that includes Venus, he said.

He said Demarco is his best opponent, on paper, to date. Broner said Demarco has been fighting good guys, but not guys of his caliber. He promised a different Broner on Saturday. He said he will show more of his skills, because Demarco will bring the best out of him.

Will his speed be his biggest edge? Speed, and strength, Broner said.

He said he is pushing forward to surpassing Floyd Mayweather's feats, and thinks he will. Of Floyd, he said: “He's a great guy, a down to earth guy, I love him.” Would he or will he fight him? “I don't know, that's like a big brother to me. If it has to happen, it has to happen. But who wants to fight their big brother?”

Anyone down the line he wants to fight as a career definer? He said he's focused just on Demarco.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya said that he was pleased that proceeds, including $2 from every ticket sold, will go to help those affected by Sandy.

Promoter Gary Shaw spoke about his guy, Demarco. He said he thinks Demarco is the “Mexican version of Arturo Gatti.” Shaw is proud, he said, as a Jersey resident, to help contribute to the Sandy relief effort.

The WBC lightweight champ Demarco (28-2; age 26; from Mexico) spoke on the call, in Spanish. He said he knows the fight will be tough, and is important. He knows Broner is a great talent, he said. But his hunger is greater than anyone elses. He spoke about his last outing, a KO1 win over John Molina, on Sept. 8. He wasn't thinking past Molina, he said. He saw the win as one more step towards achieving his dream.

Someone said that Broner has a Mayweather type style and Demarco said that “all due respect, Mayweather is Mayweather.

When asked about his loss, five fights ago to Edwin Valero, if that was a blessing in disguise. It was a good learning experience, he answered.

Readers, weigh in on the Forum with your prediction on the tussle.

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-deepwater :

just because lil broner got a boner for lil floyd doesnt make them brothers. its kinda strange that broner has a crush on floyd.;

-deepwater :

someone with youtube and some extra time on their hands would be wise to put a floyd broner love fest video with "another love tko "playing in the backround.who would brush whos hair? lol. enough about this bromance. no shame in losing to valero the beast, demarco has a good shot and lets his skills do the talking. ehy you government bastards! just because you hug each other and say what a good job your doing I still dont have heat,sewer,hot water,electric! I got an ax and some johnnie walker blue but please let me get the electric to watch hbo boxing.

-Radam G :

Hehehehe! Like I've said: Deepwater is the favorite for TSS 2012 Reader of the Year, and comic. And I will take bets on that. And I'm not campaigning, so you haters don't go there. I'm just known to call it like it is. It may be from baby Radam G's days of sitting on the lap of the late, great pugilistic talking head and MOUTH (Uncy) Howard Cosell. Hehehe! And I pi$$ed on his lap too. Yall know me! I'm do with O-P-P! Holla!

-amayseng :

some one out there help deepwater out with a shower , shave and some fights this week... also, radam g, what is your true identity? we have an undercover celebrity to discover...... broner, i dont care what you say or do, you are a waste of talent already...

-ali :

@Deepwater LMAO!!!

-brownsugar :

Yep Deep can get it... Broner knows that everytime he mentions Mayweather in an internet article it automatically gets him an instant 50,000 hits,.. all day every day.

-vinnieq :

Going on hype alone, you'd pick Broner... I had never heard much of DeMarco before his last fight. But DeMarco looks to have had so much more experience in big fights. I reckon Broner will be cautious for the first few rounds, as always, which always seems bizarre to me given how much speed and strength he's got. He'll plan to come into it later in the fight. I reckon DeMarco would definitely have a shot at beating him, but i think weight (from post weigh-in) is going to come into it. And Broner will have his way with him after round 5/6.. But anything can happen though.. I'd like to see DeMarco giving him a lesson or two.