Tim Bradley Not Crying About No Pacquiao Rematch

BradleyAbregu  PerezDunkin (right) believes the Bradley brand, with Top Rank's promotional expertise, can move to another level, even without a Pacquaio rematch.

Tim Bradley isn't having a pity party upon learning that Manny Pacquiao has picked Juan Manuel Marquez as his Dec. 8 dance partner, according to Bradley's manager Cameron Dunkin.

“Nobody's angry,” Dunkin told TSS. “We understand, it's Manny's call. Timmy's fine. We weren't sure which way it was gonna go, but it's a lot of money, a big fight.”

Me, I'd have like to have seen some of that money left on the table–I know, easy for me to say!–so Pacman could show the world that the judges were on mushrooms on June 9, when Duane Ford and CJ Ross out-voted Jerry Roth, and handed Bradley the split decision victory. But maybe next time…

Dunkin said he's pumped to build the Bradley brand, bring the California boxer to NYC, likely the MSG Theatre, for an end of November or mid December date. Some names that could be in the mix for a Bradley-NYC bout include Jan Zaveck, Carson Jones, Kell Brook, Joshua Clottey, Brad Solomon, Shawn Porter, Thomas Dulorme, Carlos Quintana and Randall Bailey, if he doesn't reset his date with Devon Alexander.

“Let's build Tim Bradley,” Dunkin said. “Maybe Pacman down the road, if not, let's make Tim the great champion he has the potential to be.” Sometimes I get the sense, just a gut feeling, that Pacquiao could wave adios to the game at any time; Dunkin agrees. “That's what I think. I don't know anything about that, but he doesn't look like the same highly motivated guy. But we've been attached to Pacquiao for so long, now we go and stand on our own.”

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-Radam G :

FIRST! Da Cali Cranium Crusher/Bambi, the runaway, big-bad-feet Rusher would get his @SS KICKED by Shawn Porter, Joshua Clottey, Carlos Quintana and maybe long-in-da-tooth, hard-punching Bailey. So Tim "Desert Mirage" Bradley should stay far, far away from them if he wants to remain gift-given-to-him paper champion of the world. Dunkin is full of SHYT! Listen to nothing that his would wanna SPIT! The truth about Bradley's loss, Dunkin will never admit. His fighter Bradley ain't a piece of shyt. But he is far, far from all dat and even one, single chip. The top guns and many of the young guns would turn his hurt-feet, big-foot, big-noggin arse into jars of bean dip. :DHolla!

-deepwater :

1. bradley didnt beat pac. 2. no one wants to pay to watch bradley. thats it.

-brownsugar :

Good for Bradley... if Tim is actually willing to fight Zaveck , along with up coming boxing sensations like Dulorme and Brock, ......while considering a rematch with Devon Alexander...his willingness to fight the biggest brightest names @ 147 cannot be denied. Tim is still thirsty with an insatiable desire to prove himself against the best. Taking and winning those type of fights will but virtually rekindle public perception about Bradley while simultaneously igniting a broader fan base... But we all know this article is an attempt by Tim's manager to smooth over Tim's careless comments regarding Manny's courage while keeping Bradley on the Pac Man lottery list. Defeating one or 2 of the names on that list transitions Tim from being dependant on the scraps falling from Pac's table to becoming a revenue earning beast on his own..especially if he can add a little mustard to his punches and score the odd KO.

-ali :

Bradley should do everything he can to get a fight with mayweather. Its time to get paid and none of the guys his manager name can do that.

-DaveB :

Bradley would love to get a fight with Pac or May. Maybe somewhere down the line if they don't retire. You're only as good as your last fight. So if he can put the last fight behind him and get a couple of good fights under his belt the boxing world will forget about his fight with Pacquaio and move forward. I've seen it happen too many times.

-Real Talk :

I said it before an I'll say it again Bob Arum and Top Rank are a cancer and the biggest threat to the sport of boxing. No Pacman vs. Bradley rematch but instead Marquez vs. Pacman 4??? Are you serious LOL!!!!! He told on himself and Top Rank when he said " we don't know if Pacquiao is going to walk away at any moment" So they rigged the fight and took the belt and gave it to Bradley. The fresh signed, younger new boot to carry the torch and banner. This is as tired as the republican party. Pacquiao is losing me folks. Is he a puppet or what?!? Somebody let me know something. Did he sign all his say away when he signed that contract or what because he's looking like a fool. People across many forums a starting to look at Pacman like a joke and losing respect for him. Sad but true, Dueces