Devon Alexander & Randall Bailey Discuss Sept. 8 Bout

AlexanderMaidana Hogan29Marcos Maidana couldn't solve the slick boxing Devon Alexander (left). Could Randall Bailey's game-changing right do what Maidana couldn't?

Devon Alexander and Randall Bailey, the IBF welterweight champion, took part in a conference call to hype their Sept. 8 fight, which will run on Showtime and unfold at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

David Itskowitch of Golden Boy presided over the call. He introduced the ex super lightweight champion Alexander, the St. Louis hitter who is coming off a win over Marcos Maidana. That was his first scrap at 147 pounds. The 23-1 (13 KOs) pug said he was excited for the Sept. 8 bout, and looks forward to becoming a three time champion.

Lou DiBella, the promoter of Bailey (43-7 with 37 KOs), said that his guy has legendary power. He said Alexander will have to be on the lookout for a finishing blow from round one through twelve. He introduced “the biggest puncher in boxing, the most feared puncher in boxing,” Bailey. Bailey, a Floridian, said he “can't wait for the fight,” one that he wanted when he campaigned at 140 pounds.

Alexander, a 25 year-old southpaw, said that making 140 was too tough, and losing muscle took away from his effectiveness. He said the Bailey fight will bring out the best in him, while noting that he does get that Bailey has one-punch power. Alexander's lone loss came to Timothy Bradley (via TD10) back in January 2011. They have a common opponent, in Juan Urango, and Bailey was stopped in round 11 back in 2009, while Alexander stopped Urango eight months later, via TKO8.

Bailey was asked if he might be able to create an opportunity earlier than he did in his last fight, when he dropped and stopped Philly's Mike Jones in round 11, back in June. Bailey, who won a vacated crown that night, said he will press Alexander if he runs, and bomb with him if he comes at him. He said he knows he can cut off the ring on Devon. “When I cut off the ring, he's gonna have to fight,” Bailey, age 37, insisted.

Bailey said he doesn't feel old, because he's always training and doesn't abuse his body. Asked about his power, he said he was born with it, and has been throwing it since he was about 15 years old. He said he will land it, and it's just a matter of how you handle it when you get hit with it. The one-punch KO artist is a rarity these days and Bailey couldn't think of anyone else who has similar one-punch power.

Alexander said he will indeed tweak his gameplan because Bailey has game-changing power. Alexander said he will follow his gameplan, set up with trainer Kevin Cunningham, and that will bring him to the win. “Try to land it,” he said of Bailey's promise to drop a hammer on him.

Mike Jones, a caller noted, was winning the June scrap with Bailey until he dropped his bombs. “I knew I was behind,” Bailey said. “He gave me half a door opened, and that's all I needed.” He said Alexander gets hit with right hands “constantly,” so it doesn't matter if Devon has a speed edge over Jones.

Will he just outbox Bailey? No, Alexander said, that's not all he's got, implying that he won't move his way to the win, that he will do some fighting as well. The fight isn't simply a simple boxer vs puncher bout, he insidted; Alexander said he's not going “to just run around,” that he will try and hurt Bailey. The Marcos Maidana win showed off his power, he said, and he watched that bout six or seven times, to learn from it. He said re-watching the scrap told him he could step to Maidana, and set down on his punches more. Bailey said the Alexander-Maidana fight showed him that Alexander holds a lot. He said he won't go for that, and will be punching when and if Alexander is holding.

Cunningham was asked about Jones and his dangerous right hand. The right is all he has, Cunningham said. “If he throws the right hand he's going to pay for it,” the trainer said.

Alexander said Maidana is a brawler type, while Bailey sets things up in a more thoughtful fashion. He said he is excited to make his Las Vegas debut while Bailey is happy he's not fighting on Alexanders' home turf.

Alexander said the winner of this fight could be in a position to fight Floyd Mayweather.

Alexander was asked about Pacquiao-Bradley. He said he thought Pacman did more, but did slow down later in the bout. “I had Pacquiao up slightly,” he said.

What about a Bradley rematch? He said he would look at that after this bout. Asked about the clash of heads and stoppage in the Bradley fight, he said looking back that it was a learning experience. The ref stopped that fight after consulting with the ring doc, who said he was afraid there was nerve damage in Alexander's left eye.

My take: I see Alexander, a super-smart boxer, sticking to the gameplan, and winning every round. He will not pull a Mike Jones, and let his attention drift. Alexander will beat Bailey, via wide UD. Your thoughts, TSS Universe?

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-Radam G :

I wish that Randall Bailey could catch Devon Alexander and kayo him just to calm down superiority-racist-thinking Kevin Cunningham. But it is very rare for lighting to strike twice in a similar way. RB probably got the knockout of the year over that Philly hype job Jones. If Bailey were to catch DA, he would no doubt be the fighter of the year and maybe the first half of the decade. Wow! Holla!

-deepwater :

I wish bradley would ko cunningham for running his mouth. Devon A will not discuss any bout or anything for that matter because he cant talk for himself. cunningham does all the talking and cunningham knows he has to do all the talking because devon is as interesting as a cardboard box. The only time I ever saw the boxer with two foreheads say something was when he drove to the prison to visit his brother and he said he loves his brother. I really dont think devon has ever said anything more then that. zabs daddy was gonna smack down cuuningham after zab knocked out spinks and gave the lou the finger but cunningham backed down. yoel judah vs the mouth cunningham would be a good scrap

-brownsugar :

It's interesting to me that Mayweather lived with Bailey very early in their careers, They shared and apartment and sparred daily. Mayweather had to hold back on Bailey in sparring sessions to keep from injuring their friendship even thought Baily had a 15lb advantage. I've seen Bailey clock guys in horrifically tramatizing ways. Some of the opponents he's crushed on various shows like ESPN have never come back to fight again. Having realized on a very public and personal level...... the ultimate price boxing can extract from the uninitiated. Bailey hits so hard he can potentially take your heart, your pride, and have some fighters paying a psycho-analyst to recover their manhood. But Bailey's lost 7 times,.. to guys like Ishe Smith, Juan Urango, Herman Ngoudgo, and lesser know fighters like Ener Julio and Diosbelys Hurtado. It doesn't take a Mayweather calibur boxer to beat him. A fundamentally sound and relatively fresh boxer will beat him every time. Bailey is more than tailor made for Alexander. He's made to order. Alexander will box him carefully but not with the stifling fear that prompted Jones to do an award winning impersonation of a petrified tree. He'll wear Bailey down, disarm him, touch him up regularly and ultimately take him out. That's why Cunningham and Alexander have been grinning ear to ear since the fight was announced...... because this is what Alexander needed. Another showcase performance similar to the widely publicized victory he had over Urango.

-the Roast :

Lets get to September already, put this dreadful no boxing month of August behind us and never speak of it again. This will be a good night. Alexander better not stop running in this fight or Bailey could get him out of there. Don't let your back touch the ropes Devon. I'll be rooting for Bailey. Pure punchers like him don't come along often enough. Maybe not since Julian Jackson have we seen a puncher like this. Ward-Dawson the same night? Can't wait.

-brownsugar :

Can't wait Roast. I got the 7th thru the 16th off for some much deserved birthday week vacation.... Non stop boxing and celebration. I'm calling Alexander and Martinez now for the win.

-ultimoshogun :

Should be a fun night...Lucas Matthysse fights that Olesgun guy on the undercard too. I haven't done my homework on Olesgun but we know Matthysse is must see TV!