In NYC, Chavez Jr. Calls Martinez A “Ballerina”

mart chav press41786aChavez Junior, Senior and Sergio in a light-hearted moment during Thursday NYC presser ahead of Sept. 15 middleweight showdown. Today is Senior's 50th birthday. Rest assured, though, there is some bad blood simmering, as the Chavez' haven't forgotten Sergio calling them chickens for over a year. (Ed Diller)

Funny how things can change in a year. A year ago, fight fans were accusing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. of ducking Sergio Martinez, and many of those same fans figured that Martinez would, if they met, mop the floor with the kid. Not so now; it must be acknowledged that Chavez and his team were being patient, waiting for him to get seasoning, grow into his frame, and that in this case, the promoter, Bob Arum, knows best, because he allowed this event to come to fruition at the proper time. The combatants, who face off in Las Vegas on Sept. 15, gathered for a press conference at the Edison Ballroom in midtown Manhattan on Thursday afternoon.

Sergio Martinez thanked HBO, Top Rank, Lou DiBella, his advisor Sampson Lewkowicz and his trainer Pablo Sarmiento. He dedicated this fight to friend Monique McClain, the young CT girl who had been bullied, and then befriended by Sergio. He continued, saying he would beat up Junior, and that this will be the best fight he has ever fought. Fernando Beltran, Junior's co-promoter, called Sergio a clown, which enraged Lewkowicz.

Junior then got the mike. He said he wants to prove that he is “the best middleweight in the world.” He said Martinez will just dance, referencing his stint on “Dancing with the Stars” in Argentina. “He found his real profession, as a ballerina,” and that drew guffaws. “On Sept. 15 I will beat Martinez and you will have a great fight.”

Arum spoke first and said Martinez is an 8-5- favorite and that this line is as close a line in major fight as he recalls. This is a fight that “fight fans deserve,” the promoter said.

The promoter gave Lou DiBella a shoutout, calling his company the premier outfit on the East Coast. DiBella took to the mike then and said it is good to work with professionals. He said this fight is the best that can be made in the middleweight division, and that he hopes that 18,000 folks will come to the arena, and by the way, plenty of seats are reasonably priced. That's the way to save boxing, he said, from all the crap judging decisions and such.

Trainer Pablo Sarmiento said they would shut Chavez' mouth. Advisor to Lewkowicz said he now understands why Chavez didn't sign on to fight Sergio earlier, because now he knows he is ready. He then said son Nathan told him he will be a grandpa, and joked that he feels old.

Arum then got back the mike. He said that Tecate would be offering a 50% off rebate on the PPV.

Julioe Cesar Chavez Sr., celebrating his 50th birthday, took to the mike. He said that this fight is the one everyone wanted, and it will be a difficult fight. “We know that Martinez is considered one of the best fighters now,” he said. “I don't like his style, he's a runner, it stinks, but it works for him.” The crowd then sung Happy Birthday, and Martinez smiled good naturedly.

Arum then recalled that pols Ted Kennedy and Tip O'Neill sent him a letter in the late 70s, demanding a title shot for Marvin Hagler. “Middleweight has been a great, great division,” he said.

This fight, he said, “will go into history” as a great one, like the ones we saw in the 70s and 80s. “This is historic, this is real history,” he said.

DiBella said that Junior will be 180 versus 165 for Sergio, on fight night, so he will be nervous. He talked about Martinez' work against domestic violence. He said that he grew up poor, and was bullied as a kid. He brought up McCalin, a girl who was bullied, and then befriended by Martinez. “There are bigger things to fight for than a belt,” he said.

DiBella said Chavez' work in the recent win over Andy Lee impressed him. “They are fighting to be the best middleweight on the planet,” he said.

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-riverside :

Funny! the being poor and bullied as child card being used again!, Sergio as well as other boxer who have used that bully card are gifted athletes and could have easily held there own fighting at a young age. I can see jr stalking and taunting Sergio when they fight, hoping Martinez abandons his hit and run strategy.

-amayseng :

@riverside, what are you talking about? do you have children? a gifted athlete or not, most children lack maturity, killer instinct and the confidence to stand up against a bully. that usually comes with personal growth... i understand your point, most bullies are bitches to begin with, that is why they act the way they do, they have to find the confidence they lack through picking on smaller kids...

-Grimm :

This should be a good one. The dark powers of boxing are clearly in the works for Junior, but Martinez will enter the ring with the mindset of the grim reaper. His smile is never as big as when he wants to annihilate an opponent.

-Radam G :

I'm with Riverside on this one. The bullying angle need to halt. Boxing as life is 75 to 85 percent mental. As a kid the bullied-arse Sergio Martinez could have held his own. He was just confused by physical syet. And haven't being taught: "Mind over matter. Fudge da chit chatter." You know what, as a 50-pound-eight-year-old-Filipino-Chinese kid walking on the mean streets of Southeast San Diego, going over to the late, great Archie "The Old Mongoose" Moore's house. I was confront by a 12-year-old 120-pound BULLY! But nobody ever explained to me that a BULLY was suppose to immitate me and whup my arse and take my syet. My 14-year-old brother and Archie's son Billy Moore spotted me coming down the street and were watching from a distant, because my big bro told BM that MY LITTLE, BAD ARSE would have no "problema with a punk-a$$ BULLY!" He was 100 percent RIGHT! The BULLY ask me did I have any money, and of course I told he YES! He then told me to give it up or that he was going to "Beat" my "G**K A$$" On that G word, I reacted by throwing a left cross straight to his solar-plexus and a right hook to his cojones. Da punk-a$$ BULLY drop like a bad habit. I went upside his big, wobbly cranium with about 25 punches in five second before my big bro and BM pull me off the creampuff chunk-a$$ BULLY! The moral of the story: You have to learn mental fright of a bully to be physically frighten of one. Or you will put da spank on dat a$$, especially when you are destined to be an a$$ thrasher later in life anyway. I ain't scare of a d@mn bully to this day. [Matter of fact, I like fudging with 'em. You know me. I'm down with O-P-P!] But I'm just scare of d@mn nuns. Now they have frighten the hebejeebeez outta of my left-handed arse and got da jump on me and fudge me up a few times as a child. They slapped me into a quasi-righty. And with 'em, I'm down with R-R-B -- RESPECT, and RUN like a BYTCH! As an adult, I know what time it is. Fudge BULLIES! Run like a bytch from NUNS. Hehehehehe! Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

Bullying is an issue that needs to be addressed, I've beaten up bullies, in fact sent them to the hospital. But bullies keep coming back. I respect Sergio's mission in standing up against bullying. He's been doing this prior to the pavlik fight, his cause is legitimate. Chavez bullying style will be put to rest September 15th

-deepwater :

The best and only solution is to fight back and the bullying stops,

-amayseng :

@carmine, you are correct, bullies are a problem. i moved around a few times and being a good athlete (all state baseball and basketball) no one liked the new kid coming in taking to say i knocked a few bullies on their asses is an understatement. my son is 13, and he deals with the same issues. bullies in school the last three years. they dont stop. he is a good baseball player, and boxes with me just to development power, coordination and increase his bat speed with baseball...but he doesnt have that killer instinct like i did, he doesnt have that tenacity, it is just his maturity or immaturity at this point... my point, bullies try to prey on the weak. my boy is the smallest kid on his baseball team, 13-15 year olds, and he had a few bullies until they saw him play baseball this summer and saw he was not only pretty good but had fast hands and hit the **** out of the ball, harder than most of the 15 year olds in the league. now no one bothers him, funny how that works huh.... my advice to him, "the best way to get a bully to leave you alone is to punch him in the face and dont stop untill someone pulls you off of him"

-riverside :

Amay, yes I have three kids, 17, 15 and 7, i never encourage the start a fight, but yes to defend themselves and that is part of growing up, Several years my 15 year old daughter came home from school and complain about a big girl teasing her, my wife who teaches at the school advice to keep away and ignore the girl, my advise was different and told my daughter to kick her in the shin!!, my daughter took my advice and the problem was solved!! BTW, My point is Sergio might be using the bullying card to sell tickets which is fine! most kids too a certain degree get teased or bullied in one way or another. just need to handle it fight back! and i'm sure Sergio did too. Sergio is not butterbean or chikita Gonzales, as to being obese or scrawny as a little kid, and targeted by other bully's. Sergio might have been teased and bullied for having three girlfriends? IMO, he is not the typical stereotype victim.

-Radam G :

@Amayseng, killer instinct is something that we are all born with. Some situation must happen for one to discover it. And dynamite comes in small sizes. Your son is just taking his time before he goes ballistic on bully arse. You heard it here first. It is wonderful that he is controlling that urge. Holla!

-vjoe :

it's interesting how things change. about six months ago i got harassed a bit for suggesting the junior is a somewhat more skilled boxer than canelo (not necessarily better, but more skilled). and now "they" have got us believing that he may have martinez's number. i do think this could be a competitive fight. there are lots of questions going into this one. are martinez's best days behind him? can he stay off the ropes for 12 rounds? can he hurt junior with a big shot? come fight night is he just too small? and about junior, can he cut off the ring? and have his past performances been improved by modern chemistry that may not be available to him for this fight? gotta run, there's a bully chasing me...... :^)