David Haye, Who Often Talks A Bit Better Than He Fights,  Misses Conference Call

Dereck Chisora promised fireworks on a Monday conference call to hype the Saturday bad-blood showdown, between him and David Haye, which will run on EPIX.

“It will be a fight,” he reiterated several times, and fight fans have to hope that Haye, who talked a stellar game before fighting Nicolay Valuev and Wladimir Klitschko, but didn’t deliver any of the promised violence or aggression, would prove to be a willing dance partner. “Trust me, he’s getting knocked out,” he said. “He’s going to go down in round seven.”

Haye was due to be on the call, but he no showed. “He’s a drama queen,” said Chisora when informed when Haye decided not to take part. “I don’t really care to be honest.”

The show, taking place in Upton Park, England, will kick off at 4:30 ET. Executive producer Travis Pomposello came on the call, and thanked fans listening in for being on the call. He said this is the third appearance for Chisora on EPIX. The Chisora-Robert Helenius scrap and Dereck’s bout against Vitali Klitschko were also offered by EPIX.

Promoter Frank Warren said that the controversy surrounding the bout started when Haye showed up to needle Chisora (15-3 with nine KOs) at the postfight presser after his loss to Vitali in February in Munich. The bout was a possibility before the Klitschko fight, he said, but solidified because of the tussle. Such bad blood is no stranger in boxing, he said. Warren recalled the scrap before the Tyson-Lewis bout, and the Tyson-Rahman bout. But this time, the British Boxing Board of Control reacted harshly. That board took away Chisora’s license, as opposed to back in 2000, when Tyson shoved the ref after beating Lou Savarese, when they merely fined him. Warren said that treatment led to him securing the Luxembourg board to sanction this bout. Tix are moving briskly, Warren said.

The promoter noted that Chisora deseved to lose against Tyson Fury, because he was overweight, but he redeemed himself against Helenius. Then, Chisora got good work in against Klitschko, and that busyness will help him against Haye, who Warren said hasn’t been very busy.

Chisora then got on the call. He said camp has been good and that he has no injuries. His last day of sparring is Wednesday.

Chisora had come across Haye a couple times, but they didn’t clash. After the Vitali fight, Haye crashed the presser, and Chisora said that took away some of the goodwill from his good showing against Klitschko. He said he regretted making a comment about killing Haye (25-2), and that he’s never had a gun. He said Haye was the one who had a weapon, that he brought a glass beer bottle into the mix. He said he’s over that, though.

Chisora said Haye does his best fighting before the fight, with his mouth, and that isn’t his style. “I’m going to give you a great fight,” he said. He said Haye trains hard and is a great athlete. It won’t go the distance, he said. Will they shake after, forgive and forget? “We’ll see,” he said.

“All he’s got is talking,” Chisora said when asked about Haye’s pre-fight bragging. He said he wants to fight, not dance or duck a la Haye. He said he was born in the wrong era, as he likes to fight, and isn’t basketball-tall.

Chisora said he learned early on the ride with the punch, after in his third fight, against Darren Morgan, he got tagged. He sounded like he was confident he could handle Haye’s power. He said “definitely” that he will make Haye feel his punches.

Chisora said he isn’t worried about the judges, and that his style will be tough for Haye, because he will be all over him. Warren said Valuev moves like Frankenstein, so it won’t be so easy for Haye to move. “I see Dereck being too mobile, too fast for him,” he said.


-deepwater :

haye gets my respect for beating up valuev and knocking out monte barret. he should knock out chisora and give it a run at a klitcho one more time. i would pay for him to fight a klitcho even if he couldnt win. the boxing boards are a bunch or corrupt alcoholic hacks anyway. people rather see a real fight instead of a jab jab jab rt hand clinch repeat match.

-gibola :

There has been a massive overtly negative reaction to Haye's defeat by Wlad. He tried, he did his best, he got leaned on, pushed, pulled and outpointed by the bigger, stronger fighter. A 210lb Wlad v a 210lb Haye may well be another matter but who cares, Wlad used his size and awkwardness and Haye couldn't reach him. I find it amusing that Adamek is classed as a warrior and praised for his 'brave' performance against Vitali when he was far less ambitious and competitive against the weaker champ. Haye is an excellent fighter, a huge puncher and probably the 3rd best heavyweight in the world. He does talk better than he fights, he should never have mentioned his toe injury post-Wlad, he should have fought Adamek, Arreola etc and he would have got more kudos, but the reaction to his defeat was more about his pre-fight words than his actual performance and abilities. Haye ko4 Chisora in a very entertaining fight. Would anyone here pick Povetkin over Haye?

-Radam G :

No excuses for this size excuses about Doc Wlad. There have always been oversized heavies around and the best of that era got those bums outta there. Size ain't syet. It is skills that pay the bills and get the wins. A 190lbs, 5-foot-10 Wlad would have beat Haye's talking-tough-but-bytch-fighting arse. If you don't fight and then make excuses about your big toe being broke, you are a bytch who deserved to lose. Didn't Haye have nine other unbroken toes? Besides, was he using his feet to hit? And his hands were fine. Holla!

-mortcola :

I am not a fan of Haye. He does not have an integrated game. He is fast with individually strong shots. But he is scattered, does not combine offense and defense, and quite frankly has never looked good against a heavyweight of note. If he doesn't crack Chisora's seemingly iron chin, and nasty Derek is the same fighter who fought Vitali, Haye is gonna get beaten down by Chisora's pressure.

-gibola :

You may be right - at least it's a genuine 50-50 match and I'm genuinely excited about a heavyweight fight for the first time in a long time. Haye does have technical flaws with his balance, etc but he'll blast most heavyweights out regardless because he'll reach them and hurt them badly. Chisora will bring it to Haye so this has to be exciting. I'm backing Haye by KO but if Delboy can stand up to the punches early it could be a long night for the Haymaker. It's sad but the best heavyweight matches don't involve the Klitschkos as Povetkin-Huck and hopefully Haye-Chisora will prove. The winner v Povetkin would be another great matchup given the styles. Enjoy the fight guys!