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93603730-haye-chisoraChisora had never been down as a pro, but Haye ended that streak. Chisora was never in it, so anyone saying this was a great bout, well, it was a bit one-sided for that. What should Haye do next?

He will not win any sportsmanship, or Good Guy awards from the BWAA, but David Haye can box, it must be admitted. Haye severely outclassed Dereck Chisora in the main event on Saturday in Upton Park, London, England, sending him down twice in the fifth, and forcing a stoppage. A wicked left hook hurt Chis badly, and spelled the end for the underdog, who looked slow, a step behind, and never in the bout against a more skilled pugilist.

The men hugged it out after, a site to see after Haye made Chisora eat glass a few months ago. There will be a push in certain circles for Haye to meet Vitali Klitschko, who wouldn't stop Chisora when they met in February.

A persistent rain fell on the fans as the bell rang to start round one, and Haye had a lackey hold an umbrella over his head as he strolled casually to the ring. He got to work right away, and controlled every minute of the bout.

Chisora (15-3 entering; age 28; born in Zimbabwe, lives in London) was 247 pounds, while Haye (age 31; 25-2 entering; lives in London) was 210 pounds. This fight came about because they scuffled after Chisora's loss to Vitali Klitschko in February, at the postfight presser. Haye smashed Chisora with a beer bottle, and wasn't able to fell him, so we wondered how he'd do with no foreign object. It turned out, he did better than when he used that weapon.

Haye, not having fought since last July, when he stunk the joint out against Wladimir Klitschko, in the first round looked rust free. He was busy with the jab, looked to be first, and used solid ring generalship to take the round. Chis tried to land hard hooks but Haye some them coming. In round two, Chis was coming forward but not in an effective manner. Haye was busier, and controlling it all, pace, ryhthm and spacing. In the third, Chis landed a left after the bell, a good shot, but he was again outboxed. When he got close, he allowed himself to be tied up, and his footwork isn't the variety to get himself into better position in close. Haye did good work with a lead right, and more good work up from underneath, though Chis did land a couple power shots midway through in round four. Then he faded and gave away the round.

In round five, Haye sent Chis down off a left-right. He was sent down again, off a combo, and arose in time, but the ref halted the event. Chis didn't protest the end, which came with one tick remaining in the round.

After, Haye said he thinks Vitali Klitschko would not want to fight him, but he'd like a go. “Ready to win that heavyweight title back,” he said. He gave Chisora props, and said he would be a champ some day. “I'll be back,” Chisora said, after giving Haye props, and saying he enjoyed the fight. The crowd seemed to enjoy the two men getting along after their vitriolic path to the scrap. Trainer Adam Booth said Team Klitschko had sent Haye a contract, not specifying when that was, but said the terms are not what he thought they would be. Booth said Haye isn't interested in anything other than a Klitschko fight. Promoter Frank Warren said Chisora looked a bit green, and said he wasn't done, and that he will stick by him.

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