More Aggression From Pacquiao Could Help Marquez

PacquiaoMarquezIII Hogan 35Manny Pacquiao will be looking to restore faith and erase any doubts surrounding his last outing with Timothy Bradley, and more importantly, his trilogy with Juan Manuel Marquez, when he faces the Mexican for a fourth time on December 8th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Controversially, their first meeting resulted in a draw, with Pacquiao later claiming two contentious points wins over Marquez in follow up bouts courtesy of a split and majority decision. This time, Pacquiao has vowed to put an end to the rivalry once and for all, insisting the judges will be taken out of the equation.

“I want to be the other Manny Pacquiao, like when I was 24, 25 years old. I want people who watch this fight to be satisfied. I want to make this fight short. I want to knock him out”.

For this fight then, or so it seems,Pacquiao will be looking to reinstate some of the relentlessness that terrorized the featherweight divisions. Freddie Roach enhanced the notion.

“Technically, we can't outbox this guy, so we have to outfight him…I don't want the nice Manny Pacquiao, touching gloves with the other guy and everything. That drives me crazy. You can't be friends out there.”

Reading between the lines, then, it seems Roach and Pacquiao are referring to the three knockdowns that occurred during the very first round in fight one with Marquez –which happened to be Pacquiao's most deliberate and aggressive showing to date against him– and are possibly thinking that's something they need to recapture. A far more aggressive Manny Pacquiao.

This, I believe, would be a mistake on their part.

What is often overlooked when dissecting Pacquiao and Marquez, is the fact that their fights haven't always been razor close, at least not from a round to round basis. Ironically, the fight that saw the biggest disparity between them, was actually the only time when both fighters were deemed to be the equal of each other by the judges. It was also the fight in which Marquez was hurt the most by Pacquiao. Regardless of how the score cards read in the first fight, Marquez managed to weather the early storm and was more dominant across eleven rounds in that fight, than he was at any stage in any of the following two fights against Pacquiao. If not for those three early knockdowns in the opening round, Pacquiao, struggling to fathom a way around Marquez's superior ring intelligence, would have lost the first meeting by a very wide margin. If you remember correctly, what transpired during those eleven rounds {Pacquiao's predictable one handed attacks continually blunted by Marquez's movement and sharp counters} was the reason why Roach decided to broaden Pacquiao's stylistic horizons in the first place.

There's no doubting the fact that Pacquiao seemed to have a hunger back then that's missing now, but to pursuit a marksman like Marquez without abandon, looking for a knockout like he did in the first fight, would surely be a step backwards for Pacquiao. The last time they met was the only occasion in three fights that Pacquiao has failed to either hurt or drop Marquez, but it was probably Pacquiao's most complete –offensive and defensive– performance against Marquez. And yet, Pacquiao and Roach seem to be placing more emphasis on Pacquiao being more aggressive like he was in the first fight. Marquez, who thrives on aggression {see Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis} has already proved that he can't be physically overwhelmed by Pacquiao, regardless of the weight class they fight in. Going further, I believe the more aggressive Pacquiao becomes, the more chance that Marquez, and not Pacquiao, will have of definitively putting an end to their saga. Pacquiao has already underestimated Marquez once, he can't allow himself to do the same again.

Over the course of three fights,no fighter has been able to test Pacquiao the way Marquez has, using his superior craft and timing to negate Pacquiao's greater physicalities of speed and power. And yet, apart from rounds two through twelve in their first meeting, Marquez has never really beaten Pacquiao beyond any doubt. Pacquiao's more aggressive style seems to translate better on the score cards with the judges. As his 2-0-1 record against Marquez suggests, you could argue that Marquez does a terriffic job of taming and disrupting Pacquiao with his patience and waiting game tactics, but falls just short of conclusively bettering him because of Pacquiao's superior work rate and foward momentum.

Because both fighters will likely do what they're most comfortable with against each other, which is for Marquez to wait and react, and for Pacquiao to pursuit and ambush, I think we're going to see more of fights two and three, rather than fight one, which ultimately means more of the same. However, if both fighters decide to go against the grain, then logic, which tells us we're going to get another closely contested fight on December 8th, could be thrown out the window.

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-Radam G :

Cry baby is going to get fudged up for the fouth time -- but may get a gift -- because that is how the Sin City stanks roll and cheat their flat arses off. Only in America. Da Manny shoulda fought dat muthacryingchump in Asia or the Middle East. Chris John kicked Marquez's arse in Asia. And the crybaby doesn't wanna fight him again -- not in Mexico or the USA. Holla!

-dquilay :

don`t cry too much jmm and disrespect the nevada judges are not acceptable you have to fight pacman toe to toe not backpedaling as seen in last fight common jmm ko pac man and people will give you credit. as a boxing fans I can`t wait to see this fight. good luck to both of you guys. see you on dec 8 @ las vegas:

-Radam G :

Da Manny is gonna break Marquez's __ __ ___ like an iceberg did the Titanic. So Nation Pac does not need to panic. We know da haps in da U.S.A. Nowadays, hating Asians' success is okay. Muthasuckas traded Pinoy-born Tim TeBow outta Denver. Yank-stanks dumped Jeremy "Linsanity" Lin outta da Big Worm -- I mean the Big Apple. Hahaha! Sin City super stanky-stanks hardcore robbed Da Manny to Big-foot Bambi -- I mean Bradley. And in November, the ___ ____ ____ are plotting, trotting and blood clotting to dirty vote Hawaiin-native Prez O and his Pinoy super chefs outta da lilly White Shack -- I mean White House. Hehehe! Oh, YUP! There is no UPSET in the air, BUT d@mn plain-old apple-pie cheating and fibbing. Now da first U.S. Prez George "Wooden Grill" Washington knows dat his wooden-teeth @ss chopped down da cherry tree, the apple tree, the pecan tree, corn brushes, the grapevines and chopped off a muscle-bound, big-headed, runaway slave's big--@ss foot. [Probably a mutha-ancestor of ___ ____ ____.] Instead of the Union giving dat slave's descendant 40 arces and a mule, da corrupted Sin City super stanks that be gave him $5mil, a trumped-up boxing victory over Da Manny and an alphabet-sanctioning commission title belt. Haha! Hehe!:rolleyes: Yall know da deal. Ain't an iota of justice for Asian origin and born nowadays in the seedy-arse hurt bitnezz. It JUST US! I'm making three bets on the Pacquiao-Marquez fiasco: 1. Da Manny is ROBBED! 2. Da Manny KAYOS da crybaby bandit of imaginary wins. 3. Da Manny knock dat crocodile-tears muthasucka down a few times and cruise to four victories. And that Marquez says: "Me beat Pakow [sic] poor [sic] time [sic]. Evy'bodee kno' dii!" :cool:Holla!

-amayseng :

if i was pac man i wouldnt dance and move and flow and box, i would step right on top of jmm's lead foot and go to the body with a straight left followed with a right hook. i would repeat that till the damn cows come home...forget boxing and playing chess with jmm... to beat a counter punching either crowd and disrupt the shiiit out of him or stay back and bore the crowd and counter punch the shiiit out of him like floyd did....jmm is a true lb for lb counter puncher, pac forget about the crowd and whoop his ***, too much crying for my taste and i am a jmm fan..

-brownsugar :

it doesn't seem logical that JMM should be able to hang with the likes of Pac(the difference in strength and speed should be apparent from the get-go but somehow Marquez manages to make Pac look like he's evenly matched every time)... I know Marquez is tough, resilent, and thinks well enough to make crucial adjustments.... but Diaz and Katsidis (also Casamayor) were getting in deep into Marquez's stuff early in their fan friendly fights... and Pac is nearly twice as good as those guys in every way. Marquez is probably one of the best 2nd half fighters in the biz today,.. as long as you omit the Mayweather fight from the conversation. Floyd fought a technically magnificent clinic in their otherwise bloodless encounter several years ago... but even then Marquez was able to touch Floyd whenever Floyd squared up and opened up for too long. I really believe Marquez is truly obsessed with beating Pac... his resentment and contempt for Pac has been building up as a result of some of the questionable judging of their previous fights and must be serving as Marquez's well-spring of infinite youth.... he refuses to go away until he gets his hand raised. I also believe the reason Marquez never wants to fight anyone else lately is because he's been secretly training for Pac for the last 2 and a half years... Marquez good showing against Pac is more than the oft used cliche' ......"Marquez just has his number".... it's more than styles makes fights and it's more than some hidden personal attribute...... ...I bet Marquez trains for Pac every opportunity he gets,.. behind the scenes.. covertly, researching Pac like researchers hunt tirelessly for a cure for AIDS... and if age doesn't suddenly catch up to Marquez,.. his obsessive, relentless, research and training will finally pay off. All things being equal.....Pac needs a KO and only a KO will win it this time.

-brownsugar :

If you thought Michael Myers,.. Jason Vorhees... and "Death (as played in "Final Destination" were relentless,.. You haven't seen anything yet... Marquez is all of the above and more...........he may even be getting the benefit of witch-doctors...the fountain of youth.. and holy water in his spit bucket... whatever it is Marquez is on a mission and he knows this is his last chance...probably his last fight.. I wouldn't easily pick against him.

-gibola :

Heard all this before and I don't believe a word. Roach spent years deprogramming the reckless aggression to get the Manny we have today. An overly-aggressive Manny probably gets KO'd by JMM. He won't want that to happen so he will box the same measured fight he has in recent years. I don't think Manny is capable of doing the things he used to do, Bradley was there to be KO'd and he couldn't do it. The real story of the Bradley fight was Manny's decline. Another close fight for me unless JMM decides to be very agressive and I can't see that happening either. Sorry!

-Radam G :

The real story of the Bradley fight was racist-@$$ judges with power to express that racism without hinderance. Bradley couldn't hold Da Manny's spit bucket. Make believe and/or hatred does not change a spade into an ace. Da Manny was mistreated because status and race. And that is something that haters and legion groupies and ___ ___ just cannot face. Holla!

-puncher :

The only time that Manny has dominated JMM was in the first fight during the knockdowns...after that JMM has made Manny look normal. His counter punching is one of the best in boxing and knows how to pace himself in a fight. After every fight with JMM I look at Manny and it looks like he was kidnaped and beat up to get some information. This should be another good fight!

-Radam G :

Hehe! Be the Joker next time. Holla!