Wladimir Klitschko remains the heavyweight champion


Klitschko stopped Tony Thompson on round 6 and once again successfully defended his titles.

This is the second time Klitschko faces and beats Thompson, the first time in 2008 he won by KO in the 11th round.

This time around Thompson went down first in round 5 after receiving a big right hand from the Ukranian, got up and continued to fight, though the damage was already done and in round 6 when he was dropped again, referee Sam Williams stopped the fight on the 2:56 mark.


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-Grimm :

Good performance from Wlad - finally letting a mean streak show, finally pushing for a stoppage from early on. Damn, that right hand is powerful. Of course it was a mismatch. All of Wlads fights are, and they pretty much all will be for quite a while. Povetkin? No way. He'll be blown out. Good sportsmanship from both corners after the fight - no bs, no whining, no nothing but genuine respect and appreciation.

-Radam G :

None of the sorry-arse tallies and fatties can handle the K-bros/docs for the next 10 or so years. Enough said. Holla!

-mortcola :


-mortcola :

BTW - the push-down in round three was actually a strong left hook to the base of the jaw, under the ear - the commentators and the ref missed it.

-dino da vinci :


-brownsugar :

Agreed good sportsmanship. If you can't win well you might as well be able to lose well. And don't show up a year later with another excuse asking for a rematch.. just let it go.

-deepwater :