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PacquiaoBradley Hogan 17Regulated by the “Law of Moses,” and enforced by an oversight commission of high priests, the consequence for sin in the Old Testament era was death. Luckily, God provided a way for man to save himself through the substitution of another’s blood – usually a lamb. A direct relationship between sin and atonement was spelled out – the graver the sin committed, the purer the sacrificial lamb needed. In the New Testament, amongst Judaic-Christian circles, Jesus Christ is regarded as “the perfect sacrificial lamb”. So perfect, His life alone would serve as atonement for the entire world, thereby effectively ending the practice of the daily sacrificing of lambs. To this day, the spilling of Christ’s blood on the cross covers the sins of mankind until the end of eternity. If only boxing could have the perfect sacrificial lamb – a lamb that could atone for the sins of every blown decision for the last 150 years, and provide guidance, teaching and consequences to ensure a fair and just future. If Boxing ran parallel to the scriptures, its Bible would have prophesied June 9, 2012 – the day the perfect sacrificial lamb would be offered in the square altar, in order to redeem and save the world of boxing.

For decades, promoters, athletic commissions, fighters and their supporting teams, have recklessly roamed the landscape of boxing, often straddling the fence on both rules and ethics. And why wouldn’t they? There are no consequences for their actions. The sport of boxing grows more corrupt by the day because there is no single entity ensuring fair play.

The buck stops nowhere.

Few prosper.

Consumers suffer.

If ever there was a time for a redeemer, the time is now…

Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel.

2000 years after the birth of mankind’s sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ, a new saviour was born, Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao is the perfect sacrificial lamb. Born into a manger of less than meager conditions, he dropped out of school in order to prize fight in an attempt to feed his family. His star beckoned bright, summoning the attention of the Three Kings of boxing – trainer Freddie Roach, promoter Bob Arum, and the unwavering love, support and adoration of the entire boxing world. Even with 4 defeats and 2 draws, boxing fans and onlookers world-over see him without blemish, perhaps not even so much for his countless miracles in the squared altar, but rather the grace, compassion, sportsmanship, public service, benevolence and approachability he exudes on a daily basis. It is close to impossible to find one person in this galaxy, let alone in boxing, that doesn’t appreciate everything the man stands for. As if his stock as the People’s Champion couldn’t rise any higher, he recently recommitted himself to his faith in God and swore his fidelity to his wife, while pledging to live the rest of his life according to his manual on life spelled out in the Holy Bible. Because of his proven miracles in the ring, and more importantly the unconditional loyalty of his admirers, to cross this man in anyway would surely create a seismic storm and bring on a paradigm shift in the world of boxing as we know it.

On June 12, 2012, in the arid desert of Las Vegas, NV, a man recognized as “The Desert Storm” went the distance with boxing’s unblemished lamb. The judges weighed in. And to the uproar of the world, slayed Manny Pacquiao in front of millions of witnesses. The Desert Storm didn’t have one second to bask in glory as the first wave of a seismic storm had already struck in the form of a tsunamic wave – “BOOOOOOOO”. With each passing second, aided by social media outlets like Twitter and YouTube, the storm grew exponentially larger. By the ensuing morning, the storm had reached its peak strength, spilling over into morning radio, television, newspapers, and flooded sports writers’ blogs and Twitter feeds with non-stop chatter of the slaughter. As a result, U.S. Senatorial boxing heralds, John McCain and Harry Reid, have responded in tow and are asking President Barack Obama to establish the United States Boxing Commission (USBC) by signing the Professional Boxing Amendments Act of 2012 after it has passed through both House and Senate.

But this isn’t the first time legislature has attempted to intervene and save boxing on the coattails of a horrible decision and a sacrificial lamb. So why should anyone have faith now that the bill will finally find its way onto the president’s desk?

Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel.

The graver the sin, the purer the lamb.

Manny Pacquiao is no ordinary lamb – as were those sacrificed before him. He is the antithesis to the bravado and self-aggrandizement that champions of the sweet science have come to be associated with. He is, in the eyes of the boxing world, without blemish. No other sacrifice, but Manny Pacquiao, would be sufficient. His sacrifice at the altar was not only necessary to save boxing, but without substitution. Only his slaughtering alone at the judges’ hands could garner enough energy to stir the world to action and demand intervention from the leader of the free world.

Boxing’s perfect sacrificial lamb was slaughtered. But not in the glory and honor deserved the hero of fan. Any death contrary to one of a Samurai’s last breath would not be tolerated, nor forgiven, by the people. But yet, it happened. The perfect sacrificial lamb was sacrificed, perhaps for coin, by the 3 judges de Judas. Betraying him with a kiss and two points. He was sacrificed in an act of treason. His buyer – The CCTBDGOLAB – The Capitalistic Corporation of Treachery, Back Dealings, Greed, and an Overall Lack of Accountability in Boxing.

The sweet went sour and the science went theatre.

He was 33 years old. The time honored age for an accomplished man of faith and integrity to carry out his final act of unselfish mercy for the good of the world. The unblemished lamb, unbeknownst to him, was offered as a perfect sacrifice so that future box flocks may live in confidence, reinvigorated spirits and hold hope for the future. His sacrifice alone, shall serve as the blown decision heard ‘round the world. Just as an act of war demands the immediate response of an angry nation, so too does the sacrifice of Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand. The people want blood. And the only plausible reparation would be for Congress to establish the United States Boxing Commission.

Therefore, be encouraged, faithful followers of Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao and boxing alike, for his sacrifice at the MGM Grand altar shall not go in vain. Alas, his final act of greatness is behind us. The seismic storm that followed the sacrifice in the squared altar has given rise to new life. Therefore, if any fan is in the new era of the USBC, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! Dry your eye, pick up your mat, walk and cheer once again. The perfect sacrificial lamb of boxing is alive! And he will once again don his belts, but this time, under a new, fair, and just, world order.

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