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MayweatherCotto Hogan 87Floyd Mayweather is a free man. The best boxer in the world exited the Clark County Detention Center late Thursday night-early Friday morning; he entered the facility on June 1 on a domestic battery charge.

The AP reported that about 20 family and friends met the 35 year-old pugilist, who last year was named the top earner in sports by Forbes, at $85 million. He said nothing to assembled press, the AP said, and sped away in a Bentley with his pal 50 Cent, with whom he is collaborating on a new promotional entity.

Floyd got out early for work time and good behavior. He stayed relevant in the press when his attorneys attempted to get him sprung early because the accomodations, including the food and water, were subpar. The justice of the peace scoffed at that stance and kept him incarcerated.

“Floyd Mayweather was released late last night & spent his first hours of freedom with family & friends. We're glad to have The Champ back,” was the Tweet from his Mayweather Promotions Twitter account after he was let out.

Some speculate that Mayweather might not want to reward Las Vegas, the state whose justice system locked him up, and might instead want to fight his next bout, maybe against Miguel Cotto in a rematch, in, say, New York. 50 Cent received a promoter license in NY, and a insider source told TSS that he was given an assurance that if he did want to bring a Mayweather fight to the Empire State, and Madison Square Garden, “Money” would be welcomed.

So, the source was asked, there would be no difficult getting him licensed, on moral grounds?

No, the source said; if the world knew the rap sheets on about three-quarters of the people involved in the fight game who hold licenses, they would be surprised.

I asked Floyd's assistant David Levi about a rematch at MSG on Dec. 1.

“I doubt Floyd will fight on a date scheduled by an opponent,” he said. Hmmm….sounds like a Cotto-redo isn't up next.

And what has Money been doing since he got free? “He hasn't mentioned fighting at all,” Levi said. “Just relaxing with friends and family.”

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