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TRPressNYC41789“If they create a new weight class, I volunteer to fight for their title!” (Ed Diller photo, in NYC)

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an article over at Russia Times today claiming the WBC was working with other sanctioning organizations, specifically the WBO and IBF, on creating a new weight class division for fighters in-between the 200 pound cruiserweight limit and heavyweight (unlimited).

“There are some fighters who are somewhere in between the cruiserweight and heavyweight classes. So the WBC, WBO and IBF are negotiating over establishing a new weight category, and it could help that kind of fighter bring out their full potential,” said Mikhail Denisov, WBC Vice President.

Weight classes have more than doubled since the original eight divisions of the early 1900s (fly, bantam, feather, light, welter, middle, light heavy and heavy) were expanded to seventeen in 1979 by (you guessed it) the WBC.

Taken in context, Denisov appears in the video to be talking about how his organization can help build up Russian fighters to a point where their careers match those of some of their more renowned international counterparts. Still, his nonchalant discussion of the matter through a media outlet leads me to believe the negotiations for yet another weight class may be a very real possibility.

Fight fans often seem frustrated over the amount of title belts and divisions in the sport already, so I wonder how well received something like this could possibly be.

I’ve reached out to the WBC, WBA and WBO to see if they can offer further comment.

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