I Like Garcia, Malignaggi, Devon, and N'Dam In the Upset

GarciaMoralesFinalPC Kane12Here are my prediction for tonight's Golden Boy card in Brooklyn, NY:

Garcia handles Morales, who's clearly struggled to make 140 and has possibly slipped even more than last time, by stopping him around the 9th.

—Malinaggi survives a couple of nervous moments and out-slicks Cano by decision.

—Alexander out-boxes and, quite possibly, knocks out Bailey; he Mike Jones knockout has clouded better judgement. Sure, Bailey has the right hand to end matters at any stage in the fight, but let's not forget, he's been stopped before, by less talented fighters than Alexander no less, and this is coming from someone who's still on the fence with Devon.

—The upset of the night will come in the shape of N'Dam-Quillin. I think Hassan's going to be far too evasive and lateral for Quillin, who's very stiff in there and needs to set himself before letting his hands go. Quillin's the home town fighter here, but I think N'Dam, who's very underrated, beats him beyond doubt. Hopefully the judges won't do anything shady by adding even more controversy to the card.

Your thoughts, readers?

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-deepwater :

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-brownsugar :

Finally somebody other than Miss Cleo, Sylvia Browne, and Nostradamus, has enough insight to see that Peter Quillen is actually in a tough and challenging fight tonight...This is A fight he's in no way guaranteed to win. N'Dam defeated Max Bursak, Giovanni Lorenzo, and Avtandil Khurtsidze in convincing fashion... using constant movement and a wide array of punches to befuddle far better opponents than Quillen has ever faced.... Winky Wright included If N'Dam can keep space between himself and Quillen I can see him winning an effortless victory on the move. I'd Love to see the home-team win,.. but I'm not sure if Quillen is prepared for what he's about to face. If he pulls it off, then I'll be betting the farm on Quillen vs Martinez. My estimation of Quillen will increase exponentially. Predicting a win by Garcia is a no brainer,.. no way the vet will be able to keep pace with the robust offense of the Khan-slayer... hopefully Garcia Sr will let his son fight despite the PED accusations,.. but if the fight doesn't happen,.. I personally won't miss it. It's Alexander vs Baily and Quillen Vs N'Dam that I'm tuning in for,... the rest is hopefully the Icing on the cake. Alexander should be able to get past the hard punching veteran and may score a KO himself if he hasn't let the old codger plant seeds of doubt, like he did to Jones in the prefight buildup. I hope the fight is representative of the very public bad-blood between these two eager competitors. Cano is a sharp boxer, but has been known to break-down mentally,.. when things don't go his way... to me this fight is a toss-up with the always determined Malignaggi getting a slight edge.

-Radam G :

Actually he let his son fight because he feeds his son PEDs. It all depends on what week that crusader Tygart is going to declare what is legal and what is not. When Money May retires, l bet that crusading chump is going come up with syet that da money lover was always dirty, just as Tygart ruined Armstrong who passed every one of those tests known to sports. The best man wins, not the best steroids. Holla!