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11GarciaIMG 5646Danny Garcia went 57-220, while Morales, at or near the end of the road, went 40-124.

Danny Garcia might just have sent Erik Morales into retirement at the Barclays Center in Prospect heights, Brooklyn on Saturday night. This was the opening night for boxing at the building, which opened on Sept. 28, with a Jay-Z show, and Garcia ended the night with a concussive bang; his left hook almost removed Morales' head from his shoulders, in the fourth round.

The Philly fighter Garcia came in holding two 140 pounds belts. Morales came in with a cloud over his head, having failed drug tests taken on Oct. 3, and Oct. 10. They showed traces of clenbuterol, which can be used to aid weigh loss. He was allowed to fight because the New York State Athletic Commission recognizes the tests they do before and after a fight, not ones performed by entities not part of their office pre-bout.

In the first, the 24-year-old Garcia landed a few clean power shots. Morales indicated they didn't bother him, but his reflexes didn't look stellar.

In the second, the 36-year-old Morales landed a couple rights, and actually showed more hand speed in person than I expected.

In the third, a jab-jab right to the chin buzzed the Mexican but it was the end of the round. He walked to the wrong corner after.

In the fourth, down went Morales and a cornerman of his hopped in. The shot was a left hook, coming as Morales threw his own left hook. He flew into the ropes and the ref ended it at 1:23 of round four.

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