Next Time, Bradley Will Beat Pacquiao, But Lose A Decision

PacquiaoBradley Hogan 23Here's my prediction for a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch, if it occurs.
~ Bradley, a technician, now has Pacquiao figured out. He knows Manny's angles, his rhythm, his timing -how he operates. I believe the rematch would be one-sided in Bradley's favour -remember, Bradley fought eleven rounds injured. Pacquiao cannot adjust if his left had isn't landing.
~ Here's the twist. Bradley does even better this time…but Manny wins a unanimous decision. Remember Lewis-Holyfield? Lewis clearly won the first fight, which was scored a draw. Holyfield actually did better the second time yet lost a decision. Point being, if there is doubt over the first fight, which there was, judges will be looking to give Pacquiao the benefit of the doubt next time.
As you know, the first fight was close {in my opinion anyway}. Next time, I believe Bradley will be even more decisive in outboxing Manny, but will ultimately lose the decision.
Bradley can't win. If he avoids the rematch, the public will say he really lost to Manny the first time and now he's afraid. If he takes it, he likely dominates for 12 rounds and end up losing a fight that isn't close.
Manny can't lose. Even if he faces Marquez instead, and it's another close fight, he will get the decision because of how he was 'robbed' last time out.
Tim Bradley will be the victim when it's all said and done, which is sad.
 Mark my words, people.

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-deepwater :

thats some nice stuff your smokin. bradley never had pac man figuered out thats why he only won 2-3rounds. its nice how you excuse the cheating in judging from the first fight and actually predict more cheating in your prediction like its ok.just because you believe your a unicorn does not make it reality. fire the judges. boycott pay per views . and writers need to hold the power brokers responsible even if they kiss their arse.

-Radam G :

WOW! WHAT A CRAZY-ARSE piece! No insult intended! Bambi -- I mean Bradley -- is worse than a BUM! He is a crumb. If he would not have hurt his feet, he would have gotten double fudge KAYOED EARLY! The injury sent him into a survival mode, not-a-win-the-bout mode. One who fights to survive often strides. Brain chemicals of an injuried fighter gives him extra pump. But when he's aight, he arse goes slump. In the words of Uncle Roger, "Most people don't know syet 'bout boksing and the anatomy of boxing injuries. No hard jive intended. I'm just sayin!' Holla!

-Radam G :

BTW Bradley is a technician in a Cali desert mirage ONLY! Dude is a Cali cranium crushin crumb with bad balance and hard slapping. Juan Manuel Marquez is a technician, though a crybaby bytch. B-Hop is a technician, though so long in da tooth. Andre "SOG" Ward is a technician. And just is good as a muthasuperstar. I always questioned why that trackers and hunters would find Big Foot's big-a$$ footprint instead of him. Now I know that reason was that Big Foot was off boxing after those footprints were spotted. Let me inform you that Tim "Desert Sorry" Bradley is indeed "Big Foot!" That's RIGHT! He is Da ONE! WTF! If not, I'm SHOCK! Muthadude is listed at 5-foot-6, though his arse is about 5-foot-4 and three quarters. But da dude wears a size 12 1/2 shoe! That's RIGHT! WOW! Big-foot muthasucka! That is why his cranium crush be busting everybody's d@mn mug wide open. The power of his big, ole headbutt straight to yo' mug is coming from his big-arse FEET! Talkin' about generating HEAT! His cranium crush cooks, cracks and busts yo' mug open like raw, sizzling meat. __ ___ ___ ____ ____ a mirage-inducing wuzzy! I cannot wait for BOUT II! Holla!

-SouthPaul :

At first read this seems like an extremely bold and ballsy prediction, maybe delusional considering Manny clearly won the first fight. But, truthfully, you may be on to something here. Manny appears to be declining a bit.. He also is obviously wearing many hats these days. Distracted fighters make for doomed opponents. And I have also even before this piece was written pondered the thought of if Bradley didn't hurt his ankle would that have mattered? Yes, it matters. All that being said .. One thing that trumps it all.. Manny proved he can seriously hurt TIm. He did so several different times.. Nearly had Tim out on his feet. Manny also has shown a learning and adjusting from fight to fight curb. But yea, this article ain't all that insane. Maybe more thought provoking and sensational than anything else. I see you working and selling it, Sweet Science! My early prediction is; Manny by quick and wicked Ko. You compare yours to Lewis/Holyfield- I compare mine to the Rahman vs Lewis rematch. The roles will be somewhat reversed and it'll be Tim who's distracted and doomed with his new found fame and fortune--- with Manny having zen like focus. The signs are already there; Desert Storm is talkin' up a storm. Rahman did the same exact thing.To Rahman's full credit... He won their first meeting fair and square, something Bradley can't ever attest to without sounding like he's bs'ing himself and the world around 'em. Our words are marked in cyber stone; lets see how it all unfolds!

-Radam G :

I won't be surprised to see NSAC say that Bambi -- I mean Bradley -- is positive for PEDs. This will be the Sin City Stanks' way of getting out of this syet that a corrupted judge and a "Jungle Fever" judge CAUSED! A tons of people are hating on Bradley worst than they were hating on Jack Johnson way back in the day, according to my Uncle Mamoy, who old, great arse was there witnessing to that jive -- "Unforgiveable Blackness." I will soon come up with a label for the Bradley hate. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

I say hate the game but not the fighter. A lot of this goes back to the commission. I'd compare the personality of the overall commission to that of a conservative right winged, closed minded republican. Change for them is a huge threat. A Mt Everest of arrogance and entitlement. They got the look, they got the act. Thats what's up...

-DaveB :

Good gracious. Are we still talking about this? It's really time to let it go. They all ready said, in so many words, that they are not going to do anything about it. Stuff happens.

-OneTonMan :

The writer wrote about Bradley figuring out Pacquiao, and thus based his prediction in Bradley's favor. But the writer failed to acknowledge that Bradley has discovered how hard Pacquiao hits and this alone will make Bradley hesitate and run. Bradley will have known that his healed feet will help him ride the bicycle that much more efficiently.

-SouthPaul :

That's whatimsayin'. Slap and peddle will be the game plan until Manny catches up and zaps 'em out.

-Jvillanu :

The next time they fight Manny won't be the same nice guy and won't be there to entertain the fans. Remember he said there is no need for judges in that fight. And you know what that means. Didn't you notice that if he can easily handle his opponent, he plays around and entertain the fans by going the full 12 rounds. He can KO Margarito but didn't do it. He became nice to Mosley after knocking him down. He even smiled at a fan during one of the rounds with Bradley. That's how confident he was during that fight. So, when Pacquiao fights again, whoever he fights, he won't be Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Entertainer anymore. It's gonna be war.

-Fe'Roz :

Good God! Bradley got hit and hurt. That was what he learned fighting Pacquiao. He found out fast that what he feared most, his unique snapping power, was real and he was moving back from the second round on. Another point. Pacquiao has now seen Bradley and to think that both he and Roach wont adjust is silly if not flooish. All Manny had to do was 'act' busy another fifteen seconds of every late round and he would have won every round. I am dead serious. Bradley fought on his bicycle and wants no part of mixing it up with Pacquiao. If they meet again, 'Down goes Bradley" Sorry Lee. I flat out disagree

-baldeagle :

The only blessing Bradley has during this fight is that Pac did'nt take him seriously. Look at Manny's physique and compare it to other previous fights and you'll see that its a bit soft than ripped. What type of physical training and preparation is that? But to team Pac, it was good enough to outperform Tim. Packy here was'nt 100% in condition and not because he is on the decline, rather he gave little emphasis to his regiment as the opponent was no cause for alarm or utmost concern. Likewise where did you see Packy playfully smiling whenever Bradley let loose his cannons? With pillow punching power Tim can't hurt Manny and never did and they knew this beforehand. Pac saw this fight as another sparring round. Reason during the fight that I felt Pac was the cat playing the mouse. Sad here is that this compassionate shitty stuff that Manny has, has let go of his warrior/destroyer persona and had Bradley survive to the final rounds by playing the goody two shoes evangelist. My conspiracy theory take?.....Arum requested Pac to minimize his performance as not to compromise the future sellability of Bradley by winning by just enough but not too much, meaning no KO and let him survive. This way, Bradley still gets kudos for surviving the Pac storm and still be a contending force in the welter divison by earning a brave front in withstanding Manny's onsalughts. Losing with a beating destroys Bradley's rating and marketability before it even takes-off and Bradley is a TR investment and face of boxibg for the future. Worse however was the three blind mice who saw it differently and skewered the whole puppet show. Look how Arum huff and puff while Pac just remains stoic and nonchalant about the whole scenario. It was all staged, but with a big twist. Imagine your shadowy plans being sidetracked by idiotic judges. My take here, maybe true, maybe not..........

-brownsugar :

the fix was in, no doubt,... but it backfires as Bradley has more potential to improve than Pac. sad but true.

-Jannini :

Next time Bradley will feel the power of Pacman he will limp before he gets knocked out or it can be the other way around, he can't limp anymore because he's knocked out.

-brownsugar :

sure,..... we heard that before. don't talk it,... walk it.

-brownsugar :

"Manny,...come break down this wall" LOL>

-brownsugar :

Seriously,... I'd rather see Pac fight Bradly again if the Mayweather fight can't be made.... it's more interesting than seeing Pac vs Marquez #162..... (Marquez might actually get the decision next time. he beat him at least two or 3 times and never received recognition) It seems Arum has Pac's itinerary mapped out until Floyd's ready to collect Social Security.

-rrjr23 :

ow realy!? what are drinking this time mr. writer? haha!

-BoxingFAN :

What the heck are you taking Man! Can you read between the lines? Bradley lost Pacman won it's been reviewed over by 5 judges and yes with volume down! Bradley freaken lost and for you to compare this fight with someone else's fight is not a good idea buddy. I mean just because Hollyfield's fight turned out that way for you to already think it's going to happen with Pacman and Bradley is outrageous! Also I can tell you're one of those diehard Bradley fans... however he loses to you he still wins. Common dude... ok so you think Bradley figured Manny out, Well my smart one, don't you think Manny can do the same thing you big dummy. Dude if you want to convince people to be for Bradley, try doing it with some thought would you because your just making yourself look stupid dude! Look man as close of a fight as the Manny and Marquez was it has taken 3 fights for them already and they still havent figured eachother out. How do you think Bradley will do it in one fight? And about his feet.... yeah i think he may have hurt it a little but dude if it was broken the fight would not continue. I dont care if his name is after a tank! He was bobbing in and out with those two feet just fine after that round all the way to the 12th. Bradley is a joke... he is nothing more then a bodybuilder that happens to box. He didn't do anything to Manny NOTHING homie! Show me one round where he really hurt Manny? All he got in there wassome good straight jabs and that's it.

-burayray :

I was dead right when i said Pacman will lose because he stopped being a catholic, where was his scapular and holy rosary? Oh man! I hope he will just stop boxing and concetrate on being a preacher, if he is really a man of god, he should give away all his riches and just preach the word of god, otherwise he will just be a member of dat born again group that prides itself in gaining celebrities as members...i dont see genuine transformation, i see greed and pride even increasing...His new hangers on did a pretty damn job in getting him good luck! ( ehem! )Congrats for the excellent brainwashing..Pac, stop making a sign of the cross it isnt cool, i will never vote for you..Peace ( Asalam Alaykum )

-gassper :

Next time Paquaio will knock him out, he has to, so they'll be no doubt about who won the fight. Now Paquaio knows how Marquez feels, he got a taste of being robbed, as was the case with the last Paquaio/Marquez fight; which in my opinion, Marquez clearly won. Thanks.

-prnce of tides :

this guy dont know about boxing! how can a guy beat pacquiao with no power and niy even manage to connect his punches! bradley knows so much he lost that fight. he just won the fight because judges screwed pacquiao!

-prnce of tides :

marquez and pacquiao is a close fight! it can go either way.. bradley and pacquiao is not. pacquiao won a mile margin! if people think bradley won i think they need glasses next tym to see the fight. rematch is just a waste of time and money! pacquiao won

-jescano :

Its amazing how people always say, "if and when" when it comes to fighting Pacquiao again. Fighters against Pacquiao always have an injury or excuse, like they were unlucky or cursed with an unfortunate timely accident/injury while fighting him. Most of those injuries are from them running away or twisting, moving their bodies anyway they can or cannot in order to get away from being pummeled. It reminds me of kids back in the day kicking and screaming trying to get away from being spanked or whipped. They usually end up getting hurt worse hurting themselves running away instead from the inevitable punishment.:D

-jescano :

Boxing belongs with boxing. Praying and worship belongs at home, Church, Hospital. No one says a rosary when they are smashing someone's nose in or crashing a fist into his brain. If you are watching Manny Pacquiao fight while praying, you have have your priorities mixed up and your attention scrambled. God has allowed mortal competitive combat forever and has never interfered in favor or against anyone. If Manny turned the other cheek every time he fought in the ring, nosey miscreants wouldn't even be commenting here today, but self-righteously chastising and annoying other people's conversations that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

-filipenis :

Bradley cant figure Pacquaio and will never be. Pacquiao all the way TKO late round. Mark my word Mr.Writer. nuff said

-jzzy :

No question Pacman needs to adjust his style to his advancing years. He needs to be more efficient with his punching and to learn how to work the angles and use leverage while infighting. Currently, Pacman stops punching when he's inside after working hard to get there and has to regain that ground after the referee separates the fighters.