Nonito Donaire Seeks Unification, Pavlik Hunts Super Middleweights

Donaire Espn Nacion 120704 002aNonito makes a guest appearance on “ESPN Nacion” with hosts Bernardo Osuna and Adriana Monsalve in Los Angeles for his upcoming world title unification fight against IBF champion Jeffery “Marvelous” Mathebula. He was 121.8 while Mathebula was 121.4 on the scale Friday. (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Nonito “Filipino Flash” Donaire learns if he’s hit the ceiling when he meets fellow junior featherweight world titleholder Jeffrey Mathebula, Kelly Pavlik tests the heavier waters too.

WBO titleholder Donaire (28-1, 18 KOs) faces IBF titleholder Mathebula (26-3-2, 14 KOs) and Pavlik (39-2, 34 KOs) fights New York tough super middleweight Will Rosinsky (16-1, 9 KOs) on Saturday July 7 at Home Depot Center. HBO will televise.

So far Donaire’s extraordinary athleticism has allowed him to pillage the weight divisions from flyweight to bantamweight. But when he encountered Puerto Rico’s stubborn Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. for the title Donaire now holds, it was anything but a two-step.

Vazquez couldn’t match Donaire’s speed or power, but he could match the size, arm length and boxing skills. A 12-round contest saw Donaire out score Vazquez and win a close split decision. A ninth round knockdown was all that the southpaw speedster could muster in a fight that Donaire won rather easily on the score cards, but not the steamrolling variety he enjoyed in the lower weight divisions.

Mathebula is tall, strong and fast.

“I’m very excited. He’s a taller guy,” said Donaire of his next foe Mathebula. “I wanted this fight. I wanted someone to motivate me and keep me going, to keep that desire. I don’t know what to expect out there.”

IBF champion Mathebula has only fought once outside of South Africa and that resulted in a loss to Celestino Caballero in Panama. It was a split decision. The fighter known as “the Mongoose” will be making his first defense of the title he captured from fellow South African Takalani Ndlovu in March of this year.

Donaire, 29, has big plans to grab all of the junior featherweight world titles and this is the first step.

“It’s a motivation. I’m moving toward my goal and my dream to be a unified champion then challenge anyone out there and become undisputed champion,” Donaire says. “You got to be patient…you can’t look past Mathebula.”

Top Rank’s Bob Arum said this is the first step to bring all of the reigning 122-pound world champions together for an informal world-wide tournament.

“Those who follow boxing know how chock full of great fighters the super bantamweight division is. We have an endless list of guys who will be making tremendous fights with each other. HBO has recognized this,” said Arum during a conference call. Among those Arum mentioned were Guillermo Rigondeaux and Abner Mares.


Another making a transition into a heavier weight division is “The Ghost” Pavlik who just recently fought in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

The Youngstown, Ohio prizefighter who terrorized the 160-pound middleweight division is now fighting as a super middleweight. The 168-pound super middleweights are a sturdier sort and don’t go down as easily. Though he eventually stopped Scott Sigmon to win by technical knockout, Pavlik never could knock him down. The fight was stopped because of the overall punishment the Ohioan was doling out.

Still, Pavlik dominated a fight that could have resulted in serious injury to Sigmon who absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment. Despite the offensive firepower unloaded by Pavlik, very few punches landed on his own face. Plus, his hands were surprisingly not injured from banging Sigmon’s noggin all seven rounds.

“There was no hesitation. It’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. I’m still in great shape,” said Pavlik about accepting another fight less than a month after fighting in Las Vegas.

Rosinsky, 27, is a stout power punching stud from Ozone Park, New York, who recently defeated the taller and quicker Aaron Pryor Jr. by unanimous decision. That’s not a bad win.

Pavlik does not expect a cream puff.

“This kid is a very game fighter. He’s in good shape,” said Pavlik about Rosinsky. “I’ve been watching a little bit of film on him. He’s a game fighter. He’s in good shape and he likes to mix it up.”

On Saturday both Donaire and Pavlik will discover if the move up in weight will be a catapult or an anchor.

Fights on television

Fri. ESPN2, 6 p.m., Javier Fortuna (19-0) vs. Cristobal Cruz (39-13-3).

Sat. pay-per-view, 7 p.m., Anderson Silva (29-4) vs. Chael Sonnen (28-11-1); Tito Ortiz (17-10-1) vs. Forrest Griffin (18-7); Cung Le (7-2) vs. Patrick Cote (18-7).

Sat. Televisa, 8 p.m., Hugo Ruiz (30-1) vs. Jean Sampson (12-1).

Sat. HBO, 10 p.m., Nonito Donaire (28-1) vs. Jeffrey Mathebula (26-3-2).

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-MisterLee :

Donaire has fought two good opponents in 4 years. He had HUGE buzz after the Montiel fight, and has not capitalized on it. He many pple's #2 p4p fighter for a while. Let's hope he doesn't waste his prime and will start fighting more often and agst quality opponents (mares, nishioska, rigodeaux).

-Radam G :

Gary Russell Jr is bytch-talking to The Filipino Flash about never coming up to 126. GRJ is just a histrionic chump case. He is not making process in improving as a pro. OH, YUP! Team Russell is working those optical illusions on its groupies, fanboys, fluzzies, vaporers and know nothings. But if and when Gary steps up against a life whup-a$$ body -- KaBOOM! A quick fade to darkness GRJ will lay. There is no professional sport like boxing that makes a phony and a __ ___ ___ PAY! Holla!

-deepwater :

"This kid is a very game fighter. He?s in good shape,? said Pavlik about Rosinsky. ?I?ve been watching a little bit of film on him. He?s a game fighter. He?s in good shape and he likes to mix it up.?""" translation= "" look this guy has no shot,thats why arum lined him up for me. duh!!!!!!!!!! after I beat 2 more of these b+ c level fighters then arum will throw me to the wolves ,at least Ill get a few million to buy all the coors light I can handle"" froch will knock him out and eat his liver! oh wait his liver is no"

-brownsugar :

Pavs is gonna need to fight at least 10 bums to get ready for Froch. Goerge Foreman had to wade through 20 journeymen before he was ready for his title shot......Donaire is smart, personable and has shown some remarkable skill in some of his fights. But he appears less effective the higher up in weight class he goes........ he'd better avoid Rigondeaux for as look as possible....and stay away far away from the featherweights

-"B" :

Lol,,,,This is what I have been waiting for. Someone to say something about my friend and future dominant pound for pound fighter Gary Russell Jr. Radam I assure you that you do not have anything to worry about When it comes to Nonito fighting Gary. I love Donaire but seeing as though he has been fighting either bums or small journeymen of late and given the fact that he is promoted by Bob Arum he will not have to fight Gary( good for him in my opinion) any time soon or if ever. Bob Arum knows he has a cash cow in Nonito and he will find every way around moving up in weight to fight anybody as dangerous as Gary. Anyone who disagrees please enlighten me. And Saying that G-Russ is a "Chump case" lol.....Well lets just say that Gary Russell Jr. is "All substance and No Fluff". And thats from first hand experience and observation. Donaire is a once in a generation type talent but trust me so is Gary. I am not saying he is on anyones radar or is ready to take over boxing as the "next" at all...YET. Anyone who thinks he is just another hyped prospect or just another "good fighter" should be drug screened immediately. At this stage I am sure Gary would love to fight Donaire but it would be a bad bussiness decision for Nonito because the risk would far outway the reward. Gary is the real deal and will be a problem for ON ANOTHER NOTE//// Whats the deal with the leg cramp issues from Wild Card fighters? Does anyone know why it keeps happening to Roach's guys or has he said anything about it

-ali :

Donaire will beat anybody @122 or 126 B-Sug I think Pavlik would beat Froch

-MisterLee :

I dunno about anybody. Mikey Garcia, Gary Russell, and at 130 Adrien Broner are gonna hold down the house, not to mention Gamboa if he stays at 126.

-MisterLee :

How's Donaire's power gonna hold up at 126? I don't think he has a significant speed advantage over the guys mentioned, and is he gonna feel comfortable, fast, and powerful at that weight? Pc!

-Radam G :

@"B" time will tell. And like always I will be 95 to 100 percent RIGHT. Gary is aight! And that is it. He has serious flaws, and is full of histrionics, which are very endearing to fakes, faders, phonies, know nothings and cyberspace creampuff agitators. I know that you love your boy. And love is often blinding. A sucka that is in love led by a pied-piper flute spills right off a cliff, where he has no choice but to fall into reality and KaBOOM! End of Reality distortion and inattention blindness due to love. But for the cyberspace creampuff agitators, they will just move to the next hype and keep their dumb syet going. It is quite entertaining to see how much that they are suffering with OCD, apparent low self-esteem, life losses in real time and make-believe powers of actuality manipulation. But you know me. I'm down with O-P-P! Holla!

-Radam G :

BTW, "B", Leg cramps are just parts of being an athlete in every single sports, including driving a race car. A lot is just being shouted out and made out about Top Notch Trainer Freddie "Always ready, no joke coach" Coach because his fighters are the top guns and "foreigners." The "Ugly American" is rearing his hateful cranium and starting jingoistic syet about a lot to do about nothing, because that is the way it is. Success in the United States brings hatred. The more success, the more hatred. And LIES about some type of magical steroids causing that syet on "these foreigners, who are on roids." Yup, RIGHT! Holla!

-"B" :

Radam. I first want to please ask you to never leave this site lol. It would surely not be the same without you. I do have a lot of love for my man Gary. But I didnt say that he would beat Nonito if they faced. I said they probably will not fight because it is not a safe enough bet for Bob Arum. Everyone knows the only reason Manny really fought Bradley is because he knew that Tim can not crack an egg. But if they did fight i think a lot of people would agree with me and say that it will be no cake walk for Nonito. And Radam all fighters have flaws. Gary..Floyd..Nonito..and ohh yes i dare say the GREAT MANNY!! And I always keep it Objective sir...the same can't be said of some though.. but I respect your opinion. I would love to see a couple of the guys get on a collision course though. Where do you think Nonito Will end up if all goes well in he next bout??

-Radam G :

WOW! "B", you, too, DON'T ever leave this site. You are attempting to school the wrong person. Of course "all fighters have flaws." READ what I posted. I posted that your boy has "serious flaws." The same syet that he brought from the amateurs. [He has not progress as a pro.] Amateurish flaws never beat professional ones. Just as human flaws cannot beat computer and super-advanced technology ones. Who doesn't know that human are some flaws-in-da-grill ___ ____ ____ muthabytches? That is why many of us need imaginary gods to believe in. AND flaws are the reasons that we build syet. We be trying to get some perfection away from those __ ___ flaws. We came here flawed. That is why God Didn't Want Adam to f*** Eve. Hehehe! WTF Now there are 7bil flawed muthahomosapiens doing all type of flawed, crazy syet and double fudging up the BIG GUY's globe. Hehehehehe! I will never predict any thing about where "Nonito will end up" in this climate of angry-a$$ Stanks -- I mean Yanks. JunJun could end up beating the hebejeebeez outta Gary Russell and get the same results as Da Manny and Da Great Khan got for whuppin' stanks -- I mean Yanks. And one of those stanks -- I mean Yanks -- had steriods hidden all up in pellets shot straight up his booty hole inside da doo doo. WTF! Nasty ___ ___ ____. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Donaire will beat anybody @122 or 126 B-Sug I think Pavlik would beat Froch
I have to agree with MisterLee,... Donaire beat Vasquez, but looked like the loser after the fight. In some cases,.. I believe with the lower weight guys. Size does matter. 4 or 5 more pounds is all it takes to dominate a flyweight, bantam or featherweight. and the 122 and 126 pound classes are packed with powerhouses from JuanMa to Salido, to Rigondeaux and Gamboa. Donaire is a skinny guy and isn't getting much bigger. I appreciate his skills, but every fight from here on up is gonna look like a war. Although I think he beats Mathebula.

-brownsugar :

Ali,... same with Pavlik, he can't just bully guys with the right hand. and he doesn't look ready for the in-n-out still of the much better conditioned Froch. Froch beats Pavlik easier than Bhop... probably stops him. just my 2cents.

-Radam G :

I'm down with SCLA Ali. Besides, skills pay da bills, not size. Holla!

-MisterLee :

What happened to Donaire fighting the winner of the bantamweight tournament, and his choice to "clean out 118." I feel he could fight: Mares, Rigodeaux, Nishioska, Mikey Garcia, Gamboa, Gary Russell, Adrien Broner, Celestino Caballero... lots of talent at 122+. Why not fight them? Wasting his prime.

-MisterLee :

People, and I'm included, LOVE watching Donaire fight, but he's not fighting quality opposition and taking advantage of the springboard that the montiel fight put him on. He coulda been a superstar by now if he had fought 2-3 GOOD opponents since the Montiel fight. Still hoping for more, but he ain't getting younger.

-brownsugar :

Well said..... I'm gonna kick back and make some fruit smoothies out of mangos lemons peaches and strawberries. Using real fruit , ice and natural cane sugar. Might mix in some vodka later. (Great after a brisk swim) It's blazing hot down here the way I like it. Hope Pavlik is ready, I'm expecting a good gung-ho upset effort from Rosinsky. .....and looking forward to watching Donaire solve the long arm puzzle of Mathebula. Enjoy the fights and don't be too upset if Chef Lee has to serve up some crow.

-Radam G :

Hopefully, the awesome powerful fists of the Filipino Flash will get him through the night with a flickin' KAYO. Because the Stanks -- I mean Yanks -- appear to have an agenda to halt the fist of fury of Pinoys whuppin' a$$es and makin' BIG BUCKS on the U.S. mainland. Radam G and Posse G are already on site in Cali for da double whammy of a Sammy and a Hammy. And it looks like it is gonna be an easy night. [Maybe I will holla at TSS Readers, SCLA Ali and Bobby C. NYET!] Trainer Danny G has his boys, the Filipino Flash and the [Ohio] Ghost ready to spook their opponents and beat the boo hoo outta 'em. Neither Rosinsky nor Mathebula will be robbed. Their a$$es will be bobbed. NOW -- sippin' on chicken blood and goat milk -- to da Radamobile. See ya! I wouldn't wanna be ya. ZOOOOOOOOOOOM! GUUUUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHHHHH! Holla!

-MisterLee :

You musta been on the coconut juice! It's robert G! :)

-Radam G :

I know what G it is. Danny G's lil' bro [RG that's -- not Radam or TSS scribe RG]. Holla!