L.A. Fans Show Support for Canelo-Josesito

canelo-lopez-lapresser everyone by GerLOS ANGELES-Across the street from Union Station a crowd gathered to disrupt the finely tuned downtown Los Angeles traffic that arrived to see the commotion caused by Mexico’s sensation Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Riverside’s Josesito Lopez on Tuesday.

People packed the barricades surrounding the makeshift stage Golden Boy Promotions erected.

The L.A.-based promoters Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer explained why Lopez (30-4, 18 KOs) is the next opponent for the undefeated Canelo (40-0-1, 29 KOs) on Sept. 15 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Showtime will televise the world title fight and three others of the fight card called Knockout Kings.

“I told Canelo to not underestimate Josesito Lopez,” said Schaefer before the conference began. “Josesito is a dangerous fighter.”

You couldn’t tell based on the crowd who mostly cheered and supported Canelo every time his name was mentioned. Lopez did have a few supporters too.

Lopez quieted the crowd once he spoke in Spanish. Many of those present at the public press conference seemed surprised that the Riverside prizefighter is fluent in Spanish. He is also fluent in English.

“I just have to train my hardest,” said Lopez. “It’s a heavier weight class but I’m going to bring my best.”

Jose “Chepo” Reynoso, who trains Canelo, said that he witnessed the Lopez and Victor Ortiz fight and that the Riverside boxer deserves to enter the ring against his fighter.

“He raised his hand to fight Victor Ortiz and now he’s raised his hand to fight Canelo,” said Reynoso. “Besides, there will be two Mexicans in the ring and you know what that means.”

Canelo’s promoter Golden Boy Promotions had promised the redhead that he would fight on Mexican Independence Day. They’re fulfilling their promise despite Top Rank setting the same date for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. against Argentina’s Sergio Martinez pay-per-view date. The Golden Boy show will not be pay-per-view but on regular Showtime.

“We’ll see who has more viewers that day,” Schaefer said.

Three other top fights will take place, with Marcos Maidana in a welterweight match against Mexico’s Jesus Soto Karass; WBC featherweight titleholder Jhonny Gonzalez fighting Daniel Ponce De Leon and several other match ups.

“I like fighting chingons,” said Maidana, about facing Soto Karass.

Ponce De Leon said he’s been waiting patiently for a world title fight for many years and is happy the day will arrive.

“I was the number one contender for different organizations but never got the title opportunity,” said Ponce De Leon who faces Gonzalez. “Jhonny Gonzalez is a good rival.”

The main focus will be on Canelo defending the WBC junior middleweight title. Can Lopez slip the rug from another former or current world champion?

“People can say he’s just a welterweight and people can say he never fought in the big stage, but do you remember when I fought Manny Pacquiao and look at what he did to me, he destroyed me,” said De La Hoya bluntly to the large crowd. “Inside that squared circle you never know what’s going to happen…Josesito Lopez has the desire and the heart, he is living that Rocky moment.”

Canelo always looks calm but seemed even more serious about facing Lopez.

“I’m very happy with this fight. Josesito Lopez earned his shot,” said Alvarez. “I’m not going to be too confident, because I know there is no rival that is too small. I’m going to train very hard for this fight.”

De La Hoya also added an Ultimate Fighting Championship touch with an announcement that the best knockout of the night by a fighter will be rewarded with an extra $100,000.

The winner will be voted by the fans on AT&T phones.

Tickets for the MGM begin at $25 and stop at $400.

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-Radam G :

Fans will support anything. When "Lil" Floyd "Jailhouse Junebug" Mayweather gets outta da five-star Sin City Hotel, the fans are going to support him fighting the smaller Danny Garcia. And the sh*t talk that will be going down in that promotion of the bout will be awesome. HBO 24/7 is going to make a KILLIN!' Pops Joy May and Poppa Angel Garcia are going to get down with their child-arse, stupid-arse racist comments. And I'm bettin' BIG that PJM kick PAG arse in the sh*t talk and racist comments department. I personally know that PJM can get down hardcore. PJM is bad with his ___ ____ ___ and will even throw in a few rhymes. OMFG! A double arsh-thrashing will occur. Jailhouse Floyd will kick little Petty Boy Danny Boy's arse in dat squared jungle. And FJM will do a JOB on PAG. Hehehehe! Holla!

-deepwater :

Those 2 dads will def throw hands before the fight. I would like to see Garcia mayweather just to see the dads go at it

-the Roast :

What a sham of a fight. Pick on someone your own size Canelo. Step up fights are available. Kirkland, K9, Cotto,(gasp!) If you want to be the new Golden Boy you have to fight name fighters closer to your own weight class. They can be faded, they just have to be closer to your own weight class. Get with Oscar and talk it out, Oscar did it perfectly. Picking on the 140 pound kid. Tisk tisk.

-ultimoshogun :

Maidana vs Soto Karass is gonna be a war....maybe steal the show.

-SouthPaul :

I like this match up for one I ain't overly impressed with Canleo; so that makes me believe JOesito has a better chance than others may think and why not give opportunity the man who beat the man who was scheduled to fight promotional darling to begin with. I also like what I am seeing in the pic. Yeah , Canelo's thicker, but Joseito got some height on him. This is a solid match up. War Riverside!

-Real Talk :

I agree with SouthPaul. Josesito earned his shot and is hungry. Congratz to Lopez, get'cha paper man. Dueces

-brownsugar :

Yeah what Ultimo said. RealTalk .... Josesito certainly will do his part because that's how grow em' in Riverside. But fans are not appreciatin' Canello still cutting his teeth on junior welters and welters into his 3rd or 4th defense in the 154lb div. Golden Boy just knows what they can get away with and have no shame pulling it off. Otherwise.. it could be intertaining from a casual perspective. If I have The opportunity to watch any boxing on Sept 15th.... best believe I'll be recording this one and watching Sergio Live...lol.

-SouthPaul :

Thats whatimsaying, Real Talk, paper chase if you're Josesito. I love it. As far as which fight to watch that night.. I'm going with the freebie. Both fun match ups but I can't be paying for one when the other is free. Fudddddggggeee all that noise. In fact, all fans should step up and make a statement And say... We tired of all these PPVs... Now we got something to choose that weekend and it's free if you got Showtime. Think about it.

-SouthPaul :

Also, some of the weight differences are overstated. Even Josesito made mention of it. Claims he walks around way above the division he came out of for the Ortiz bout. I hear Ortiz and Garcia split? Something tells me it's Ortiz' passive aggressive personality making life hard on that relationship. Anyhow, Ortiz should hire Joe Goosen. That would be a good fit. Maybe.

-Radam G :

@SouthPaul, the split is a reality and ditto Vicious Victor's passive-aggressive behavior makes it hard for him to maintain relationships. It was just a matter of time for he and Danny G to split. VVO should hire TSSU Super Reader of The Year, Doc Mortcola. VVO seriously need the counseling of a shrink. Hehehe! Holla!

-SouthPaul :

Lmao:D I just envisioned Dr Phil giving Ortiz cornerman instructions. Seriously though I think Joe Goosen would be a fun fit for that job. Joe sorta got that laid back surfer chill personality. They may mesh well. Great trainer too. Be fun to see. Someone out here link these two up!