Golovkin Drops, Stops Proksa on HBO

HBO BADGennady Golovkin threw bombs, heavy, thudding, forbidding ones, at game Pole Greg Proksa in the main event of HBO's Boxing After Dark card, which unfolded at the Turning Stone in Verona, NY on Saturday night. The loser went down in the first, fourth and for the last time in the fifth, at 1:11 and the TKO showing has people wondering what the kid Golovkin would do if he trapped other big names, like Sergio Martinez or Julio Cesar Chavez, on the ropes.

For his first US showing, Golovkin, calm, and cool, and intent on destruction, went 101-301 to 38-217 to the loser.

After, Golovkin told a completely impressed Max Kellerman he'd happily fight Andre Ward, or anyone else from 154 to 168 pounds.

Proksa (159 pounds, from Poland, 28-1, with 21 KOs) was the underdog against the WBO champ Golovkin (159 pounds, from Kahakstan; 23-0 with 20 KOs), also IBO middleweight champ.

In the first, Proksa went down, for the first time as an amateur or pro, after two and half minutes of confident free-form boxing. The replay showed that he did get hit clean and went down off-balance.

In the second, Prok didn't fight cowed. He moved herky jerky, dropped his hands, mixed his shots and was right in it.

In the third, Prok stayed busy and didn't absorb any bombs. Not so in the fourth; he went down, with 1:45 to go. Body shots set the table and a left uppercut did hard damage.

In the fifth, a right hurt him, and down he went again. The ref looked hard and said no mas.