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PacquiaoBradley Hogan 23Here's my prediction for a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch, if it occurs.
~ Bradley, a technician, now has Pacquiao figured out. He knows Manny's angles, his rhythm, his timing -how he operates. I believe the rematch would be one-sided in Bradley's favour -remember, Bradley fought eleven rounds injured. Pacquiao cannot adjust if his left had isn't landing.
~ Here's the twist. Bradley does even better this time…but Manny wins a unanimous decision. Remember Lewis-Holyfield? Lewis clearly won the first fight, which was scored a draw. Holyfield actually did better the second time yet lost a decision. Point being, if there is doubt over the first fight, which there was, judges will be looking to give Pacquiao the benefit of the doubt next time.
As you know, the first fight was close {in my opinion anyway}. Next time, I believe Bradley will be even more decisive in outboxing Manny, but will ultimately lose the decision.
Bradley can't win. If he avoids the rematch, the public will say he really lost to Manny the first time and now he's afraid. If he takes it, he likely dominates for 12 rounds and end up losing a fight that isn't close.
Manny can't lose. Even if he faces Marquez instead, and it's another close fight, he will get the decision because of how he was 'robbed' last time out.
Tim Bradley will be the victim when it's all said and done, which is sad.
 Mark my words, people.

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