Ivan Redkach Scared Me

redkach ivanThis kid scared me Wednesday night.

Ivan Redkach, as he was strafing Tebor Brosch in the corner at the Roseland Ballroom on a Lou DiBella boxing card, put bad thoughts into my head.

I feared for Brosch, and tried to communicate telepathetically to the ref Shada Murdaugh to emply a quick hook. He pulled the plug on the bout, at 2:07 of round one, thankfully for Brosch, who got to keep a bucket a brain cells that the 26 year-old Ukrainian-born California resident was going to continue to pound out of him.

One knucklehead guy on press row, a writer I presume, had a mercilessly moronic response to me when I said I liked the timing of the stoppage; he said that it came too soon. I have to presume he has never been punched, in anger or otherwise, or hasn't been to many bouts, and never seen the scene when a guy looks lifeless on the canvas, and the crowd holds its collective breathe until he stirs, or Brosch owes him money, because he took the cake for cluelessness on Wednesday evening.

Back to Redkach, who is promoted by Dibella, and just might be the most promising guy on his extensive roster. After his bout, I scrammed from my seat and tracked him down, because I needed to know more about him. He had lit my interest, inserted himself with violent force on my must watch list.

I asked him if his power scared him, made him consider the long-term damage he could do to some.

“Let the opponent be scared of my power,” he said. “I'm not scared of my power.”

Check out this video I took of the southpaw lightweight, who rose to 12-0, with 11 KOs in NYC.


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-deepwater :

Dont be scared, you will be just fine. danger,damage,risks, and overcoming pain is what makes boxing special.

-deepwater :

brosh was brought in from canada and paid to be knocked out, wait until ivan fights a live guy or decent prospect, he might get the same treatment.. as far as people wanting to see blood,yes some people like to see vicious knockouts and watch guys get put out, boxing is a blood sport,legalized assault. mercy doesnt really co exist with boxing. the clown press row guy is probably like many guys that write boxing on the internet they dont know crap.why dont you guys do a charity boxing event with 22 0z gloves and 3- 1 min rounds. the writers might get a whole new way of thinking before they rip on fighters.most guys would crap themselves before they got in the ring.the press row boxing championships. bruce silverglade at gleasons says its a great idea. you should telecommunicate with sweet lou dibella about promoting brain damaged jermaine taylor again after he was ruined in multiple fights.