Report: Pacquiao to Meet Marquez On Dec. 8

manny-pacquiao-1024They've gone back and forth for 36 rounds, with the vast majority of those rounds neck and neck. They know each other about as well as two folks can, without applying for a marriage license. They've been separated for a spell, but on Dec. 8 rivals for the ages Manny Pacquaio and Juan Manuel Marquez will rumble again for the fourth, and I dare not say, last time.

ESPN's Dan Rafael reported that Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum on Wednesday told him that he was going to meet with Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz, to lock in terms for the fourth scrap between the Filipino and the Mexican. The MGM is the likely landing place, Rafael reported. Rafael said a rematch with Miguel Cotto was Pac's first choice but the Puerto Rican went another route, to a bout in NY against Austin Trout. That left Tim Bradley, and frankly, I thought a rematch of the controversial June scrap with Bradley made sense morally and philosophically if not financially–but instead it will be Marquez, who draws better versus Manny, with his rabid fanbase, than Bradley did. Arum told Rafael that Bradley will likely fight in NYC in December.

In their first tussle, in 2004, Marquez roared back to life after being dropped three times in round one, to snag a draw. Pacman won a 2008 rematch, via split decision. Their last tangle, in November 2011, was justastight with Pacman getting a majority decision.

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-Radam G :

Who cares? Da Manny was the victim of Yanky panky, now he probably will end up being the victim of Mexican panky. When it comes to Da Manny none of da muthasuckas can straight spanky spank. I expect for crybaby bytch Marquez to be finally given a Tim-Bradley-like gift over Da Manny. He may knock the crybaby down four times and still another draw or a lost. I'm with Da Manny walk away from the game. Sin City bytches are just trying to destroy his fame. Holla!

-ultimoshogun :

Meh....shoulda been a rematch with Bradley.

-nilbags :

unfinish business. time for this mexican warrior to stay quite!!

-brownsugar :

Remind me to catch it on YouTube.