Dierry Jean Beats Ivan Cano in Quebec

push-upDierry Jean scored his career-best win at the Holiday Inn, in Pointe-Claire, Quebec on Friday night, in a scrap against Ivan Cano which streamed on the Boxing Channel. Jean had to attack more than he was used to, as Cano hopped on his bike, and moved all night to his left. Jean broke him down, as Cano started looking for a hole to crawl thru two-thirds of the way throught he tussle. In round 11, Jean landed hard shots, and a fatigued and buzzed Cano got stopped out. This was the first time he'd been stopped, so Jean sent a message with the victory.

The bout featuring the junior welterweights, and the card, was promoted by Eye of the Tiger Promotions.

Jean (grew up in Haiti, lives in Quebec; age 30; ranked No. 5 by the WBC; 22-0 entering ) came in with a 22-0 mark, while Cano (from Mexico; with brother Pablo in his corner; age 24) was 21-4.

In the first, Jean scored cleanly with a left and a right at the close which may have buzzed Cano, who himself scored cleanly a few times. Jean both led and countered in that round. He did leave his head on a platter a bit much, allowing Cano a clean look at his noggin. Cano boxed smartly, maybe more than one might have expected from a Mexican warrior type, early on. A right from Jean had the crowd buzzing in the third. He took it to Cano, and got in his face, after plodding after him for a few minutes.

Right crosses tagged Cano in the fifth. The Mexican was backing up during the round, again, and it was hard to see what his strategy for winning was. Then in round seven he landed a solid left hook and the crowd ahhed in appreciation. But he moved to his left, to stay away from Jean's left, so he didn't have that many opportunities to land his left hook. Cano held when Jean landed one of them late in the seventh. He went low twice to finish the round, and had a point taken from him. Cano forced a skilled counterpuncher to go out of his comfort zone and look to lead, but in doing so, he sacrificed his own O. Cano's nose really leaked badly in the ninth. Cano took time for a low blow, and then a bit later went down, and complained that he was sent to the deck off a foul. The Mexican came forward early then went into movement mode quickly in round ten. A low launch with a minute left gave Cano another break. He looked to be milking it expertly. Cano went down in round 11, from an accumulation of blows and fatigue.

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