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Pavlik Rosinsky  media day 120703 003aWill Rosinsky (pictured) and Kelly Pavlik both made weight, at 168.2, ahead of their Saturday showdown, on HBO. (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Will Rosinsky is smelling upset. He's feeling it, in every bone in his body, every morsel of cartilage, every sinew of tendon.

Now, the guy is a realist, so his belief that he can and will pull off the Josesito is meaningful. I mean, he's an emergency medical technician when he's not boxing; he carts kids riddled with bullet holes to hospitals, where they don't make it, on his route, which is East New York, a throwback to the “old” New York City before NYC become more of a playground for the rich, and Disney East.

He knows there are no guarantees in life. This is not a guy prone to illogical optimism, OK? Maybe we should listen, hard, and let it seep in, that Will Rosinsky says he will beat Kelly Pavlik on Saturday.

He thinks Kelly Pavlik is ripe to get picked off, is not the same athlete he was at super middleweight as he was at middleweight, that he's been under mental duress the last few years, with personal problems and uncertainty if he wants to do the boxing thing draining him. Rosinsky thinks that on Saturday night, on HBO, a kid unknown outside of NYC will become a trending topic in boxing.

“I plan to put on a show and plan to win as dominant a decision or stoppage, if it comes, as has ever been put on Pavlik,” the 27 year-old part-time fighter, who has an 16-1 record, told me. “That said, this year has been plagued with BS decisions, from Abril-Rios, to Williams-Lara to Pacquiao-Bradley, so all I ask is that I get a fair shake.”

Rosinsky, who lives in the borough of Queens, is still a tad gunshy from what went down on Oct. 21, 2011, when he met Edwin Rodriguez, and lost a UD10, via 100-90, times three. He believes for sure, as did many at ringside, that he deserved more judge love than that at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

“When I win in the ring,” he said, emphasizing the WHEN, “I pray to the boxing Gods I win on the cards as well. Honestly, a robbery is the only way Kelly beats me. I trained too hard to lose!”

His promoter, Lou DiBella, thinks his guys has a rock-solid chance at screwing up the Pavlik (39-2) comeback train. “Will is the underdog , an unknown commodity, but he was a great amateur,” he said. “He's a high volume puncher, and think he was right there with Edwin Rodriguez, and I think Edwin would beat Kelly right now. He's one of the more live underdogs you will see. I think Pavlik will be hell the first three or four rounds, and Will will have to be careful. But if he can get to the later rounds, Kelly tends to fade lately. Will is a young lion, a hungry lion, with an opportunity at the right moment.”

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